The Ex Christian, Ex-Exvangelical, Now-Atheist Hits the Nail on the Head About Exvangelicals (Edit: A Left Leaning Person is Actually Saying This Post Commenting on the Frequent Hypocritical, Hateful Behavior by Leftists is Itself “Hateful” – Totally Mind-Boggling)

The Ex Christian, Ex-Exvangelical, Now-Atheist Hits the Nail on the Head About Exvangelicals (Edit: A Left Leaning Person is Actually Saying This Post Commenting on the Frequent Hypocritical, Hateful Behavior by Leftists is Itself “Hateful” – Totally Mind-Boggling)

There is a Jan. 25, 2022 edit made to this post towards the end

I think this person, who calls herself Andy on Twitter, and says she went from being a Christian to an Ex-vangelical (also referred to as “Exvies”) to an atheist, is absolutely correct in her tweet below.

She says what I’ve been observing for a few years now with the people who post under the “Exvangelical” or “Empty The Pews” hash tags on Twitter – some of those who use these tags are ex Christians, or switched from being a conservative Christian over to being liberal or progressive.

From what I’ve seen of them – or just run of the mill liberal, leftist, or progressive Christians – they are just as hateful, nasty, critical, pious, and sanctimonious (they are so, so very sanctimonious that it’s positively nauseating) as the groups they criticize (usually conservative Christians), and in some cases even MORE SO.

I’ve mentioned this before in the context of Christian, progressive persons or groups such as Stephanie Drury’s “Stuff Christian Culture Likes” Facebook Group, I’ve had run ins with Christopher Stoop (is it Chrissy now?), and Nate Sparks.

These people tend to be just as, if not more, judgmental and condemning as the evangelical, Baptist, or fundamentalist Christians they complain about all the time on their blogs, podcasts, and social media.

Progressive Christians conflate their leftist causes and political views with the Christian faith itself all the time, yet they often criticize “white evangelicals” for voting for Trump, or for just being a Republican, or voting for, Republicans.

The progressives, for example, will dismiss any possibility that you can be a good Christian if you don’t support leftist positions such as CRT, Black Lives Matter, or biological men (“transwomen”) being permitted into women’s only spaces, etc

The hypocrisy just blows me away. And the progressives who sit around all smug mocking and judging conservative Christians are blind to this.

Not only were Andy’s observations spot on (you can read some of her Twitter comments farther below in this post), but some of the people who left her replies were also completely correct.

As Andy notices, groups like this – the Exvangelicals, many of whom are former fundamentalists or evangelicals – are also leftists who agree with leftist garbage like “Critical Race Theory,” or with allowing males who identify as women into women’s only spaces, and they always end up turning on each other – have turned into the very sorts of persons that they spend all day complaining about (i.e., conservative Christians).

The progressive Christians, like their secular counterparts, do this because they are into purifying their group.

It’s about purging people who are not in total sync with your views. It reminds me of the 1960s “Culture Revolution” in China – my god was that ever horrific. But that is what marxists and communists always do to each other.

American leftists today – people like Stephanie Drury, Chrissy Christopher Stroop and all these other guys – are akin to 1960s China’s Red Guards.

(Link): Link to Andy’s First Tweet – first of several tweets

Here is how her Twitter thread read:

My problem with ex evangelical twitter is that so much of it is the same fundamentalism that drove me out of church. You have to like the right podcasters and there is no space for nuance, and god for bid you say anything about the popular people.

If you’re not up to date on who has hurt them that week and equally lobbing criticism, you are not an ally. There is so little room for not falling in unison.

It just feels like the ex evangelical space on twitter what made to be a chance to feel free and breathe but now it is so easy to be excommunicated from them. And in a lot of ways I’m fine with that as an atheist now but I hate seeing newer friends going through it.

In a lot of ways, I just wish all the popular people from ex evangelical twitter would give us all a break from their circle jerking themselves off and overly right-ness they reinforce to each orher, that’s all.

