Contractor Finds Child Pornography Stash in Psychologist’s Secret Room

Contractor Finds Child Pornography Stash in Psychologist’s Secret Room

One thing I’ve learned since I began looking at a lot of self help material by psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists – whether in books, You Tube videos, or web pages – is that some people who work in the mental health field are just as, if not more, messed up than the patients who come to see them for help – this is according to articles and books BY people who work in the field.

Some qualified therapists (and other mental health professionals) will tell you that some other therapists (and psychologists) suffer from narcissistic personality disorder, among other things.

One guy whose work I’m familiar with who is a licensed therapist explains that most therapists start out being extremely codependent, but some are narcissists.

However, he and another psychologist whose work I am familiar with, both of whom focus on, or specialize in, codependency and/or narcissism, explain that most therapists, marriage counselors, and psychologists are woefully ignorant about topics such as narcissistic abuse.

So, if you have problems in your life, whether you are depressed or whatever, don’t assume that each and every therapist, psychiatrist, and psychologist you visit for help with your mental health or relationship problems, is ethical, intelligent, compassionate, normal, or educated or knowledgeable about whatever your issue is.

Mental health professionals (like the one in the news report below) may be freaky, disgusting perverts, or else, he or she may be a Communal Narcissist, or a very codependent person who won’t recognize the abuse in a marriage of a narcissist to a codependent.

None of these are people you want to go to for help or advice; you sure don’t want to entrust them with your vulnerability.

(Link): Child Psychologist Found With Child Porn Hidden in Secret Room—Police

A child psychologist’s home in Danvers, Massachusetts, was found to have hundreds of pornographic images of children hidden in a room behind a wall, according to Essex County District Attorney’s Office.

Mark Ternullo, 68, was arraigned Thursday on one count of possession of child pornography on Thursday at the Salem District Court.

…The images were found by contractors who were renovating the home. The pornographic images were found stashed in a secret room behind the bathtub. The building owner called the police.

The contractors found the room as they had to remove the wall behind the bathtub due to extensive water damage. Ternullo is believed to have lived in the home for over 20 years.

 Police were able to obtain a search warrant on Wednesday morning and arrested Ternullo later that evening.

(Link): Psychologist Mark Ternullo Charged With Child Pornography After Contractor Finds Hidden Room In Danvers Apartment

Feb 11, 2022
By CBSBoston .com Staff

A psychologist from Danvers has been arrested on child pornography charges after a contractor discovered a hidden room in his apartment, police said.

The contractor was hired to renovate the bathroom in 68-year-old Mark Ternullo’s apartment in a multi-family home. The wall behind the bathtub had to be removed due to extensive water damage.

“In doing so, the contractor found a hidden room in which multiple boxes full of pornographic images of children were stored,” the Essex County District Attorney’s office said in a statement Thursday.

Ternullo has lived in the building on Butler Avenue for about 23 years. As police searched his home, Ternullo went to his office in Beverly, where he is a psychologist for adults, families and children.

According to the police report, nearly 1,000 images, “were located throughout the apartment, with the majority in the secret room/void and in the bedroom or ‘home office.’”

Investigators say the pictures are Ternullo’s because he allegedly “superimposed” himself onto images of children in inappropriate and suggestive positions.

Ternullo pleaded not guilty to one count of possession of child pornography in Salem District Court Thursday.

Prosecutors requested $500,000 cash bail, but the judge set it at $10,000. If he makes bail, he has been ordered to remain under house arrest with a GPS monitoring device, stay away from children under 18 and not use the internet.

(Link):  Contractor Finds Child Pornography Stash in Psychologist’s Secret Room

by Virginia Aabram
| February 12, 2022

A Massachusetts psychologist has been charged with possession of child pornography after contractors discovered the stash in a secret room while renovating a damaged wall.

The owner of the apartment in Danvers, Massachusetts, where Mark Ternullo, 68, had lived for 23 years, contacted police when contractors hired to fix a water-damaged wall discovered a secret room behind it. Inside, they allegedly found several boxes containing child pornography, according to the Essex District Attorney.

Ternullo was arraigned Thursday, and prosecutors asked for a $500,000 bond, that he be held under house arrest with GPS monitoring, have no contact with children under 18, and be banned from using the internet. The judge lowered the cash bail to $10,000 but signed off on the other requests. Ternullo had not posted bail as of Friday, according to Boston 25.


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