Enraged New Yorkers Tear Down Sexually Explicit ‘OK Cupid’ Subway Ads

Enraged New Yorkers Tear Down Sexually Explicit ‘OK Cupid’ Subway Ads

(Link): Fed-up straphanger tears down ‘gross’ dating-app ads in viral video

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A fed-up New Yorker tore down lurid subway advertisements for the dating app OK Cupid.

“All of this is gross. For kids to be looking at this, is that OK??” she said in viral videos posted to Twitter on Wednesday.

The woman walked up and down the D train car, ripping the ads down — while ranting about COVID-19 and communism — as silent, masked straphangers looked on.

It’s not clear just when the video was recorded. The colorful ads began to appear on subway trains over the summer.

“Nicely done,” another woman told her. “That’s what bravery looks like. Say ‘No’ to propaganda.”

The provocative ads target “non-monogamists,” monogamists, “pansexuals,” potheads, “bears,” fetishists, and just about every other group.

One aimed at “submissives” features women trampling an epicene man, who reaches out to grab one’s foot.

Another directed toward “introverts” shows two people of indeterminate sex, one kneeling before the other in a pose suggestive of oral sex.

There’s also a threesome, and one up-close image of two tongues slithering into one.

“If fondling your partner while she sits on what appears to be a quiche is your thing, by all means go for it. I would just prefer not to have to spend half an hour sitting in the room where you’re doing it,” one beleaguered commuter, who declined to give his name, griped to The Post.

“Ok Cupid’s ads make me into a nonconsensual participant in the sex lives of strangers twice a day, every day. It just skeeves me out.”

Netizens slammed the campaign online.

“You realize kids ride the subway in NYC right? imagine having to explain ‘pansexual’ ‘S&M’ or ‘submissive’ to a curious, impressionable child who is too young to understand those concepts properly?” one tweeted at the company, which did not respond.

…The promiscuity-promoting app also recently turned out a pro-choice “profile badge.”

After Texas’s “heartbeat bill” went into effect early this month, Ok Cupid’s parent company, Match Group — which also owns Tinder — said it would pay for Texas-based employees to get out-of-state abortions, according to Bloomberg.

CEO Shar Dubey told employees then that the company generally avoids political stands “unless it is relevant to our business.”

(Link): OkCupid Launches an Expansive Campaign for Almost Every Single Kind of Dater

(Link): Enraged New Yorkers Tear Down Sexually Explicit ‘OK Cupid’ Subway Ads

Sept. 23, 2021
by Megan Fox

The dating site “Ok Cupid” has invested in a disturbing and bizarre ad campaign that focuses on sexual fetishes and rejecting lovers with conservative views.

Because these ads are plastered all over subway cars in New York City, children are exposed to them on a regular basis.

Viral video has surfaced of a woman tearing them down and admonishing other riders for sitting there and allowing the ads to pollute the public space.

Others soon join her and walk through the cars while removing the offensive posters.

“It’s gross. You want kids to be looking at this? Is that okay? This is propaganda,” the woman says while tearing the signs down. “I don’t know why no one see this.”

A small sampling of the ads shows people simulating sex acts, in sexually suggestive positions, or using words that would lead a child down a very dark internet search.

One ad says, “It’s okay to have strong convictions and abandon them for the night.”

The political messaging is also equally disturbing. “It’s okay to choose Mr. Right based on how far he leans left.”

OK Cupid also leapt at the chance to get a pro-abortion message out there. “It’s okay to choose to only date someone who’s pro-choice.”

By omission, it’s clear that OK Cupid does not think it’s okay to not date someone who supports baby killing.

If they really wanted to upset people, they should have made an “It’s okay to date a Trump supporter” ad, don’t you think? If they were truly interested in “all” people, why did they leave out half of America?


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