Perverted Company Sells Infant Shaped Butt Plugs So Biological Males Who Like to Say They’re Women Can Pretend to Give Birth – Also: Men Faking Periods, Sucking on Helium to Inflate Their Stomachs

Perverted Company Sells Infant Shaped Butt Plugs So Biological Males Who Like to Say They’re Women Can Pretend to Give Birth – Also: Men Faking Periods, Sucking on Helium to Inflate Their Stomachs

All of the following is a part and parcel of the far left’s “queering” of culture, and sick biological men who claim to be “trans” who make a mockery out of actual (biological) womanhood.

In light of phenomenon like what is below in this post, I cannot take the “trans” or “non binary” groups, movements, or views seriously. There is an element of misogyny going on in these beliefs and practices as well.

Some of this also just reads as perversion.

I came across this tweet the other day – I follow a mix of liberal and conservative accounts and news sites, some of which cover sexism and gender and so forth.

Someone found a web site by a company that sells sex toys called “butt plugs” in the shape of babies – infant children, and they tweeted about it.

The site is called “Weapons of Ass Destruction,” and the product title is “Butt Baby.”

You can visit their “Butt Baby” page by clicking here (their site may ask you to verify if you are age 21 or older by clicking a button that pops up on screen).

The company advertises these sex toys as a means for “non gender conforming” biological males (which I’d imagine includes biological men who claim to be transgender but actually have autogynephilia or are just rank and file perverts) to pretend to be pregnant.

The purpose of this item is for them to shove this infant-shaped item up their anus, expel it, and so pretend to give birth.
(That is actually having a simulated bowel movement, not a simulated pregnancy.)

The company says on their site that this is part of their MPREG (“male pregnancy”) collection.

Here below is a screen capture I took from their page of their “butt baby” anal plug.

I put a black circular censor shape over the fake baby’s penis, as I am not sure what standards are considered nudity or unacceptable, should I tweet a copy of this post out on Twitter.

The actual doll (which comes in several different colors) has a small penis that appears as a bump; I put the censor over that area on the photo.


Here is the text that appears on the page (Butt Baby Page):

— start page quotes —

With gender identification awareness at an all time high, it was only a matter of time before non-conforming members of society discovered a way to experience childbirth.

First comes love,

Then comes marriage.

Then comes…

*Part of the MPREG [male pregnancy] series

The very first of his kind, the Butt Baby is a fully insertable, anatomically correct, platinum silicone bundle of joy!

Measuring 9″ in length with a max circumference of 9″ at the shoulders, when inserted feet first, he will crown just like a real birthing baby boy.

The Butt Baby is 100% platinum silicone, soft and supple but firm enough for easy self-impregnation. You’ve never seen anything like him.

Experience first-hand the joy and agony of childbirth,
Surprise your parents with the grandson they’ve always wanted,
Bestow your spouse with an heir, or
Ensnare your very own baby-daddy!
Now Available!  The Butt Baby MIDDLE  CHILD.
The Goldilocks kid: not too big, not too small, just right!

Also Available! The Butt Baby BIG BROTHER. a life-size addition to the family! He’s way more than a handful!

So that people of non-traditional gender identification may have the freedom to experience the miracle of childbirth reimagined, the MPREG series is a collection of silicone “baby dolls” inspired by the anatomically correct children’s dolls found in toy stores everywhere that makes simulated childbirth possible.
— end page text —

Here are a customer review or two left at the bottom of their page for this disgusting item:

Expert Cuntbag on Oct 01, 2020

I am a voracious Bottom, meaning that being genetically a size queen and an adept of “size does matter” when I saw this babe, I thought I would, if not easily, at least give birth in a timely manner 🙂 You may need to breath and push a lot, as the shoulders are quite difficult to swallow, but I would say that the experience in becoming a mother while you give birth like a faggot pussy through your mancunt, is worth the challenge of this baby with a swimmer built 🙂
Another genius and anti-conformist creation of the handy Christian!

Prouddaddy on Jan 18, 2020
The anticipation made the wait seem longer. I’ve only had it a couple of hours, and I already got my money’s worth. Three stages to going in, legs, shoulders and head, each providing different sorts of sensations. Once inside, you can sit, walk, grind your pelvis, tighten glutes for different sorts of experiences. Once inside, relax and let your body take command. It will come out slowly if you manage not to push. Again, each stage has it’s set of feelings. Have had bigger, but not quite as much fun. One of my favorite toys without a doubt. I’m not sure I’ll try the big brother, though. Who knows?
— end customer reviews —

Biological Men Inhaling Helium to Look Pregnant

In months past, via other Twitter accounts that discuss Trans-insanity, I’ve seen photos of biological males (who identify as women) with bloated stomachs – these men are intentionally inhaling helium to “inflate” their bellies so as to look pregnant.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw someone else produce screen caps from a video on You Tube where someone (I think a biological woman) makes a tutorial on how to make realistic blood on a sanitary napkin, so that biological men who claim to be women can play-pretend what it is like to have a menstrual period.

Here is a link to that perverse travesty:

(Link – You Tube video):  How to simulate a period (for transgender women)

Men Who Fantasize About Enduring Sexism and Other Issues That Actual Women Endure

I’ve also seen men who identify as MtF (male to female) Transgender tweet that they wish they could experience sexism – there is a lot of male entitlement going on when biologically male people think that being a woman and everything it entails (such as enduring painful menstrual cramps, pain in child birth, being on the receiving end of sexism by men, etc) is “desirable” or “fun.”

It is totally perverse and a form of misogyny, but these male freaks are in fact out there, and unfortunately, the left protects and excuses this disgusting behavior while simultaneously claiming to be opposed to sexism against (natal) women… no, they are not.

You can’t support this rot and also have me believe you support biological women as well. The two oppose one another.


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