Trans Patient Claims Discrimination After Hospital Requires Pregnancy Test Before Surgery

Trans Patient Claims Discrimination After Hospital Requires Pregnancy Test Before Surgery

Do the majority of trans people not understand that just because they “identify” as whatever sex doesn’t change their biological reality (assuming, in pertinent cases, they’ve not received surgical altercations to their bodies)?

I keep seeing these kinds of news stories periodically.

Democrats, the left, many liberals, and trans-activists, do not “follow the science.”

If they did, this insanity would not exist.

If you were born a biological female but want to play-act that you’re a man, be my guest (so long as it doesn’t infringe on my rights in any way), but, to receive proper medical care, your physician(s) and other medical staff will have to know your biological sex – for your own safety.

Biological men and biological women don’t always have the same symptoms or respond to certain medications in the same way.

I’m not sure how much, if any, of the perceived rudeness by hospital staff mentioned in these news reports, was intentional. If it was intentional, that is not caring or professional.

It’s going to be interesting in another 20 years, when a lot of these younger people who adamantly now identify as the opposite sex and insist every one else play along later admit they were wrong – and express regret and embarrassment over how stupidly they behaved when younger over all this.

(Link): Transgender men claim discrimination at Highland Hospital

(Link): Trans Patient Claims Discrimination After Hospital Requires Pregnancy Test Before Surgery

by Ryan Foley

Hospital says care was ‘medically appropriate and compassionate’

A trans-identified biological female alleges that a hospital in New York discriminated by requiring a pregnancy test even though the patient identifies as a male and says the nurses did not use preferred pronouns.

Trey Lowery, who identifies as a male and underwent bariatric sleeve surgery at Highland Hospital in Rochester in July, is threatening to file a lawsuit after experiencing “discrimination” at the healthcare facility.

Lowery expressed outrage after being asked to take a pregnancy test. As an affiliate of the University of Rochester Medical Center, Highland Hospital requires all biological females with female reproductive organs to undergo pregnancy testing before any surgery involving anesthesia regardless of whether they identify as female.

Speaking with the local ABC affiliate WHAM, Lowery recalled that a nurse asked for a pregnancy test to be taken before surgery.

“I told her why am I taking a pregnancy test when you guys know that I am a male and I’m fully trans?” Lowery said, adding that the nurse responded by saying, “I’m just doing my job.”

Lowery first went public in an interview with Rochester’s City Newspaper, which was published Sept. 1. Maintaining that “they took my pride away,” Lowery told the news outlet that “I felt like I didn’t want to be here anymore, I wanted to kill myself because I worked so hard to be here like this, and I’m not getting appreciated for who I am.”

Additionally, Lowery complained about consistently hearing “she, she, she, she throughout the whole stay of me being there.”

The day after the surgery, Lowery received a phone call from Highland Hospital’s chief executive officer.

In addition to apologizing for the previous day’s events, the Highland CEO reportedly offered Lowery the position of “spokesperson” for trans-identified people at the hospital. Lowery declined the offer and set up a Twitter account at the time of the City Newspaper’s article publication.

…Another trans-identified biological female, Cori Smith, shared similar concerns about Highland Hospital with City Newspaper.

Smith was admitted to Highland Hospital in 2014 to treat complications from an egg retrieval procedure. The hospital staff provided Smith with a female wristband.

“I was like, ‘You’re not giving me a female wristband,'” Smith said. “They literally rolled their eyes, laughed it off, and responded, ‘We’re not doing that.'”

The Rochester-based LGBT advocacy group Out Alliance’s monthly magazine “Empty Closet” reported in 2018 that an ultrasound showed that Smith had severely swollen ovaries covered in cysts. When Smith requested the removal of the ovaries, the doctor treating the trans-identified female refused to perform the surgery.

Describing the doctor as “outwardly transphobic,” Smith filed a lawsuit against the hospital in 2017, seeking $750,000 in damages. While the lawsuit and subsequent appeals were dismissed, Smith maintains that “they just didn’t treat me right.”

Smith also alleged that hospital staff used the pronouns “it,” “she” and “they” as opposed to the preferred pronoun of “he.”

(Link): Transgender men tell of discrimination at Highland 


By Gino Fanelli
Sept 1, 2021

Trey Lowery (left) and Cori Smith said Highland Hospital treated them with disrespect and indifference due to their status as transgender men.
Trey Lowery had already undergone all the blood tests and pre-operation screenings he needed when he was admitted to Highland Hospital in July for his scheduled bariatric surgery.

But as he prepared to go under the knife, he said, a nurse notified him that one more test was needed. He recalled her handing him a plastic cup for a urine sample — to check if he was pregnant.

“I was like, ‘Woah, woah, woah, why do you have to do a pregnancy test if I’m a male?’” Lowery said.

Lowery, 33, is a transgender man who began his transition four years ago. His driver’s license and his birth certificate list him as male. His medical records at Highland, which Lowery provided, listed him as a transgender man. Yet throughout his stay, Lowery and his family members said, hospital staff repeatedly referred to him as “her.”

….In a prepared statement, Highland defended the care Lowery received as “medically appropriate and compassionate,” but acknowledged that there was room for reflection.

….A Twitter hashtag #transhealthfail started trending in 2015, when an outpouring of transgender patients shared stories about their negative experiences with the health care system. The hashtag is still in use today.

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