Fewer Americans Think Marriage is Needed To Create Strong Families, New Poll Suggest

Fewer Americans Think Marriage is Needed To Create Strong Families, New Poll Suggest

If you’re a Christian – you must recognize that 1 Cor 7 specifies that it is better to remain single than to marry, and no, that wasn’t merely a concession to a specific historical situation.

The Bible doesn’t teach that “marriage makes society better” or will repair a culture or nation. Christians who keep promoting that view are, from a theological perspective, in error.

As to the portions of this article where people interviewed claimed that marriage makes people happier (and I won’t be copying those portions to my post below) – wrong! That is a claim that’s been refuted before.

(Link): Fewer Americans Think Marriage is Needed To Create Strong Families, New Poll Suggest 

By Nicole Alcindor, CP Reporter

Higher percentages of Americans view marriage as being “old-fashioned” as just over half believe that marriage is needed to create strong families, according to an annual nationwide survey released on Tuesday.

The findings from the 2021 American Family Survey were revealed on Oct. 12 by Deseret News and the Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy at Brigham Young University. The poll was conducted by YouGov, which initially interviewed over 3,200 respondents between June 25 to July 8 but drew results from a final dataset of 3,000.

…The results of the 2021 survey show that only 45% of Americans agree that society is “better off” when “more people are married.” According to a summary report, the 45% figure is the lowest percentage of people who think society is better off when more people are married in the survey’s history. By comparison, 56% said the same in the 2017 survey.

…When asked if they think marriage is “old-fashioned and out-of-date,” 19% of respondents said they “agree.” In 2015, only 12% of respondents said the same. In the new survey, 64% said they “disagree” with that statement.

“There is reason to believe that people are slightly growing less attached to marriage as an institution,” researchers wrote in a report. “Though we would not want to imply that marriage is in trouble as an institution, there is slight erosion in its popularity.”

….The survey release comes after Pew Research recently reported data showing a 10-percentage-point increase in American adults who live without a romantic partner in the last three decades, up from 29% in 1990 to 39% in 2019.  The Pew data also indicated that 53% of U.S. adults were married in 2019, compared to the 64% of adults who reported being married in 1990.


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