The biggest thing I’m trying to say with this thread is that a lot of people who leave evangelicalism think they needed to leave to make sure they have the right spiritual or political beliefs, but in reality they needed to leave because they need to heal.
—- end —

Here are some of the replies Andy received below her thread on Twitter:

This person is 100% correct:

Comment by Dakota (Link):

It’s pretty much evangelicalism but they like everything the evangelicals dislike. Very little nuance. I would even argue that they leave less room for people in process than evangelicals do

Someone named “uh oh” (link to first tweet) responded:

yeah, I found out REAL fast that i wanted nothing to do with a lot of themfor these reasons. unfollowed 99% of them. so much of the same vibes as many online leftist communities as well.

i don’t hate them. they’re very obviously very hurt people. But they’re continuing that cycle and it was too much for me. and the commodification of their opinions and presence was WAY too much for me. felt like i was always trying to be sold something

Via Ruby Rwayitare (Link):

It’s the same fundamentalism on both sides, just with different labels and different language.

Via Happy Capitalist Doomsday Charlie Brown! (Link):

It’s almost like they [the exvangelicals] never actually healed after leaving the church and just kept doing the same shit with a different label and GODDAMN it is insufferable.

Via Adia *That Aida Woman* Toll (Link):

I think that a lot of this is that ex fundamentalists tend to continue viewing the world from the same framework. It’s all still part of an “Us vs Them,” they’ve just switched sides.

Via Bernard Shuford (Link):

Ex-fundies are extremely hateful toward anybody less ex-fundy than they are.

Via Angela Hunt (Link):

This. I’m not ex evangelical. But I have seen this exact behavior pattern from many. I try and listen to people’s points, but many seem to be doing the very behavior they denounce in evangelicalism. It is a type of fundamentalism.

By Suzanne (Link):

My theory is connected with six years of recovery from domestic violence: until we forgive those who have hurt us, we are at greater risk for following in their footsteps. It’s one of my strongest motivators to forgive and heal.

by Eric Turner (Link):

This times a million. So much anger and bullying.

— end comments from under Andy’s twitter thread —

I’m glad to see I am not the only person who has picked up in the last few years how toxic and hypocritical the progressive Christians (who are former conservative or evangelical Christians) are.

Other than the fact that people like Chrissy Stroop, Stephanie Drury, and their fans and online friends don’t vote Republican, what, if anything, really separates them, from the evangelical or conservative Christians they’re constantly criticizing?

I honestly haven’t seen much of a difference.
They will not accept or associate with anyone else who doesn’t share their progressive political views and leftist causes, which is no different from the Baptist or evangelical churches that seem to support the Republican Party that they always gripe about.

Edit. Jan. 25, 2022.

I shared a link to this post earlier this evening with some guy (I think his name is David), and he oddly responded that this post of mine was “hateful.”

He did not cite any specific examples of where or how I was “hateful” in this post.

My post was actually pretty subdued and polite, considering I’ve been treated like trash by liberals/progressives over the years, including by some of the ones I named above in this post.

Here is what David said to me, after I tweeted him a link to this very blog post you’re reading now (link to his tweet):

“…but honestly your article is pretty hateful while targeting individual people who are supposed to be.”

I tweeted him back (Link): here

I did want to add no, my post was not hateful. I was treated like garbage by persons named there-in [such as Stroop and Drury]. I started out being civil to them, but they quickly began name-calling, their followers “dog piled” on me, etc. Much of it based on the fact I don’t share their political views.
— end tweet quote —

I have no friggin’ idea how or why this David person could read this post (assuming he did so) and spotted anything “hateful” in it.

A lot of this post was quoting comments by OTHER PEOPLE, not by me.

This is just really bizarre to me – David was gas-lighting me and doing the DARVO thing (you can read more about DARVO (Link): here).

This is a blog post about how even an atheist (ex Christian) woman named Andy noticed that a lot of the progressive people who use the “exvangelical” or “exvie” label are just as hateful, nasty, and judgmental as the Christians, evangelicals and others they criticize (which is true, they are).

