Male Nurse Who Raped and Impregnated Woman in Vegetative State is Sentenced to Ten Years

Male Nurse Who Raped and Impregnated Woman in Vegetative State is Sentenced to Ten Years

I wonder why the author of this headline felt the need to signify “Male” before “Nurse?” (Women cannot impregnate people, no matter what insane rhetoric the left is spewing about men and women these days.)

I think giving this deviant ten years in prison is too lenient. He should be decapitated by the authorities after being severely beaten first.

(Link): Nurse Who Assaulted and Impregnated Intellectually Disabled Woman Gets 10 Years

(Link): Arizona nurse who raped and impregnated woman, 29, in vegetative state is sentenced to 10 years in prison

A former Arizona nurse who raped and impregnated a 29-year-old woman in a vegetative state has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Nathan Sutherland, 38, was handed down his punishment Thursday, which includes a lifetime probation once he’s out of prison, after pleading guilty to sexual abuse and vulnerable adult abuse charges back in September.

The pregnancy was discovered in December 2018 when an employee at the Hacienda Healthcare facility in Phoenix was changing the garments of the now 32-year-old victim and noticed the patient was in the process of delivering a child. Employees told police that they had no idea the woman was pregnant.

‘I didn’t realize I was capable of such an evil and disturbing act,’ Sutherland said Thursday in court.

Sutherland blamed being sexually assaulted at an orphanage and neglected by his mother, which he said caused him to ‘act inappropriately’ and ‘commit that evil act.’

The former Hacienda nurse was given the harshest sentence he could have gotten after taking a ‘slap on the wrist’ plea deal in September after pleading guilty to the crime.

The victim’s family requested Sutherland receive the harshest sentence, but they did not speak in court or to the media outside the courthouse.

The judge took into account the more than 1,000 days already served by Sutherland following his arrest in December 2018 and it has been deducted from his 10-year term, according to Fox 10.

Sutherland briefly spoke to the victim in his statement, expressing ‘sincere’ remorse for his actions.

…Police have said Sutherland’s DNA matched a sample taken from the woman’s son, who will turn three later in December and is being cared for by the victim’s mother.

The victim lived at Hacienda for 26 years, until the child’s birth. Her medical conditions stem from a brain disorder that caused motor and cognitive impairments and vision loss. She was also left with no functional use of her limbs.

It is unknown where the victim is now or if she is in another facility.

‘It’s hard to imagine a more vulnerable adult than the victim in this case,’ Superior Court Judge Margaret LaBianca said, adding that Sutherland exploited his position of trust as a caregiver to sexually abuse the victim.

Lawyers for the family also said Hacienda missed dozens of signs that the woman was carrying a baby, pointing out that she had gained weight, had a swollen abdomen and missed menstrual periods in the months before the child was born.

They said the victim, who has a feeding tube and whose nutrition was reduced in response to her weight gain during the pregnancy, delivered a boy while severely dehydrated and without pain medications.

The surprise birth triggered reviews by state agencies and highlighted safety concerns for patients who are severely disabled or incapacitated.

Following the reviews, resignations were handed in by Hacienda’s Chief Executive Bill Timmons and one of the victim’s doctors, who was not named.

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