Man Who Lost Movement in His Entire Body Feels He Is Missing Out On Relationships and Sex

Man Who Lost Movement in His Entire Body Feels He Is Missing Out On Relationships and Sex by L. Thomson

I hope this guy realizes he’s not alone. I’m still single into middle age in spite of having wanted to be married, and I do not have any physical health issues that prevented me from marrying.

I am also still celibate. I was waiting until I got married to have sex, but I never married, which is largely due to religious convictions (I refer to being sexually abstinent), but I have other reasons as to why I am celibate.

Sometimes, life does not turn out the way we planned, expected, or hoped.

I think very few people have lives that are more difficult than what this guy is enduring.

(Link): Man Who Lost Movement in His Entire Body Feels He Is Missing Out On Relationships and Sex


Rhys Bowler lives with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy – a severe, progressive, muscle-wasting disease that leads to difficulties with movement and, eventually, premature death.

As a result, he cannot move his body and uses solely his thumb to drive his wheelchair.

The 34-year-old lives on his own in Wales and has carers that come and help him throughout the day.

He also has a computer that controls everything in his flat and helps him communicate through messages and emails.

During lockdown Rhys started writing a diary about his feelings and worries, including the things he believes he is missing out on, such as relationships and sex – something he says was difficult for him even before the pandemic.

  He’s also started speaking in public about his condition and answering commonly-asked questions

‘Sex and intimacy are possibly one of the most challenging quandaries to a disabled person,’ he explains.

‘It’s the subject I am asked about the most. Sex is after all a human need, one which every human being desires at least once a life and not to mention it can be a whole lot of fun.

‘Sex is entirely possible, I want to show able-bodied society that our needs and desires are no different from theirs. We just often require a little more imagination and maybe a little more planning than everyone else.’

Back in 2017, Rhys’ brother, Geraint, died aged 27 from the same condition – which left him devastated and thinking about his own mortality.

Rhys says: ‘My brother was my rock and support network my version of a wife and kids, I suppose. It made me question my life and purpose, I honestly believe it broke me down and I became another person.

….By the age of seven, Rhys was unable to move his legs so used a wheelchair to get around. And, as his arms became weaker, he also needed someone to push him and would often find himself stuck indoors.

While he had a powered wheelchair at school, he didn’t at home – so would frequently watch his friends play, while he remained inside.

….‘When it was home time, however, it was a different story. I lost so much of my independence, truly some of the darkest days of my life, it’s when I started suffering mental health, although I never identified it as that then.

‘I couldn’t get out to play with my friends, so there I sat indoors watching the world go on without me through the window.

Now as an adult, Rhys is entitled to 24-hour NHS care – but has no control over who the carers are, or the hours they can work.


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