Trans 26-Year-Old Sentenced to Just Two years in Juvie for Sexually Assaulting 10-Year-Old Girl Because of Progressive California DA – by P. Shiver

Trans 26-Year-Old Sentenced to Just Two years in Juvie for Sexually Assaulting 10-Year-Old Girl Because of Progressive California DA – by P. Shiver

(Link): California child molester sentenced to two years in juvenile facility

(Link):  California trans child molester, 26, gets 2 years in juvenile facility thanks to progressive DA Gascon

Tubbs [a biological man who only claimed to be female AFTER being arrested], 26, pleaded guilty earlier this month to molesting the girl in a women’s bathroom Dec. 31, 2014, when Tubbs was 17

(Link): Trans 26-Year-Old Sentenced to Just Two years in Juvie for Sexually Assaulting 10-Year-Old Girl Because of Progressive California DA

by Phil Shiver

A biological male transgender 26-year-old has been sentenced to just two years in a juvenile detention facility for molesting a 10-year-old girl in 2014, thanks to far-left Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón’s controversial criminal justice reform platform, Fox News reported Thursday.

What are the details?
Hannah Tubbs — then identified as James Tubbs — pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting the young girl eight years ago when he was two weeks shy of turning 18.

His criminal record reportedly extends well into adulthood, yet Gascón refused to try Tubbs as an adult, resulting in the offender receiving a lenient sentence.

…Due to county law, the judge’s “hands were tied.” Deputy District Attorney Shea Sanna confirmed that two years is the maximum sentence for any juvenile in the new program over the age of 25.

According to the Los Angeles Times, in 2014, Tubbs walked into the women’s restroom of a Denny’s restaurant, grabbed a 10-year-old girl by the throat, and locked her in a stall. He then shoved his hand down her pants and sexually assaulted her, stopping only when another individual entered the restroom.

The Times added that the case drew widespread attention at the time; however, Tubbs was not linked to the crime until 2019 when his DNA was obtained following his arrest on a separate battery charge in Idaho. Prosecutors noted that Tubbs did not identify as female until after being taken into custody.

What else?

Prosecutors were hoping for a just sentence in the case, but their hope was dashed after it collided with Gascón’s hard-and-fast rule against trying juveniles as adults. The progressive prosecutor has argued that scientific studies show the adolescent brain isn’t fully developed until age 25 and thus young offenders should always be given time to rehabilitate.

There is apparently no exception to the district attorney’s rule, not even for repeat offenders like Tubbs, who has been arrested as an adult for battery, drug possession, and probation violations in Idaho and Washington.

Tubbs also has a pending misdemeanor case in Washington and was accused of sexually assaulting another minor in Kern County, California, though that case was not prosecuted.

Anything else?
In a written statement provided to the judge last week, the victim in the case said she had to undergo therapy because of the sexual assault, which left her feeling worthless, powerless, and sometimes suicidal.

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