‘Happily Married’ Music Minister Fatally Shoots Wife, Adult Son and Daughter – Masculinity, Male Headship, Marriage and Parenthood Does Not Save a Society

‘Happily Married’ Music Minister Fatally Shoots Wife, Adult Son and Daughter – Masculinity, Male Headship, Marriage and Parenthood Does Not Save a Society

A lot of pro-marriage, pro-natalism, pro-Nuclear Family groups or persons – especially social conservatives and Christians – like to argue or put forth the notion that marriage and parenthood are necessary to make a person more loving, ethical, mature, or that marriage and parenthood can fix or improve a society, though the Bible certainly does not state as such any where, and common sense and observation of the news indicates those are false beliefs.

Some of those conservative groups (and for years, Hollywood suggested this in movies, too) like to pontificate that being married can make a person happy, whole, and complete (if you’re a Christian, shouldn’t you really be teaching that all that is necessary to complete a person is a relationship with God via Jesus his son?).

(By the way, I am a conservative myself, and I am not opposed to marriage, parenthood, and the nuclear family. However, I  am opposed at how some segments of culture, including other conservatives, elevate marriage, parenthood, and the nuclear family to an undeserved, unrealistic degree.)

In spite of all the pro-family, pro-marriage propaganda by Christians and other conservatives, every so often, we all see these news stories about a married person (who may also be a parent) who is arrested for having abused or murdered his spouse and children (or someone else’s children).

Here’s another example below.

Being married and a parent did NOT make this man happy or more godly, loving, or ethical than being single and childless or childfree.

Let this also go to demonstrate that Christian Gender Complementarianism, which encompasses a view, among other things, that manly-men, or masculinity, can “save” a culture, or that “male headship” is a good and godly thing, is a bunch of bunk.

The guy’s bio blurb on the church’s page (which is now only available via “The Wayback Machine,” I believe), says that he is “happily married.” How happy did marriage make this man, if he murdered his wife and two of his three adult children?

What is intrinsic to masculinity, male headship, patriarchy, parenthood, and marriage, made this guy cherish and protect his wife and kids – nothing, apparently, because he murdered them.

(Link): Florida church musical director killed wife, two kids at family’s home: sheriff

Dec 2, 2021
By Joshua Rhett Miller

A Florida man gunned down his wife of 30 years and two adult children at their home — shooting each victim multiple times so “they didn’t suffer,” authorities said.

William Conway Broyles, who serves as musical director at a Jacksonville church, shot his 57-year-old wife, Candace, in the living room of their Callahan home early Wednesday, WJXT reported.

Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper said Broyles then went to his 27-year-old daughter’s room and shot her as she woke up before setting his sights on his 28-year-old son, who was also gunned down.

…An online bio for Broyles at Hodges Boulevard Presbyterian Church says he’s worked as the director of music ministries for the past 23 years.

(Link):  ‘Happily Married’ Music Minister Fatally Shoots Wife, Adult Son and Daughter

December 2021
by Leonardo Blair

William Conway Broyles, the “happily married” longtime music director of Hodges Boulevard Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville, Florida, stunned his neighbors and church when he confessed to fatally shooting his wife, daughter and one of his two adult sons in their home Wednesday morning — but told police he was “too scared” to kill himself.

“It doesn’t make sense when you look at the whole circumstance of what we believe happened,” Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper told The Florida Times-Union. “It’s just a senseless act. When he was asked why he just didn’t shoot himself, he said he was too scared to do that, which is crazy.”

…Police discovered the minister’s wife, Candace Lynn Broyles, 57, dead in the living room while his daughter, Cara Lynn Broyles, 27, was fatally shot in her bedroom as she was waking up, The Florida Times-Union said. His son, Aaron Christopher Broyles, 28, was found shot dead in his bedroom and his door was broken in, police said.

“He (Broyles) then went back to get another gun, came back and shot his son again,” Leeper said.

The case remains under investigation, but police said they have a “pretty good idea” of what happened without elaborating further.

…According to his church, Broyles is a trained industrial engineer who, prior to the murders, “worked in the Aerospace and Medical Device industries for many years.”

He was driven by a passion for music as well, and, according to the church, “believes that music was created by God for His Glory and that the church stands as a witness to the grace and lordship of Jesus when our music glorifies Him in worship and life.”

In an archived page on the church’s website, Broyles was further described as: “[H]appily married for 30 years to Candace and they have three children, sons Evan and Aaron and daughter Cara, along [with] three crazy Corgi pups. In his free time, Bill enjoys all types of outdoor activities, reworking older cars, and home and garden projects.”


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