Imprisoned Muslim Man Doesn’t Want to Be Strip Searched by or in Front of Biological Woman Prison Guard Who Identifies as a Man (Transman)

Imprisoned Muslim Man Doesn’t Want to Be Strip Searched by or in Front of Biological Woman Prison Guard Who Identifies as a Man (Transman)

Post Updated Below – Sept 2022

More insanity for the liberal and left wing intersectionality fans!

This news story pertains to a “transman” (biological woman) against a biological man, who is a Muslim.

The “transman” works as a security guard at a prison and was supposed to strip search a Muslim (a biological man – and he appears to be Black, too) who says it’s against his Islamic religion to allow a woman stranger to see him in the nude.

It’s the battle of the two most-valued Victim Groups among leftists:
Trans person and a Muslim (or three groups, if you consider that the Muslim is also Black). 

Things are just Intersectional-ing all over the place here!

(Link):  Religious and Transgender Rights Collide in Wisconsin Prison Strip-Search Case

(Link):  Muslim Inmate Objects to Strip Search with Transgender Female-to-Male Guard Watching


The prison’s actions satisfied the strict scrutiny test, a federal court just held, so the inmate loses.

by EUGENE VOLOKH | 3.10.2020

In West v. Kind, Muslim convert Rufus West objected to being seen by prison guard Isaac Buhle when being strip-searched. “Although Buhle was assigned female at birth, he identifies as a man,” but “[West] asserts that Islamic law prohibits the plaintiff from exposing his nakedness to anybody, but especially to females, as defined by genitalia at birth.”

He sued under RLUIPA (the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act), under which religious prisoners are generally entitled to exemptions from generally applicable rules unless denying the exemption is the least restrictive means of serving a compelling government interest….

(Link): Muslim inmate challenges strip-search by transgender guard

By TCR Staff | September 23, 2021

A case in which a devout Muslim prison inmate objected to being strip-searched by a transgender  prison guard who identifies as male, but who he considered female, because of his religious beliefs is testing what Wisconsin considers more important: the inmate’s religious beliefs or the guard’s right to be treated the same as his cisgender colleagues, reports the Courthouse News Service.

The inmate, Rufus West, also known as Muslim Mansa Lutalo Iyapo, believes exposing his genitals to someone he considers a woman to whom he is not married will condemn him to divine punishment.

After being strip-searched in front of prison guard Isaac Buhle, who identifies as male, in 2016, and later told that he would have to make peace with being strip-searched by him in the future, West filed a federal lawsuit alleging the prison had violated his First, Fourth, Eighth, and 14th Amendment rights, as well as the federal Department of Correction’s own rules.

(Link):  Muslim inmate challenges strip search by transgender guard

A Muslim inmate who was strip searched by a transgender guard at a Wisconsin men’s prison has filed a federal complaint saying the search violated his faith and religious freedom.

The case was heard on September 22 by a three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Chicago-based 7th Circuit. A decision is pending.

Several prisoner and LGBTQ rights experts told the Washington Times that the case could influence constitutional and prison law.

In the lawsuit, Rufus West, 50, inmate at Green Bay Correctional Facility, said guard Isaac Buhle violated state regulations and Sharia law in 2016 by strip searching him. When West complained to officials, they told him to get used to it, the lawsuit claims.

By assigning a guard “whose biological sex is obviously female” to strip search him, the prison deliberately ignored the inmate’s sincere belief that a woman other than his wife seeing him naked would cause him to “burn in hell for the rest of his life. his days. West’s attorney Nicholas A. Gowen told the three-judge panel.

Sept 2022 Update

(Link): Court Rules Trans Prison Guard Can’t Strip-Search Muslim Inmate

by Matt Margolis
Sept 26, 2022

A Muslim inmate must be exempt from strip searches by a female prison guard who identifies as a transgender man, a federal appeals court has ruled.

 According to the prisoner, being strip-searched by a guard “whose biological sex is observably female” not only violated Sharia law but also state regulations against cross-sex strip-searches. A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit agreed and ordered that the Green Bay Correctional Institution violated the inmate’s religious rights by not accommodating his religious beliefs, which dictate that he is forbidden from exposing his naked body to any woman but his wife.

“There’s no dispute that his objection to cross-sex strip searches is both religious in nature and sincere,” the chief judge wrote in the ruling. “The prison has substantially burdened his religious exercise by requiring him to either submit to cross-sex strip searches in violation of his faith or face discipline.”

… In 2020, U.S. District Judge Pamela Pepper, an Obama appointee, originally dismissed the prisoner’s case, arguing that his sincere religious beliefs did not trump the female guard’s right to identify as a man and be treated as one.

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