Biological Male Amazon Driver in Blonde Wig Filmed Naked Girls in Women’s Bathroom with Pen Camera, Police Say 

Biological Male Amazon Driver in Blonde Wig Filmed Naked Girls in Women’s Bathroom with Pen Camera, Police Say 

Nothing but disaster ensues when biological men are permitted into women’s spaces. And by women, I of course mean natal women – people who are born with XX chromosomes. Not people who “identify” as women.

It’s much easier now for biological male perverts to enter women’s only spaces to sexually harass or rape women now – we all have leftists, trans rights activists, and intersectional feminists to thank for this.

(Link): Police: Woonsocket man disguised as woman took videos of girls in bathroom

(Link): Amazon Driver Charged With Child Porn After Allegedly Wearing Wig, Taking Pictures In Wrentham Outlets Bathroom

WRENTHAM (CBS) – An Amazon driver is facing serious charges after Wrentham Police say he took pictures of women and girls in a bathroom at the Wrentham Outlets. His arrest follows an investigation that started this summer.

…“A mother and daughter reported there was a person acting strange, a man dressed as a woman wearing a wig,” said Wrentham Police Chief Bill McGrath.

When Wrentham Police responded to the outlets in August, where women reported a man behaving suspiciously in a women’s bathroom, an investigation began that would uncover far more sinister evidence.

A witness photo showed what appeared to be pen cameras – recording devices – laced into the man’s sneakers.

Surveillance video soon led investigators to 23-year-old Jacob Guerrero of Woonsocket, Rhode Island. A search warrant gave police access to his phone, which contained photos and videos of child pornography.

“Some of the children he allegedly had on his phone were 8, 9, 10, 11 years old,” McGrath said.

Guerrero was arrested leaving the Amazon parking lot in Wrentham. He worked there as a delivery driver. Investigators say it was his work that led him to at least one victim.

(Link): Amazon Driver in Blonde Wig Filmed Naked Girls in Women’s Bathroom with Pen Camera, Police Say 

by Ryan Foley

An Amazon driver has been arrested for wearing a wig and going into a girls’ bathroom while wearing shoes equipped with cameras.

The Wrentham Police Department in Wrentham, Massachusetts, announced Tuesday that it arrested 23-year-old Jacob Guerrero of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, for possession of child pornography as well as violating the state’s “upskirt” law.

Guerrero was arrested Monday night in the Amazon parking lot and was arraigned in Wrentham District Court Tuesday morning.

“The initial incident and subsequent investigation began August 24, 2021 when Wrentham Police received a call from customers at the Wrentham Outlets reporting a person who appeared to be a man acting suspiciously in the public Ladies bathroom,” Wrentham Police Chief Bill McGrath said in a statement.

A witness photograph of Guerrero revealed the suspect wearing a blonde wig.

“During the August 24th incident, the suspect, wearing a blonde wig, reportedly entered the Ladies room and occupied stalls next to adjoining stalls that women and younger girls, estimated to be 12-15 years old, were using,” McGrath stated.

“The initial investigation revealed the suspect appeared to have a pen camera fastened to his sneaker. Pen cameras are easily concealed surveillance cameras that have the ability to record video and photos on Micro SD cards contained within the pen.”

Guerrero escaped the scene before police arrived, but Wrentham Police tracked him down using surveillance camera footage.

…The Wrentham Police Department uncovered evidence in Guerrero’s vehicle that led to issuing a second arrest warrant for 12 counts of possession of child pornography.

The child pornography found in Guerrero’s possession indicated that his voyeurism extended far beyond the Aug. 24 incident at the Wrentham Outlets.

“The evidence obtained from the search warrant includes twelve videos where the unsuspecting victims were either nude or partially nude. Five of the twelve victims were under the age of 18.”

“Of the victims under 18 years old, several are estimated to be between 8 and 11 years old. In at [least] one case, the evidence suggests the suspect secretly recorded a young girl through her bedroom window as she undressed.”

In an (Link): interview with CBS Boston, McGrath elaborated on the investigation, saying that Guerrero engaged in illegal activity while working as an Amazon delivery driver.

“He had returned to a home that was on his route and actually filmed a child through a second-story window,” McGrath said.

…Guerrero’s arrest comes amid renewed concerns about sexual predators in restrooms.

Last week, (Link): a report from The Daily Wire detailing how a boy allegedly wearing a skirt raped a teenage girl in the girls’ bathroom at her Loudoun County, Virginia, high school caused outrage among parents and accusations of a cover-up.

The May 28 sexual assault occurred as the Loudoun County School District considered implementing a policy allowing trans-identified students to use bathrooms that correspond with their gender identities.

When asked at a June 22 school board meeting if any sexual assaults at the hands of a trans-identified student had ever taken place, Superintendent of Schools Scott Ziegler denied that such an assault had occurred. The school board approved the transgender bathroom policy on Aug. 10.

More than four months later, the May 28 sexual assault perpetrator, who had been transferred to another school in the district after the incident, sexually assaulted another teenage girl in an empty classroom. Upon learning this, the father of the first victim, Scott Smith, went public with his story. In response to the backlash, Ziegler apologized for the district’s response to the assaults in remarks slammed by parent groups as insufficient.

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