But this David guy is actually accusing that writer and/or myself as being “hateful” for pointing out how hateful and hypocritical the leftists/ progressives/ liberals are? That is yet more hypocrisy.

I’m not sure if David is a liberal or a progressive or not.  He likely is. I just checked his (Link): Twitter page here. He lists his pronouns and such in his Twitter bio (it’s usually the left leaning who put their pronouns in their Twitter bios).

I just scrolled down his Twitter page to see him naming conservatives by name while criticizing them -(Link): tweet here (“right wing Christians”), another (Link): tweet here (“conservatives”).

I have tried having civil conversations with liberals and progressives on Twitter and on blogs before (some are still Christian, some not), and they always instigate the attacks, not me (particularly Stephanie Drury and Chrissy / Christopher Stroop).

In addition, their many followers start insulting me, too, so for any single tweet I reply with, I am inundated with many more by the “groupies” of these sarcastic, rude liberals/ progs.

I’ve done a few blogs posts before about my run-ins with Drury – I have one in my “posts queue” I began about a year or two ago about Stroop I should probably publish one of these days.

Someone named “John” butted into the conversation to leave me this comment (tweet link):

“Being mean to me on twitter is exactly the same as parents torturing their kids to try to force them to not be gay anymore” great solid argumentation. These things are totally the same.
— end tweet quote —

I at no time mentioned any thing about “gay kids,” as I told this person, so I have no idea what he was talking about.

I replied to him (tweet link):

I’ve never mentioned anything one way or the other about not making gay kids gay. -???? A lot of progressive[s] love to engage in a “culture war” but then complain that conservative (Christians) engage in one. Both sides do it, but the liberals won’t cop to it, which is dishonest.
— end —

And with this (tweet link):

I don’t know what you’re talking about… but this is part of the problem. I actually don’t support Trans persons harassing homosexuals, which they do. Such as.
(Link): Trans Activists and Leftists Are Now Also Harassing “Cis” (Biological) Men Who Are Homosexual, in Addition to Harassing Biological Hetero or Lesbian Women
— end tweet quote —

Yes – you know who’s trying to “stop gay kids from being gay?” It’s not their parents, it’s the “Queer- Theory-“- loving and “Trans Allies” far leftists who harass “cis homosexual men” and “cis lesbian women,” who send death or rape threats to “cis lesbian women” because these lesbians don’t want to have sex with biological men (i.e., “transwoman”), or have biological men who “identify as women” in women’s locker rooms or bathrooms.

It’s not the Christians, conservatives, or Trump voters who are doing that – it’s the far left.

The “trans” groups on the left are telling “cis girls” who are attracted to girls that they aren’t lesbians but are really “boys.” The “trans” and their “allies” are trying to “erase cis women lesbians.”

And I don’t support trans people or their “allies” harassing homosexual or lesbian people.

Liberals and progressives have a HUGE blind spot about how hypocritical in practice they are, like how THEY tend to instigate hateful comments, sarcasm against others, and how they are always pushing a “culture war,” but then they sit around on Twitter, Facebook groups, and their blogs accusing conservatives, evangelicals, or Trump voters (or Republicans generally) of doing the very things they themselves do. 

This recent exchange with “John” and David is another example.

This post is filled with examples of how progressives harass or disparage anyone who won’t share THEIR political views (usually aimed at conservatives, or classical liberals who don’t share far left views), but David manages to twist this fact around to make it sound like the perpetrators are the victims of hate… when it’s the other way around.

I think this guy was trying to be civil with me in our discussion, and I remained civil with him, but this hypocrisy was unacceptable.

Maybe this is also an example of (Link, off site): Repressive Tolerance. The left LOVES repressive tolerance.

David was trying to tell me it’s “hateful” for me to merely make a politely worded blog post pointing out this hypocrisy of far leftists. Amazing.


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Screen captures of some of the Tweets, in case they are ever removed:


Screen capture of the same Tweet, in case the Tweet is deleted for whatever reason:


— — —

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