Student Sues Woke British University For Failing to Protect Her From Trans Activists Bullying Campaign

Student Sues Woke British University For Failing to Protect Her From Trans Activists Bullying Campaign

(Link): Student suing Bristol University – dubbed Britain’s ‘wokest’ – for failing to protect her from trans activists’ bullying campaign was called a TERF in online message by person accusing her of being transphobic, court hears

by Jack Wright, Feb 10, 2022

A PhD student who is suing ‘Britain’s wokest university’ has claimed that a campaign against her included the phrase TERF — a derogatory term for feminists who are accused of ‘transphobia’.

Raquel Rosario-Sanchez, 32, has launched legal action against Bristol University, claiming that they tried to ‘cancel’ her, forced her to quit and even tried to make her miss a visa deadline.

She says there was a campaign against her after she attended feminist meetings that opposed allowing men who identify as women into female-only spaces. Miss Rosario-Sanchez says she was also harassed over her involvement with the campaign group Woman’s Place UK.

The student is suing the university for negligence, breach of contract and sex discrimination.

Miss Rosario-Sanchez said both her mental health and her academic performance suffered as a result of a two year ‘hate campaign’ against her beginning in February 2018.

Miss Rosario-Sanchez alleges that a person at the university wrote online they wanted to ‘punch TERFS’, which stands for ‘trans exclusionary radical feminists’. The acronym TERF was also previously levelled at JK Rowling after she made comments which were branded transphobic.

A court heard an individual known as ‘AA’ lodged a complaint over working alongside Miss Rosario-Sanchez.

Today Miss Rosario-Sanchez’s legal team told a court in Bristol ‘AA’ had used the word ‘TERF’ online, calling it ‘a slur used to vilify women who speak up about set (sex) based rights’.

They said: ‘AA was using violent terminology against people who had similar or the same views as the claimant’.

The post was made while advocating the signing of an open letter calling for the cancelling of a meeting where the claimant intended to speak, the court was told.

The university’s barrister made clear that the university in no way seeks to defend AA’s actions and statements.

The meeting later was disrupted by ‘transgender rights’ activists of the organisation ‘Sister Not Cister UK’ who ‘stormed’ the meeting in masks, the court was told.

…She alleges that Bristol University failed to properly enforce the University’s code of conduct by not properly investigating intimidation tactics used against her.

The hearing continues.


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