Oregon GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Admits He and Wife Belonged to Swingers Group

Oregon GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Admits He and Wife Belonged to Swingers Group

So gross. Makes a mockery out of marriage.

Also goes to show that marriage doesn’t make people more sexually ethical. Many conservative and Christian marriage pushers often insist that single adults are more sexually reckless than married people, which is not so.

A person can marry and engage in sexual sin within their marriage.

(Link): Oregon GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Admits He and Wife Belonged to Swingers Group

By Yaron Steinbuch
Feb 8, 2022

A top candidate in the Republican primary for Oregon governor has admitted that he and his wife had explored a swinging lifestyle before deciding that swapping partners wasn’t for them, according to a report.

Stan Pulliam, 40, told the Willamette Week that he and his wife of 12 years, MacKensey, had “explored relationships, mutual relationships with other couples, for a brief period of time before ultimately deciding that it wasn’t for us.”

Pulliam, the mayor of his hometown of Sandy, fessed up to the outlet after a 2016 screenshot from a page titled “Swinger Facebook Group PDX” made its rounds across the state’s political circles.

“Hi Everyone! MacKensey and I are excited to be added to your little community. Some of you we have already had the pleasure to meet and we look forward to getting to know the rest of you!” he wrote in the group, which had 536 members at the time, the Willamette Week reported Thursday.

In an interview last week with the newspaper, Pulliam declined to reveal when the “mutual relationships” began or ended, but said the couple’s participation ended well before he began running for the state’s top office.

…Pulliam told the newspaper that his past sexual activity is consistent with his campaign values.

“In Oregon, we really cherish values of individuality and liberty,” Pulliam said.

“The decisions that we made were for MacKensey and I to make in the privacy of our own homes. We’re certainly not asking anybody to participate or practice or do any of the things that we have decided to do in the past,” he said.

“But we’re also certainly not ashamed of decisions that we’ve made in the past either, as they’ve made us stronger,” the candidate added.


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