30 People Who Declined A Marriage Proposal For A Reason

30 People Who Declined A Marriage Proposal For A Reason

(Link): 30 People Who Declined A Marriage Proposal For A Reason


…Internet users have opened up about the (Link): proposal rejections they’ve given, experienced, or witnessed on the massively popular r/AskReddit online community, and their stories are captivating, emotional, sad, and dramatic.

You might shed a tear (or even accidentally laugh at how awkward and ridiculous some of these situations are). …

Post 4.

I was in a gondola going up a ski slope and there was a couple in it with me. The guy Decided to propose halfway up and the girl replied with “I know you have been cheating on me bastard” then slapped him. Then we had to sit there in awkward silence for 15 minutes up the mountain. It was hilarious

Post 7.

She told me that she was so desperate to get married she would marry anyone who asked as long he wasn’t the biggest loser on the entire planet. I learned something about myself that day.

Post 8.

Not myself but I did watch one once and it’s god awful.

Guy just won an amateur bodybuilding contest and his partner came up on stage with him. He immediately drops to one knee and asks for her to marry him.

She doesn’t say a word and starts to shake her head no and he starts to weep on stage while still holding the microphone.

Nothing like watching a grown man oiled up in a banana hammock ugly crying in front of an arena full of people.

Post 10

A guy proposed to me a couple of years ago. He was just depressed about the lady he was actually in love with rejecting him.

And unless I’m mistaken his thought process was: “well this girl liked me a few years ago and has been a halfway decent friend, maybe since I can’t have true love and she doesn’t seem to have any prospects we can just settle on each other…”

I did not agree.

Post 12

My dad actually was rejected by my mom the first time he asked. They were on a cruise and he proposed at dinner, in front of people, and she said no.

She just wasn’t ready, and he was embarrassed lol.

This is why I plan ahead and will never propose publicly

Post 13

Not me, but my secretary’s boyfriend proposed in grand fashion: Rented a white horse, suit of armor showed up at the office and performed the whole scene.

His friends called the local news station and it was on the evening news.

She smiled/grimaced through the whole grisly act and said yes for the cameras.

Later, when they were home and alone, she let him down gently. They stayed together for a couple more months, but then she broke up with him when she found out he had gotten two women pregnant during their relationship.

Post 15

I witnessed a proposal that was shot down in a blaze of awkwardness. I was at the Cheesecake Factory sitting at a table where one side is a booth and one is a chair.

The tables are super close together. The guy at the table next to me gets down on a knee between our tables (only he barely fit and kept bumping my table). She was horrified he was asking and said no.

They hadn’t even eaten yet so they had the rest of their meal while bickering about the proposal.

He kept yell asking her what he should do with the ring now. Truly the most awkward meal of my life sitting less than a foot from that.

Post 23

I once saw a public proposal at a horse show. It was awful. The woman tried to leave the stage when she saw her boyfriend entering the ring as a special surprise. But they would not let her leave.

So painful to watch. She did not answer his question and everyone watching was cringing


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