Someone Asks Women “What’s Their Cringy ‘Nice Guy’ Story” And The Responses Are Really Creepy (30 Posts)

Someone Asks Women “What’s Their Cringy ‘Nice Guy’ Story” And The Responses Are Really Creepy (30 Posts)

(Link):  Someone Asks Women “What’s Their Cringy ‘Nice Guy’ Story” And The Responses Are Really Creepy (30 Posts)


by Liucija Adomaite and Mindaugas Balčiauskas

When taken literally, the term “nice guy” refers to someone that anyone would like: a man who is gentle, compassionate, and agreeable.

But in popular dating culture, the same term can be used to describe an insecure man who expects his kindness to be rewarded with physical affection.

Women who have an experience being friends with “a nice guy” often tell about how they manage to use their friendship with an ulterior motive to progress it to a romantic and sexual relationship.

So when someone asked on r/AskReddit “Women of Reddit, what’s your cringy ‘nice guy’ story?” the question immediately resonated, amassing 11.4k comments with various such stories.

Scroll through the cringiest and creepiest down below, and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!


Some guy messaged me online and seemed nice enough. Asked if I’d like to meet up with him. I said sure.

He tells me a Starbucks between our places and said he’d see me in 30 min. I was like, “woah, not right now, it’s 10pm”

He said okay, but he’d like to keep talking to me if it was alright. Few days later this exchange happens over messenger:

Him: “hey what’s up?”

Me: nm, how are you

Him: I’m good.

Me: good 🙂

5 min pass so I assume he was busy for a sec.


Well if you don’t have anything to say you f*cking b*tch, don’t lead me on and let me think that we can be together. You’re nothing but a f*cking wh*re anyways. Only wh*res lead nice guys like me on. F*ck you f*ck you you f*cking wh*re.

Yep, nice guy.


So not a stereotypical nice guy really, but I met him at a party, gave him a ride home and after belting out “don’t stop believing” together, he asked for my number.

We went on one date, and texted for a week. Then Saturday morning, I woke up to 50+ texts that started with asking what I was doing (sleeping because i worked in the morning) and went all the way up to “I should just kill myself since no one wants to talk to me”

I told him that was unacceptable as I had already told him i worked saturday morning, but even if I hadn’t theres no reason to text me over 50 times. If I’m not answering, I’m not answering.

He whined about being so nice, and how good he was to me and blah blah blah blah blah. Thankfully, when my friends asked why i was ignoring such a nice guy, showing them the texts was enough for them to drop it.


I went on a first date with a guy, casual date for coffee. It wasnt terrible but it was obvious that we didn’t really click that well. He did the typical “nice guy” stuff during the date where he talked about how he was different from other guys, knew how to treat a woman, some talking down on “gym bros”, etc.

I ended the date pretty quickly as I wasn’t really feeling it, and had just gotten off of a midnight shift so it was past my “bedtime”.

He insisted on walking me to my car and opening the door for me. Fine, whatever. Then he hugged me, and when we went to break apart, he tried kissing me. I turned my face and he immediately got agitated, blocked me from entering my car and said “What?!? No kiss?!”.

I’m a pretty easy-going and tolerant person but that was the first time something like that had ever happened and I immediately felt a slight bit of fear, as the guy was blocking my car and was about 6’4 – so much larger than me. I immediately put on my super serious face and said “No, sorry. I really need to be getting home now”. and luckily he moved.

Took a bit of a break from dating after that.


I’ve seen two guys get into a fist fight at an office Christmas Party over who was going to ‘help’ an intoxicated 27 year old married woman get home…

I managed one of these guys and subsequently found out he had sent her 80 emails in one day with all that ‘why wont you talk to me’ ‘we’re friends’ etc stuff. He was fired but couldn’t see how he had done anything wrong.


I started talking to this guy from Tinder. We agreed to go on a date together, but when he arrived at the bar we were meeting at, I realized he cat-fished me.

I called him out on this, told him it wasn’t going to be a good idea for us to date, and left.

The guy proceeded to call me once a day for the next week, claiming we had such a good time that night, and we could be friends. After the first week, he started leaving nasty voicemails telling me that I don’t deserve such a nice guy like him.

By week three, he just started screaming into my voicemail that I belonged to him. I kept the messages for a month in case the psycho ever found out where I worked or lived.


I met a guy one night after a night out. Exchanged numbers, he was handsome, seemed normal. We met for dinner, and I was surprised when he brought flowers and a bottle of wine, as it was our first date and we knew nothing about each other yet.

Throughout dinner, I noticed that he would ask questions, but not listen to my answers. He seemed in his own world, as if he was preparing his next question. Very robotic.

He mentioned that his sister was out of town and he was house-sitting for her in the building a few blocks away. Okay…even though he weirded me out a bit, I was young and still felt like things were going fairly well.

Anyways, when we left, he was walking me to my car. I was wearing heels, and as such, felt comfortable holding onto the crook of his arm for support as we walked.

As we walked, he tried to persuade me to come into the apt building that he was supposedly house-sitting. “We’ll go up to the rooftop,” he said. “BEST VIEW IN HOLLYWOOD.”

Which was the clincher for me, bc it was so corny, and also so creepy.

I kept saying “No, no, I have to get up early, etc..” when we got next to the building, he tightens his grip on me and said “What’s your problem??”

His facade dropped and he looked scary, and angry. “I bought you flowers, I brought wine, I paid for dinner..” as if he was checking off ABC is supposed to equal D.


And was pulling me towards the door and twisting my arm. I pulled away from him and literally ran to my car and pulled off. I have no doubt he would have raped/worse, me if I hadn’t.

I know this is beyond NiceGuys but the way he felt that he had systematically performed his steps and earned more from me..the horror stays with me.

first date with a normal-seeming, handsome guy who seemed to think if he robotically went through the steps of a successful first date, that I owed him to be forced into an apt building and got scary angry when I refused/I had to run


My ex would always state how nice a guy he was and how lucky I was to have such a nice guy like him when there’s so many dickbags in the world. Never mind the fact that he was an emotionally abusive nutso who not only more than once called me a c*nt and a whore but also decided to use my apple ID to secretly track my whereabouts to try to catch me doing something, anything, he could think to yell at me for.

I once stopped for red bulls at the nearby bar since it was closer than the grocery store or gas station. He scolded me for lying to him about running errands.

No matter how much I told him it was for red bulls, he was convinced I was out cheating on him. Sure glad to be rid of such a “nice” guy.


I’m a guy, but I have a gay friend who would always try to give me massages to “relax” me then slowly work his way to other areas. He tries to contact me all the time to hang out and give me a place to “chill.” Yeah, no.


I was on a dating website but hadn’t logged in in a little bit. When I did I found two messages from the same guy.

The first one was telling me that he thought my profile was great, he had a dog and loved hiking.

Okay, cool, I enjoy those things.

The second one came two days later saying how “I guess you don’t want something real, b*tch”. His first message was actually decent so if it wasn’t for his crazy nice guy follow up I might have given him a chance.


Some weird guy was grinding on me at the club and I was clearly uncomfortable, so “nice guy” swooped in to save me and told the other guy I clearly didn’t want it- I was pretty grateful initially. 10 minutes later he proceeded to grab my waist and started grinding on me…

I told him I had a boyfriend, and he said I didn’t have a right to “friendzone” him after he saved me from the other dude and that I was probably lying about my boyfriend. I had to show him Facebook proof for him to drop it and then he called me a b*tch and walked away. Like ok?


(Link):  Nice Guys Aren’t So Nice After All: Men in the “Friend Zone” Often Have A Hidden Agenda, Say Psychologists (Daily Mail article)

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