Cops: Portland Man Raped Child, Sexually Assaulted Dog, Deer

Cops: Portland Man Raped Child, Sexually Assaulted Dog, Deer

This news story is wrong on 20 different levels.

People on our culture like to ridicule celibates – and specifically, voluntary ones, ones who willingly opt out for various reasons (moral conviction, religious, wanting to avoid STDs, etc) – but then I see these awful news stories where the person has no boundaries at all on their sexual behavior, and I find it very disturbing.

This guy was also hurting other people and animals in the process, which is not morally acceptable.

The left often goes along with this laissez faire attitude about sexual behavior, which can result in adults molesting or raping children and animals – it’s appalling.

(Link): Damon Cervantes: Portland man, 32, accused of sexually assaulting child, dog and deer


PORTLAND, OREGON: Damon Cervantes believed his mobile phone data would exonerate him, but instead it only put him in more trouble. The 32-year-old was being interviewed by police over accusations of raping a three-year-old when he consented to police reviewing his phone data.

That revealed videos of him having sex with a dog, and a “dead or heavily sedated deer”.

He now faces 25 charges and is in jail with bail set at over $1.5 million.

(Link): Cops: Portland Man Raped Child, Sexually Assaulted Dog, Deer

by Zane Sparling
Nov 6, 2021

Portland resident Damon Cervantes faces 25 counts for various sex crimes in Multnomah County Circuit Court, records show.

A Portland man under investigation for child rape botched his attempt to exonerate himself after providing police with his phone — which contained videos of the suspect sexually abusing a dog and a dead or unconscious deer, authorities allege.

Damon J. Cervantes, 32, is accused of raping a three-year-old child he was supposed to be watching on Sept. 25, according to a probable cause affidavit filed in Multnomah County Circuit Court.

…A search of the phone [by police] turned up two videos, taken from multiple angles, showing Cervantes in his bedroom having sex with a pit bull while wearing a shirt captioned “What day is it? HUMPDAY,” per court papers.

Detectives say they found another video that “appeared” to show Cervantes having sex with a “recently deceased or heavily sedated deer” in a separate incident, although the video does not show his face.

The owner of the dog said Cervantes’ behavior around children had often “weirded him out,” adding that the dog had refused to eat for almost a week after being left in Cervantes’ care, according to court docs.


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