Disturbing Sites Use AI to Non-Consensually Digitally Remove Clothing of Clothed People (Usually of Women) To Make Them Appear Nude

Disturbing Sites Use AI to Non-Consensually Digitally Remove Clothing of Clothed People (Usually of Women) to Make Them Appear Nude

(Link): A Powerful New Deepfake Tool Has Digitally Undressed Thousands Of Women

The AI-generated nudes, which look horrifyingly realistic, are sweeping the web.

The website promises to make “men’s dreams come true.” Users upload a photo of a fully clothed woman of their choice, and in seconds, the site undresses them for free. With that one feature, it has exploded into one of the most popular “deepfake” tools ever created.

…Launched in 2020, the site boasts that it developed its own “state of the art” deep-learning image translation algorithms to “nudify” female bodies, and that the technology is so powerful there is not a woman in the world, regardless of race or nationality, who is safe from being “nudified.” But it doesn’t work on men. When fed a photo of a cisgender man’s clothed body, the site gave him breasts and a vulva.

…The website’s stunning success lays bare the grim and increasingly dangerous reality of being a woman on the internet as malicious deepfake technology continues to advance undeterred.

Women were already being digitally (Link): inserted into porn and stripped naked against their will via similar, less powerful deepfake tools. But the problem is spiraling out of control, with the technology becoming ever more accessible and the imagery becoming ever more believable.

…The victims of deepfake porn, who are almost exclusively women and girls, are often left with little to no legal recourse as their lives are turned upside down.

…“This is a really, really bleak situation,” said U.K.-based deepfake expert Henry Ajder. “The realism has improved massively,” he added, noting that deepfake technology is typically weaponized against everyday women, not just celebrities and influencers.

“The vast majority of people using these [tools] want to target people they know,” Ajder said.

There’s nothing stopping the owners of this website and those like it from profiting off the sexual humiliation of countless women. The site isn’t confined to the dark web, or even delisted from Google’s search engine index. It operates out in the open, and encourages users to promote it on social media for all to see.

Victims of revenge porn and other nonconsensual porn have lost jobs, relationships and more. Some have died by suicide. It no longer matters if these kinds of images are real — they create a new reality in which the victim must live.

(Link):  The Biggest Deepfake Abuse Site Is Growing in Disturbing Ways


A referral program and partner sites have spurred the spread of invasive, AI-generated “nude” images.

Dec 15, 2021

A DEEPFAKE WEBSITE that generates “nude” images of women using artificial intelligence is spreading its murky tentacles across the web—spawning look-alike services through partner agreements and recruiting new users through a referral system. The expansion efforts have allowed the service to proliferate despite bans placed on its payment infrastructure.

The website, which WIRED is not naming to limit its amplification, has existed since last year. It digitally “removes” clothing from non-nude photos to create nonconsensual pornographic deepfakes. Researchers say its output is “hyper-realistic,” and unlike similar abusive platforms, it can generate pornographic images even when the person in the original photo is fully clothed. Previously, similar technologies have only worked with partially clothed photographs.

…According to data from digital intelligence platform Similarweb, the site had more than 50 million visits between January and the end of October this year, making it the biggest of its kind. “Hundreds of thousands” of images have been uploaded on a single day, the creator has claimed on the website.

…While it has declined in size, its business partners have grown, helping to keep the abusive technology accessible to millions of people.

…The website’s startup-like growth tactics signal a maturity in abusive “nudifying” deepfake technologies, which overwhelmingly target and harm women. Since the first AI-generated fake porn was created by a Redditor at the end of 2017, these systems have become more sophisticated.

…With the increased ease of use, targets of harassment have moved from high-profile celebrities and influencers to members of the public.

…However, deepfakes have been used to humiliate and abuse women since their inception—the majority of deepfakes produced are pornographic, and almost all of them target women. Last year researchers discovered a Telegram deepfakes bot used to abuse more than 100,000 women, including underage girls. And during 2020, more than 1,000 nonconsensual deepfake porn videos were uploaded to mainstream adult websites each month, with the websites doing very little to protect the victims.


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