UK Man Admits to Killing Bride Whose Body Was Found in A Suitcase

UK Man Admits to Killing Bride Whose Body Was Found in A Suitcase

(Link): UK Man Admits to Killing Bride Whose Body Was Found in A Suitcase

A newlywed UK man has confessed to killing his bride after her body was discovered in a suitcase just four days after they tied the knot late last month.

Thomas Nutt, 45, of Shirley Grove, Lightcliffe, admitted to the death of his new wife, Dawn Walker, 52, during a court appearance Thursday, the Telegraph and Argus reported.

However, Nutt, who is facing a murder charge, said he didn’t intend to cause her death.

“The defendant accepts killing the deceased. The issue in the case will be that he didn’t intend to kill her or cause her really serious harm,” Nutt’s defense counsel Abigail Langford told the court.

“He accepts unlawfully killing his wife,” she added.

The grandmother was slain between Oct. 27 — the day they were married — and Sunday, when her body was found stuffed in the suitcase close to a playground near their home in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Langford said her client agreed to be examined by a psychiatrist because of the circumstances of the case.

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