Man Who Was ‘Having Sex With His Own Sister Beats Her To Death With a Bat’ After Finding Out She Slept with Another Man

Man Who Was ‘Having Sex With His Own Sister Beats Her To Death With a Bat’ After Finding Out She Slept with Another Man

So I guess the Al-Mohler, Focus on the Family, Brad Wilcox, Institute For Family Studies, Jim Daly propaganda about Nuclear Families being some kind of automatic fix-all for culture isn’t quite correct, is it? (In light of news stories like the one below.)

(Link): Texas man, 32, who was ‘having sex with his long-lost sister beat her to death with a baseball bat’ after finding out she slept with another man in their El Paso home while he was asleep

A Texas man who was allegedly having sex with his own sister is accused of beating her to death with a baseball bat after finding out she slept with another man in their home while he was asleep.

Jose Manuel Guzman, 32, is being held on $1 million bond and facing murder charges after allegedly killing his sister on February 2 in their Canutillo home in a jealous rage, the El Paso County District Attorney Office said.

Prosecutors say Guzman, who is from Guatemala but a legal US resident, has lived in El Paso since he was three-years-old and recently learned he had a sister born in Guatemala, El Paso Times reported.

The next day, Guzman told detectives he woke up and felt like someone had been in his home and found out that his sister had sex with a friend while he was asleep, leading to a violent attack.

Guzman allegedly killed his sister by hitting her with on the forehead with a ‘massage instrument’ and a baseball bat, prosecutors said.

Guzman then called his mother, who contacted the authorities.

Guzman was attempting to mop up the blood when he heard police sirens and fled.

Deputies who arrived at the scene found the baseball bat, massager and clothing in a laundry basket as well as a backpack that had a Pringles can that contained packs of cocaine and methamphetamine, prosecutors said.

After he was booked on February 3, Guzman confessed to the murder in a three-hour video-recorded interview in English and Spanish with sheriff’s detectives, Briggs said.

In the interview, Guzman confessed to smoking marijuana and methamphetamines every day, prosecutors said.


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