Sexist Double Standards from Christian Dave Ramsey and Ramsey Solutions

Sexist Double Standards from Christian Dave Ramsey and Ramsey Solutions

(Link):  What ‘Living Righteously’ Means at Dave Ramsey’s Company


Former employees describe a gossipy culture of paranoia and suspicion where women are subject to special scrutiny and rebuke

Dec 2021
by Steven Hale

…The Hogan controversy and the O’Connor suit have raised questions and brought forth new allegations about how the culture at Ramsey Solutions affects women.

O’Connor’s lawyers have argued that the company’s policy about sex outside of marriage is effectively harsher on women for the obvious reason that they will be exposed if they become pregnant.

Former Ramsey employees who spoke to the Scene — two women and a man who spoke under the condition of anonymity for fear of attracting the ire of a man whose orbit they’ve tried to leave — describe a gossipy culture of paranoia and suspicion in which everything from women’s clothing to which co-workers they spend time with is subject to scrutiny and rebuke.

…But one newly surfaced allegation, revealed during a recent on-the-record case management conference between attorneys in the O’Connor case — a court recording of which was obtained by the Scene — raises questions about how the company handles alleged sexual misconduct.

During the conference, one of O’Connor’s attorneys said that a male employee came to Ramsey confessing that he’d had an affair and saying that the woman involved was alleging “parts of it” were nonconsensual.

The attorney said Ramsey emailed the company’s Human Resources Committee, telling them that “this poor guy” was being accused and “this woman’s crazy.”

…But the culture at his company, as described by former employees, sounds more like a strict, sexist youth group where judgmental gossip is prevalent and women are viewed with suspicion as potential objects of temptation to the men at the office.

A man who recently left Ramsey Solutions tells the Scene that women were “held to a modesty standard” while men were not. He recalls hearing on more than one occasion about women’s-only meetings, in which the women were told not to dress in ways that would be provocative to the men (whose attire was apparently not a concern).

One of the women who spoke to the Scene, a former employee who left the company in 2019, shares the explanation she received for the company’s policies about so-called righteous living.

“Someone I knew there that worked in PR said … God won’t bless the company if there’s sin in the company, so that’s why they follow the righteous living thing so God will bless the company and business,” she says.
“Basically like God’s like a genie. Joke’s on them, because there was a lot of people living with people or having premarital [sex] — whatever they consider bad sins while people get drunk at the Christmas party.”

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