Brands Let Customers Opt Out of Valentine’s Day Deluge

Brands Let Customers Opt Out of Valentine’s Day Deluge

(Link): Brands Let Customers Opt Out of Valentine’s Day Deluge

by S. Gordon

More and more brands are giving their customers a heads up and the chance to opt out of marketing emails ahead of holidays like Valentine’s Day.

Why it matters: Advertisements and promotions around holidays — particularly ones that celebrate relationships — can cause anxiety and depression. And we’re bombarded with them: Overall, we’ve gone from being exposed to around 500 ads a day in the 1970s to around 5,000 a day now.

A growing number of retailers, florists, media companies and more are taking a thoughtful approach to marketing, trying not to inundate their customers with ads that’ll hurt them.

Etsy lets people opt out of Valentine’s Day emails and offers as well as marketing around Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. The feature was created in 2021, Etsy tells Axios.

Parachute, the bedding and home goods company, has the same opt-out feature for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Fortune reports.

…The big picture: When brands do this, they appear empathetic, says Susan Dobscha, a marketing professor at Bentley University.

“The new buzzword now is sincerity,” she says. “Does a business appear sincere?”

…What to watch: Look for even more brands to collect insights on which holidays their customers celebrate — just like they keep track of demographic and geographic data — and use those insights to target their marketing.

For example, Valentine’s Day celebrations have steadily declined over the past decade in the U.S., with only 52% of respondents planning on observing the holiday in 2021, down from 63% in 2009.

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