I Guess The Southern Baptist “Biblical Womanhood” Site Is No More – Many Other Complementarian Blogs Now Inactive – and I’m Not Sad About It

I Guess The Southern Baptist “Biblical Womanhood” Site Is No More – Many Other Complementarian Blogs Now Inactive – and I’m Not Sad About It

I wrote about this Southern Baptist site a few years ago, here:

(Link): Southern Baptist’s New Sexist “Biblical Woman” Site – Attitudes in Total Face Palm of a Site One Reason Among Many This Unmarried and Childless Woman Is Saying Toodle-Oo to Christianity

Biblical Womanhood mast head screen shot
Biblical Womanhood mast head screen shot

That site was hosted here at one time:

(Link): Biblical Womanhood (Southern Baptist site – www.biblicalwoman.com)

However, as of February 2022, the site is not loading. I guess it was taken down?

I’ve done some web searching, but I cannot find another site about Biblical Womanhood like this one by SWBTS, or written by them.

Their site was an off shoot of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (their site: swbts.com).

Their site’s affiliated Twitter, account, @BiblicalWoman still exists, but they removed all Tweets – well, the Twitter account must’ve been newer than the site, because the Twitter page says they started their account in 2019, but their site goes back to at least around 2014.

Apparently, the last that site was active was May 15, 2021, if the (Link): Wayback Machine site: Biblical Womanhood Site Archived is any indication.

On another look, 2015 was the date on Wayback Machine’s last available date for them, but a few of their blog posts are time stamped 2019.

Edit. I think somewhere on the archived “Biblical Womanhood” site is a notice that says they will be shutting their Christianized Martha Stewart site down and moving content over to Facebook.

Let me see if I can find them on Facebook. Their archived site states that their Facebook group address is (Link): facebook.com/BiblicalWoman. I tried that link, but it goes to a blank page, except for this text:

This Page Isn’t Available
The link may be broken, or the page may have been removed. Check to see if the link you’re trying to open is correct.
— end —

So even their Facebook presence was deactivated at some stage.

But where ever, and how ever, will I get content to shame me for being single into my adulthood (the TGC or Desiring God sites maybe)?

Where else will I get content like, “55 Feminine, Biblical Casserole Recipes with Hamburger Meat as an Ingredient,” -?
or, “17 Feminine, Godly Handi-Crafts Using Popsicle Sticks Glued Together” -? Where?! 

Can I make it through life without gender stereotyped dating, cooking, and arts- and- crafts advice from complementarians?  What ever will I do?🤔🙄

From the Southern Baptist Biblical Womanhood’s (Link): archived “About” page:

Whether it’s parenting your teenage daughter, finding purpose in your singleness ….
— end excerpt —

Oh please. 99.9% of the time, 100% of complementarians are only interested in three, four areas areas in regards to women(*), and NONE of them have to do with single women, because complementarians, beyond giving their presumptuous “practice being a good homemaker NOW, while you’re living alone in your own apartment, to prepare yourself for the day, when you’re 25 and get married and have children!” articles (presumptuous because some women never end up marrying), they never have anything meaningful to say about adult female (or male, for that matter) singleness.

The areas most complementarians harp on 100% of the time include:

  • convincing women it’s not biblical for them to preach,
  • brainwashing them to think the complementarian form of codependency (“submission”) is good and godly,
  • and constantly harping on “marriage and motherhood.”

It looks to me as though the SBWTS “Biblical Womanhood” site has been taken down – I did find this, and I’m unsure if this is an off shoot or what of the original Biblical Womanhood site:

(Link): Biblical Womanhood – Southern Equip

Currently, that page is listing only these two vomit-tastic editorials:

    • Does the BF&M Allow for Female Associate Pastors?
    • A way-station to egalitarianism: A review essay of Aimee Byrd’s Recovering from Biblical Manhood & Womanhood, by Denny Burk (dated July 7, 2020)

Yeah, no, Denny Burk; I rejected “Biblical Womanhood” (complementarianism) by the time I got to around age 35, because I recognized the complementarian interpretation made the Bible contradict itself, it didn’t fit God’s character, and it left no place for never-married women.

