Lawyers Share 30 Petty And Intense Stories Of People Destroying Each Other During Divorce

Lawyers Share 30 Petty And Intense Stories Of People Destroying Each Other During Divorce

Being single into middle age when you had previously wanted to be married isn’t so bad once you start seeing, hearing, and reading more and more about awful divorce stories like the ones at the article below.

(Link): Lawyers Share 30 Petty And Intense Stories Of People Destroying Each Other During Divorce


…So it’s no surprise that when user DarkFander14 asked divorce lawyers to share the most insane ways spouses have tried to screw each other over, they rolled up their sleeves.

More than 12.6K comments flooded in, anonymously revealing the pettiest and wildest things partners did to mess with or take advantage of one another.

From trying to get half of the house just to demolish it to spending $100,000 fighting over an ashtray, Bored Panda has collected the cream of the crop from this viral thread.

Continue scrolling, judge them for yourself, and be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts!

(Post 1)

This one hits close to home because it happened between my parents. We had a family “friend” who was a lawyer and my parents agreed that he would be the lawyer for both of them as a mediator.

So, as the assets were being divided my dad got absolutely slammed.

She was going to get the house, cars, half his retirement, and an insane amount of alimony. To the tune of like $2,500 a month for the rest of her life. My dad has a good job as a municipal employee, but that was probably 70%ish of his paycheck.

Turns out that my mom and the “family friend” actually conspired to rip my dad off and make it seem like that’s what a divorce settlement looks like.

And she was going kick back more money under the table after the dust had settled.

Dad just didn’t know how these things worked. So, after some convincing he finally went out and got his own lawyer. He got a very fair divorce settlement after that.

Mom still to this day can’t understand why we don’t talk to her much.

(Post 3)

My parents got divorced, and my mom didn’t want my dad to show up in court and contest. So she called me and told me to put laxatives in his food so he wouldn’t make it. I didn’t, and she still hates me for it.

(Post 7)

I work for a divorce attorney, and the craziest divorce I saw was when the husband — who had left the home — returned while his wife was at work to not only remove his clothing and belongings, but to Gorilla glue her things together!

He glued the TV remote to the table, the phone to its cradle, the couch pillows to the couch, and he even glued the vacuum cleaner to the carpet.

She called the police to report property damage, and for days afterward, she continued discovering random things glued together, including her oven mitts, which were glued to the wall, and all of her sheets in the linen closet, which were glued together.

(Post 9)

Used to work as a file clerk for a divorce attorney. Our client was trying to get full custody over her child because her husband was “dangerously neglectful of their son”. How was he being dangerously neglectful?

By serving spaghetti (instead of turkey) for thanksgiving. I wish I was making this up.

….“Don’t fool yourself by saying ‘they would never say that about me’ or ‘they would never do that to me’ because I have seen too many people get hurt under that false assumption,” she said.
“Divorce can bring out a completely different breed of character from the person you thought you have known for years. It may even bring out a new side in yourself that could get you into trouble.”

Crow recommends monitoring your actions and behavior to make sure that your feelings do not get the better of you. She provides a couple of examples:
“Bad-mouthing your ex to your kids, getting a DUI, and having promiscuous relationships.”

Acting out at the moment can end up hurting you in the long run. Not to mention that it can even cause bigger issues outside of your divorce.

(Post 11)

I represented a guy who was on his second marriage. His first wife had passed away from cancer. Well, while divorcing his second wife, he met a very kind, affectionate woman, they hit it off, and they became basically engaged…

Well, the fiancé was later diagnosed with terminal cancer, and when the wife found out, she accused him — in court — of killing his first wife by ‘giving’ her cancer and trying to do the same thing to his fiancé! I wish I had an artist’s rendering of the scene, capturing the crazy look in the wife’s eyes, her attorney’s look of shame and embarrassment, and the judge’s look of plain confusion.

(Post 14)

During my first year of law school, a divorce lawyer told us about a well-to-do couple that spent months and months and tens of thousands of dollars fighting over every single thing, all the way down to a single ceramic ashtray.

Even after they’d decided on everything else, they spent an additional $100,000 fighting over this ashtray… Well, after a court hearing, the wife finally won the ashtray, and she promptly strode out to the white courthouse steps and smashed it, leaving the pieces for the husband to see on his way out.

(Post 20)

Not a lawyer but was a legal intern for a divorce attorney a few years back. Dumbest f**king divorce I ever sat through lasted over two years because they refused to let each other get any ground.

I was only there for the last year of the divorce but they argued over who got the Christmas ornaments for 4 months.

Pro tip: If you’re ever in a divorce, saying “sure, take it” is infinitely cheaper than your invoice would be otherwise.

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