18 Self-Absorbed Brides And Grooms Who Really Felt Entitled To Stuff For Their Weddings

18 Self-Absorbed Brides And Grooms Who Really Felt Entitled To Stuff For Their Weddings

I read through several of those, and holy f*ck on a cracker, there are some deeply entitled (I’m guessing these are narcissists) out there – for any of these who are Americans, I am deeply ashamed… what the hell are you doing, parents of America, raising such entitled assh*les?

(Link): 18 Self-Absorbed Brides And Grooms Who Really Felt Entitled To Stuff For Their Weddings


“I am expecting everyone to spend AT LEAST $400 on the wedding gifts.”

by Christopher Hudspeth BuzzFeed Staff

I think Brad needs to call off this wedding – what an entitled bitch:

3. This person seeking custom-made centerpieces on very short notice.

Sender: Hey girly thanks for your RSVP! Brad and I are thrilled to have you for our special day. Can I ask a simple favor?

Recipient: Thanks. I’m excited and happy for you! And of course, what do you need?

Sender: I need you to make a custom centerpiece for each of the 20 tables 🥰 If each one could be a separate Disney villain, I would DIE. Oh and could you also do a cake topper?

Recipient: OMG… I’m flattered. But wait, the wedding is next week… that’s not enough time for me

Sender: Yeah it’s next week but we figured they can’t be that long to make right?

Recipient: Actually… each wood carving takes approximately 3-5 hours of work. Painting takes another hour depending on detail. I could probably manage a cake topper – but I definitely don’t have time to make 20 centerpieces, I’m sorry.   😦

Sender: You’re kidding! This is such short notice! What are we going to do??

Recipient: Am I missing something? You just asked me now… a week before the wedding. I had no idea you were planning on using my art.

Sender: God, you clearly don’t understand the STRESS and PAIN that it takes to plan a wedding, do you?

Recipient: Um, no? But I also think you should have asked me way in advance.
Maybe you could try finding stuff in iParty

Sender: Go fuck yourself. Worst coworker ever. Uninvited.

If Brad goes through with it, I hope his marriage to Sender falls apart.

Another example of MANY from their page:

7. This person who wants someone to drop everything and magically make them a wedding cake with very limited time.

Sender: Hey I know it’s last minute but would you be able to make a wedding cake by noon on Sunday?

Baker: I can possibly fit something in by Sunday but it’s going to depend on what you’re interested in getting.

[Sender includes photo of a very elaborate, large wedding cake]

Something like this but not too big. I’m only expecting 300 people.

Baker: LOL o wowwww. I’m sorry that’s gonna be impossible to fit in on such short notice.

Sender: Ok I understand. Are you sure? On TV they complete bigger cakes than this in a short time. Are you a beginner?

Baker: Have a good night.

You can click here to visit Buzzfeed’s page to see more screen shots of obnoxious, entitled, narcissistic requests from idiots who are planning their weddings.

Marriage, Al Mohler, Brad Wilcox and etc, does NOT make people “more mature” or responsible, caring, or ethical.

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