I don’t know if I’d label myself an “egalitarian” or not, but I am not a complementarian; but I rejected complementarianism YEARS BEFORE Aimee Byrd ever wrote her book, I’ve never read her book, and so, her book (which I’m sure is wonderful, and I’d maybe like to read it one day) didn’t factor into my decision to leave complementarianism.

I recognized complementarianism for the dreck it is all by myself years before.

The following site lists the SWBTS “Biblical Womanhood” site and several other pollyanna, naive-looking pro-complementarian blogs and sites aimed at women:

(Link): Hive Resources Site: Girls Gone Wise:  A Modern Girl-on-the-Go Guide to Femininity – published in 2011, not updated in some time (link to the specific blog post is here)

The lady who hosts that site appears to be a kind person and is using her site/blog to sell some of her designed items (themed note books) on Etsy. This is not me slagging on her. I’m sure she’s a perfectly lovely person.

But regardless of how nice and chipper she is, I still loathe Complementarianism with every fiber of my being, and her blog/site is devoted to promoting sites that promote Complementarianism. So 🤢 *Barf*

On that “Hive” site (last updated 2018 – or 2011? – ah, the site was last updated in 2018, but the specific post on which this list is hosted is dated 2011) is listed the following complementarian sites/blogs, many of them appear not to have been updated for years:

“GirlTalk”, blog – whose last entry was 2017.

Unlocking Femininity blog – last entry = March 2014

Femina Girls blog –  last entry = April 2017

True Woman site – their blog – last entry = Feb 2022

CBMW site –  their blog – last entry – ??? (I see no blog publication dates; their last journal date appearing on the journal portion of their site is dated Spring 2021)

Girls Gone Wise – Nothing turns up; all I received was this error message: “Hosting Server Time Out – HTTP 502 — Unable to Connect to the Origin Server” (their site is hosted by GoDaddy)

Edit. I think I see what the owners of the “Femina” blog were shooting for, but their blog name, “Femina Girls,” looks weird, with the word “Femina” sounding like the name of a fungus or bacteria (or maybe a douche product in the feminine hygiene section of a dime store).

Of course, the name of my blog is plain Jane and nothing to write home about – but it doesn’t sound like a type of mold or bacterial infection.

The “Girl Talk” blog linked to above has a “Singleness” tag, but when I clicked on it (Girl Talk Singleness Tag Link), there were no blog posts about singleness. Eye roll. Of course not.
(Their “dealing with menopause” tag actually has some content, but there’s zero content for the “Singleness” section. See screen cap below.)

I skimmed over some of the blog post titles on some of those blogs, and some of their content, and quite a number of them openly disdain feminism – I think most often, such sites are referring to secular feminism.

One of the sites had a blog post reading some thing like, “…. and now, those silly feminists are telling women to refuse to do housework for a day…”

Look, I’m not a fan of all things secular feminist, but dunking on secular feminism doesn’t exactly make a positive case for “biblical womanhood” (complementarianism).

In spite of all its problems (and secular, progressive feminism does have its problems), complementarianism is also besieged by its own flaws, ones I want nothing to do with, either.

If inactivity and out-dated-ness of complementarian blogs and sites means anything, this may be one small sign that complementarianism is on the way out.

Farewell, obnoxious and sexist Southern Baptist Biblical Womanhood site! I am NOT sad to see you go, nor sad to see most of the other complementarian sites dormant! Adieu!

Image of a Grave Stone reading

Screen capture taken from the (Link): “Singleness” section of the complementarian site “Girl Talk.” It’s EMPTY, nothing but a sea of empty space
(edit: Their “Singleness” tag is itself blank, but under “Singleness” they have two sub-categories, one on “Purity” and the other one is about Relationship advice or what not – other than telling single women to prepare for marriage (which may never happen),
when complementarian sites do have content for singles, it’s either make-up tips (wear make up to attract a man!), admonishments to work as a free baby-sitter for your married friends, or, practice sexual purity – complementarians never have much of substance to say to singles, especially single women over the age of 30, aside from the “stay celibate” pep talks):


Your mind isn’t playing tricks on you: I had to edit this page several times after publication to fix messed up images, add more links, etc. etc.

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