Medical Journal Editor Apologizes for Cover Labeling Women as ‘Bodies With Vaginas’

Medical Journal Editor Apologizes for Cover Labeling Women as ‘Bodies With Vaginas’

Intersectionalism has been shown to be horrible for women. And by “women,” I mean biological females.

The woke left will permit women to be put in harm’s way, or the left will be disrespectful to women, to pander to biological men who say they identify as women.

(Link): Medical journal editor apologizes for cover labeling women as ‘bodies with vaginas’ 

By Michael Gryboski

The lead editor of the British medical journal The Lancet has issued an apology following outrage over a recent journal cover that labeled women “bodies with vaginas.”

For its Sept. 25 edition, the weekly peer-reviewed journal featured a quote on the front cover from a perspective piece that said, “the anatomy and physiology of bodies with vaginas have been neglected.”

The cover quote garnered outrage from many who, among other objections, viewed the choice of words as erasing women and bowing to transgender ideology.

Richard Horton, editor-in-chief at The Lancet, issued a formal apology, saying that “we have conveyed the impression that we have dehumanised and marginalised women.”

(Link): Lancet Editor Apologises for Cover Calling Women ‘Bodies With Vaginas’

by Kurt Zindulka
Sept 28, 2021

The editor of a top British medical journal has apologised after it described women as “bodies with vaginas” on the cover of its latest issue.

The editor-in-chief of The Lancet, Richard Horton issued an apology on Monday in response to controversy over the journal’s September cover, which featured an excerpt from an article titled ‘Periods on display’, which stated: “Historically, the anatomy and physiology of bodies with vaginas have been neglected.”

…The cover has drawn considerable backlash in Britain, with honorary professor of genetics at University College London Professor David Curtis saying: “Just wrote The Lancet to tell them to take me off their list of statistical reviewers and cancel my subscription and never contact me about anything ever again.”

“Absolutely inexcusable language to refer to women and girls,” he added.

Dr Madeleine Ní Dhálaigh said: “Naming women as ‘bodies with vaginas’ is a new low, all in the misguided pursuit of woke points. You can be inclusive without being insulting and abusive.

“How dare you dehumanise us with a statement like this?”

The feminist campaign group Women Make Glasgow said that they have issued a formal complaint over the “dehumanising and straight up sexist cover story.”

The controversy comes amid a political row in Britain over whether it is correct to say that men cannot have cervixes.

Over the weekend, Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer claiming that it is incorrect to say that only women can have cervixes, saying: “It is something that shouldn’t be said. It is not right.”

The Tory government’s Health Secretary, Sajid Javid ridiculed the left-wing leader’s comments as a “total denial of scientific fact”.

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