Why Are the Media Referring To This Dog-Sexual-Abusing Pervert As A Woman?

Why Are the Media Referring To This Dog-Sexual-Abusing Pervert As A Woman?

This is the news story of a biological man who identifies as a woman who sexually abused a dog.

If you’re progressive and defending “trans rights,” there’s a good chance you’re defending this deviancy, this evil, this immorality – this is part of what comes with being a “trans ally,” and what comes as a result of cramming “transgenderism” down everyone’s throats.

(Link): The Curious and Disgusting Case of Claire Goodier


Why are the media referring to this dog-abusing pervert as a woman?

by Jo Bartosch
December 23, 2021

….The latest creep is particularly charming: a lovely be-penised lady who, having previously downloaded images of child abuse, was found to have engaged in group sex acts with a dog.

Footage of the crime was discovered on a memory stick alongside a stash of cocaine, both of which were stored in the most ladylike of places – the offender’s handbag.

The crimes came to light when 60-year-old Claire Goodier, who previously went by John, was subject to a routine police check, as he was already listed on the sex offenders’ register.

Judge Steven Everett called Goodier’s crimes ‘despicable’, ‘disgusting’ and ‘depraved’ as he jailed the pervert for 20 months and handed him a 10-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

Goodier’s crimes are highly unusual, even within the male population of offenders, but such acts are even more vanishingly rare among women. Indeed, men comprise 98 per cent of those convicted of sexual offences.

But despite the very male nature of his offences, a note was added to the court documents advising those present to refer to Goodier as ‘Claire’, and he was referred to as ‘she’ throughout the trial.

This is in accordance with the (Link): ‘Equal Treatment Bench Book’ [pdf file], the guidance to which judges refer on matters of equality.

The book cites research by transgender lobby groups and advises: ‘It is important to respect a person’s gender identity by using appropriate terms of address, names and pronouns.’

…Despite Goodier being obviously male, several newspapers have referred to him as ‘her’, with some making no mention of his male sex.

With the exception of the Guardianista clique, this is less a case of woke journalists seeking to spare the feelings of a repeat sex offender and more a case of adhering to guidelines.


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