Is the Tide Finally Turning Against Trans Mania? Feminists Were Right To Sound the Alarm by Jo Bartosch

Is the Tide Finally Turning Against Trans Mania? Feminists Were Right To Sound the Alarm – by Jo Bartosch

(Link): Is the Tide Finally Turning Against Trans Mania? Feminists Were Right To Sound the Alarm


More people are waking up to the threat trans ideology poses to women’s rights.

December 2, 2021
by Jo Bartosch

…But today many others are coming round to the view that trans ideology really does pose a problem.

And no wonder. After all, the news is punctuated with stories of violent male offenders being sent into women’s prisons because they claim they are ‘women on the inside’.

Over the past five years alone, the number of those who identify as transgender in the prison population has increased by approximately 175 per cent.

It seems reasonable to surmise that in earlier decades physically intact men who dress as women would have been labelled run-of-the-mill transvestites, and not a vulnerable minority in need of legal protection.

And then there are the detransitioners.

These are people who were told that their mental distress could be solved by changing sex. They are now exposing this as a lie, sold to them by ideologically blinkered clinicians.

Perhaps views about trans activism began to change in 2017, when trans activist Tara Wolf punched women’s rights campaigner Maria Maclachlan at Speakers’ Corner. Maclachlan was reprimanded in court by the judge for failing to refer to her attacker with female pronouns.

In the intervening years the national conversation has moved on. There is now widespread public awareness of a clash between the desire of a minority to self-identify their gender and the existing sex-based rights of the majority.

….Even as more people wake up to the problem, those who first sounded the alarm about the potential impact of transgenderism have been written out of history. After all, second-wave feminists have been shouting themselves hoarse to alert the wider world of this threat for decades.

For example, Janice Raymond’s The Transsexual Empire was first published in 1979. It is an eerily prescient book which foretold the colonisation of women’s bodies and spaces by men seeking recognition as ‘women’.

Yet for years, Raymond and the other unfashionable feminists were sneered at as out-of-touch and ignored.

Nonetheless, their hellish vision of men identifying as lesbians, and of women’s hospital wards, rape-crisis shelters and prisons being opened up to men with ‘feminine gender identities’, has been realised with sickening accuracy.

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