Students Told to Use Pizza Toppings As Metaphors For Sex

Students Told to Use Pizza Toppings As Metaphors For Sex

My pizza would have no toppings. None. 😂

I guess people should be taught about sexual consent (which was presumably one of this assignment’s goals) – but this seems… a little inappropriate? And maybe that should be taught by the parents at home.

Can’t the concept of consent be taught without pressuring each student to list their sexual preferences? That seems to be pushing things.

As I read this further, it does say that students who sort of want to opt out of this can draw a non-sexual related image.

(Link): Connecticut Students Told to Use Pizza Toppings As Metaphors For Sex

By Yaron Steinbuch
February 10, 2022

Students at a Connecticut middle school were reportedly instructed to use “pizza as a metaphor for sex” and asked to cite their favorite toppings — including cheese for “kissing” and olives for “giving oral.”

The eighth-graders at John F. Kennedy Middle School in Enfield received the “Pizza and Consent” assignment, which compared ordering a pizza to receiving consent, Fox News reported.

“We can use pizza as a metaphor for sex,” the assignment said, according to Parents Defending Education.

“When you order pizza with your friends, everyone checks in about each other’s preferences, right? Some people might be vegan, some might be gluten-free. Others might love pineapple, while others prefer pepperoni,” it said.

“Some might not like pizza at all. If you’re a vegetarian, your friend is a meat lover, sharing a pizza is going to bring up a lot of issues. You don’t know who you can share a pizza with unless you ask!” it continued.

“The same goes with sex! You have to check in with your partner(s) and ask for their preferences. Your partner(s) might be comfortable with one sexual activity, but not another,” the instructions stated.

“So start a conversation! It’s the only way sex (and pizza) can be comfortable and enjoyable for everyone,” it insisted.

The bizarre assignment then continued on another page, under the headline “Personal Pizza.”

“For those of ya’ll who don’t like pizza or sex at all, feel free to draw out another food favorite or include non-sexual activities,” it added.

Schools Superintendent Christopher Drezek said during a school board meeting Tuesday that the assignment had been sent “inadvertently” to the students, Fox News reported.

“The simple truth was it was a mistake. And I know that there are some who may not believe that. I know there are some who don’t necessarily maybe want that answer,” he told parents.

“In this particular case, I didn’t even get a chance to because the person who made the mistake jumped ahead of it before I was even notified that it had happened,” Drezek said.

He said that while the assignment was “inappropriate,” there was no “hidden agenda.”

“There was no secret cabal to indoctrinate kids on something. They sent the wrong document,” Drezek added. “So that’s what happened. And none of us are happy that it happened.”

Teacher Brie Quartin, the district’s health and physical education coordinator, took the blame for the imbroglio.

“The incorrect version, as opposed to the revised version of this assignment, was mistakenly posted on our Grade 8 curriculum page, and was inadvertently used for instruction to Grade 8 Health classes,” Quartin wrote in an email to parents, according to Parents Defending Education.

“I caught the error after our curriculum revision in June but failed to post the intended version. I own that, and apologize for the error,” she wrote.

Quartin explained that the correct version of the assignment was for “students to work in small groups to craft a pizza with toppings (no behaviors associated with said toppings) that would make everyone happy/comfortable using non-verbal communication only.”

“Students are then asked to reflect and discuss how thoughts or feelings can be confusing or miscontrued [sic], if we rely on non-verbal cues/communication alone. The parallel to be taught here is that when discussing pizza topping it is important that your preferences are clearly communicated to avoid any misunderstanding,” she added.

Parent Tracey Jarvis told NBC Connecticut: “This assignment is prompting kids to become sexually active before their time.”

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