Older Women Are Being Targeted by Scammers Pretending to be Actor Keanu Reeves

Older Women Are Being Targeted by Scammers Pretending to be Actor Keanu Reeves

Hmm. I wonder how far a scammer could get using another actor, say, Paul Reubens (a.k.a. Pee Wee Herman)?

(Link): Taiwanese woman conned by fake ‘Keanu Reeves’

Reeves imposter also bilked 2 victims out of NT$350,000

…A Kaohsiung resident surnamed Chang (張) was duped by the scammer into believing she had entered a relationship with the Hollywood superstar last year.

He allegedly promised her he would marry her but needed to use her account to buy and sell bitcoins so that he could complete his next movie.

(Link): A scammer is using Keanu Reeves to trick unwitting older women

Women believe they’re in an online romance with the John Wick star and it’s costing them money

(Link): Older Women Are Being Targeted by Scammers Pretending to be Actor Keanu Reeves

A scammer is pretending to be Reeves in order to trick older women online into thinking they’re in a relationship with The Matrix actor. Those women will be disappointed to hear that Reeves has been in a relationship with artist Alexandra Grant since 2019.

A woman named Molli Hermiston, whose aunt fell for the scam spoke to The LA Times (the aunt declined to be interviewed) said her aunt is still in denial that her relationship with the John Wick actor isn’t real, “and she has been so brainwashed, she won’t listen to our family.”

It’s gotten to such a serious point that the aunt now wants to move to LA where Reeves resides to be closer to him and is even attempting to sell her home in Little Rock, Arkansas to make it happen.

Although the scammer apparently sent the aunt a necklace and earrings, they have also asked for $10,000— an actor whose supposed net worth is reported to be $360 million. Despite this red flag, it has not set off any alarm bells for Hermiston’s aunt.

…But Hermiston’s aunt is not alone. The LA Times reported that women in “Canada, Taiwan and across America” have been duped by the same dream.

According to Hermiston, scoping out the fake Reeves was pretty easy, all she needed to do was create a profile where she looked like a wealthy, well-to-do older woman and follow a few Keanu Reeves fan accounts to be targeted.

“Very quickly, five different people saying they’re Keanu Reeves approached me online,” she said. Unsurprisingly, the fake Reeves wanted to keep the budding romance on the down-low, writing: “Due to my profession and career, I want this to be a secret between you and I.”

As the conversation continued, the fake Reeves began asking “the sort of questions that reveal a person’s wealth and status, or that might come up as part of a bank’s security queries to confirm a customer’s identity.”


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