Carl Lentz’s Wife Says She Suffered from Depression, PTSD After Cheating Scandal

Carl Lentz’s Wife Says She Suffered from Depression, PTSD After Cheating Scandal

I hope this lady improves soon. This is yet another news item dispelling a lot of the Christian mythos built up around marriage.

So many Christian books, sermons, etc, create this view of marriage that once married, a person will be complete and the married sex will be great and regular.

But then we sometimes see these stories where the wife of a well known pastor admit that her spouse was committing adultery.

I think it goes to show that marriage and married sex are not all that a lot of marriage-promoters in the faith make it out to be (not that I am opposed to marriage, only the very unrealistic depictions of it in the church).

(Link): Carl Lentz’s Wife Says She Suffered from Depression, PTSD After Cheating Scandal


By Anugrah Kumar, Christian Post Contributor

Laura Lentz, the wife of former Hillsong NYC Pastor Carl Lentz, has opened up about how she suffered from worsening depression and PTSD after her husband was fired from the global megachurch due to alleged moral failures and infidelity last November.

…Lentz and her husband were the focus of many headlines following his cheating confession last November and termination by the Australia-based international church network.

“I know, as I continue on my journey of healing, learning to put myself first, focus on my family and grow in my marriage, I can use my story so far to help someone else!” Laura Lentz wrote. 

…Carl Lentz led all Hillsong campuses across the east coast of the United States. He was referred to as a celebrity pastor due to his connection to celebrities like Justin and Hailey Bieber.

But Lentz was fired last November over “leadership issues and breaches of trust” as well as “moral failures.”

After news broke of Lentz’s dismissal and confession, a 34-year-old New York City Muslim designer and actress spoke out about how she was in a relationship with Lentz for five months without knowing he was a married Christian pastor. She stressed that he told her he was a sports agent and contends the relationship they had “wasn’t just a fling or just a sexual relationship” but they both found a deep connection. 

…In December, Hillsong revealed that it had investigated 2018 allegations of inappropriate sex between staff members at Hillsong NYC.

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