Serial Sexual Predator Running High School Scholarship

Serial Sexual Predator Running High School Scholarship

(Link):  Serial Sexual Predator Running High School Scholarship


…But despite the still-ongoing legal investigations into his predatory behaviour, Sobash is operating a scholarship aimed at young “future doctors.” The domain for his scholarship was registered in June, just two months before he lost his license.

In addition to a scholarship, Sobash announced in an October press release that he has created a mentorship program for the young prospective medical students.

According to an investigation by Daily Wire journalist Luke Rosiak, multiple high schools across the U.S are encouraging medical school-minded students to submit their information to Sobash in order to have a shot at his $1,000 scholarship.

Vulnerable students would be required to submit their names, emails, home addresses, phone numbers, and other pieces of personal data to Sobash for his review.

Of the High Schools advertising Sobash’s scholarship, only two have completely removed the opportunity from student availability despite Rosiak’s attempt to notify the schools of the ongoing criminal investigation into Sobash. Two others did not respond at all, and one is currently ‘investigating.’

(Link): Prominent young doctor ran ‘made-to-order’ revenge porn scheme: lawsuit

By Gabrielle Fonrouge
May 2021

A prominent young doctor ran a “made-to-order” revenge porn scheme where he’d solicit nude images of women and child pornography of underage girls and sell them online to a cadre of “misogynist incel” fans, a federal lawsuit filed on Friday alleges. 

Dr. Philip Sobash, an internal medicine resident at White River Medical Center in Arkansas, met women online and offered to pay them for nude images, which he promised would remain private, the suit filed in the Central District of California alleges. 

But instead, Sobash, 31, allegedly posted the images with the women’s names and other personal identifying information to Reddit and other “notorious websites” while “inciting others to anonymously harass and attack his victims,” according to the court documents.

“He sells the images for personal gain. But, more than that, he enjoys harming his victims,” the filing states, calling the conduct “cruel and sadistic.” 

The accused “serial sexual predator” doctor is distinguished in his field. He completed his medical degree at the Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine and has already published 14 articles in leading oncology publications and other medical journals, online profiles show. 

The plaintiff in the case, identified only as Jane Doe, lives in Orange County, California, and was a 21-year-old nursing student at California State University when she met Sobash on an online dating service in 2018 and began sending him nude images at his request, the suit states. 

…In February 2019, Doe received a direct message on Instagram alerting her of the Reddit page and realized the images she’d sent Sobash were being sold as a form of commercial porn, the lawsuit alleges. 

“Her poses were actually made-to-order requests that Sobash was getting from anonymous men online and then Dr. Sobash would pretend that they were his personal requests, and he manipulated the relationship he had with Jane Doe by making these specific requests as if they were merely his own personal fetishes,” the suit alleges. 

…“Dr. Sobash was receiving requests for particular scenarios from his ‘customers,’ and he would then act as the producer of these pornographic images, made for commercial gain, and then he would distribute them to his customers,” the records continue. 

“[Doe] was unaware that she was being used as an unknowing commercial pornographic actress.” 

…More than a year later, about 300 photos and videos of Doe are still available online for purchase on multiple websites and other victims are still being exploited under the same ruse, according to the court papers.

As a result, Doe has suffered exponentially. She regularly receives unwelcome images of men masturbating to her photos and harassing messages on Instagram and Facebook that include threats to expose her to her family and her school — and even threats of harm, the suit alleges. 

…She was forced to delete her Instagram account, which was a source of income and had 15,000 followers, and now suffers from severe anxiety and depression, the suit says. 


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