Migrant Muslims on the Prowl: ‘These Men Act in Groups and Start Hunting, Treating the Women Like Prey’

Migrant Muslims on the Prowl: ‘These Men Act in Groups and Start Hunting, Treating the Women Like Prey’

(Link): Migrant Muslims on the Prowl: ‘These Men Act in Groups and Start Hunting, Treating the Women Like Prey’

by George Thomas
Nov. 9, 2021

From London to Vienna to Stockholm, young migrant men, mostly from Muslim-majority countries, are targeting white women for sexual violence and harassment.

European governments are doing little to stop the attacks or punish the perpetrators for fear of being labeled racist.

Now some are warning that immigration and Islam are endangering women’s rights and security across Europe.

For some forty years, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of young women have been drugged, raped, and beaten across dozens of UK cities by men belonging to so-called (Link): grooming gangs.

“They are gangs of men who groom young teenage girls and abuse them for sex and end up,” explained Tim Dieppe, with UK’s Christian Concern. “In some cases, imprisoning them and passing them around to lots of other guys, lots of other people, and even selling them for sex and these girls get abused for many years.”

The problem not only continues, but it’s also getting worse.

December 2020. British authorities (Link): charged 32 men in a grooming gang with 200 sexual exploitation offenses against 8 girls, some as young as 13.

…Most perpetrators convicted so far are reportedly Muslim. The majority of their victims are white girls.

“My story is that, over 20 years ago, I was targeted in my late teens.”

At the time, Ella Hill, not her real name, was living in Rotherham, north of London, when targeted by a Pakistani Muslim grooming gang.

Read the rest of that (Link): on CBN news


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