Americans Increasingly Ditching Religious Marriage for Secular, Interfaith Relationships: Study

Americans Increasingly Ditching Religious Marriage for Secular, Interfaith Relationships: Study

Not only has there been a surge in editorials the last few weeks by conservative marriage-pushers beating young people over the head to marry and marry really young (I’ve not gotten around to addressing those articles and editorials)-

But I wouldn’t be surprised in the weeks to come if conservatives, both secular and Christian, don’t see this new study about interfaith marriages being on the rise, freak out, panic, and start publishing a lot of fear-mongering editorials or pod-casts guilt tripping or manipulating Christian singles into abiding by “equally yoked” and not even thinking about marrying a Non-Christian.

I have some more comments to make below these two links with excerpts:

(Link): Americans increasingly ditching religious marriages for secular, interfaith relationships: study


by L. Blair
Feb 18, 2022

Fifty years ago, religious marriage ceremonies were the norm. Most people got married to someone who shared their faith, and just a small fraction of husbands and wives were in relationships where no one practiced a religion.

That trend, according to the latest American National Family Life Survey, is now on the decline as the influence of religion in society has been progressively fading.

…“Only 30% of Americans who were married within the past decade report having their ceremony in a church, house of worship or other religious location and officiated by a religious leader,” the study said.

Interfaith marriage — a union between people who have different religious traditions — has also grown increasingly common and make up 14% of all marriages. Another 14% of Americans are in a religious-secular marriage where one person does not identify with a faith tradition while the other does

…While interfaith marriages are now more common, the study found that Americans in these unions usually had lower levels of religious commitment.
— end excerpts —

(Link): New Research on American Family Life Confirms that Interfaith Relationships Are Becoming More Common

By Kelsey Dallas

Lots of recent research has shown that the country’s relationship with marriage is changing. Americans are getting married later, having fewer kids and generally rethinking what a healthy relationship looks like.

Amid all these shifts, religion’s role in family life is also in flux. Single people are now less likely to prioritize finding a partner of the same faith and families are less likely to build their social lives around a religious community.

“Couples are eschewing religious wedding ceremonies that connect them to existing traditions and communities, preferring instead celebrations that reflect their own personal tastes and preferences. The primacy of individual preferences also manifests itself in family life,” explains the American National Family Life Survey, which was released last week.

Although that survey did not focus on religion, it contained a number of fascinating faith-related gems. Here are a few additional data points that jumped out at me:

People of faith are more supportive of marriage than religious “nones”
More than one-third of religiously unaffiliated adults (36%) believe marriage is an outmoded institution. By comparison, people of faith are much more supportive, researchers noted.

Additionally, Christian singles are more interested in getting marriage in the future than nonreligious singles. “Only half (50%) of religiously unaffiliated singles report being interested in getting married someday, compared to two-thirds (66%) of Christian singles,” the survey reported.

Interfaith marriages are becoming much more common
Over the past 50 years, the likelihood of marrying someone who shares your religious affiliation has dropped substantially.

Today, around 6 in 10 married Americans are in a same-faith marriage. That figure used to hover around 80%, researchers noted.
— end excerpts —

If you’ve been to this blog before, you know how I feel: “equally yoked” is an unnecessary obstacle in the path of any Christian single woman who’d like to marry, because there are more single women in American Christianity than there are single men – especially in churches.

The guys who claim to be Christian on dating profiles are profane, gross, weird, and sometimes vulgar – they are not date-worthy material, IMO.

If you’re a single Christian woman, and you’d like to marry, you really should consider throwing the “be equally yoked” rule in the trash can and consider choosing a partner on his character and how well he treats you –  not necessarily whatever religious faith he professes.

I believe that “equally yoked” played a role in why I personally never got married. I had wanted to be married, but I never did. I’m middle-aged now. There were never any single men my age at the churches I attended.  If I could do it over, I’d definitely consider dating and marrying a non-Christian man, provided we were compatible and the guy cared about me.

I think the “be equally yoked” interpretation of the Bible is unnecessarily keeping a lot of Christian single women single, and churches remain loathe to actually help marriage-minded singles to actually get married; they just like to shame singles who speak up and say, ‘I’d like to marry.’

The response to this “I’d like to marry, can the church help me,” plea by the single adult is the very unhelpful, over-spiritualized tripe married Christians love to tell singles, such as (this is just a partial list),

  • “Just trust in the Lord, and in HIS timing, he will send you Mr. Right!”
  • “Be content in your singleness, and that is when God will send you a spouse!”
  • “Work on the kind of person YOU’D like to marry, and that is when you’ll find someone”
  • “Join dating site e-Harmony or Christian Mingle; it worked for my cousin Wendy!”

Those platitudes and bits of advice don’t actually move a single adult closer to marriage.

For that, you’d need to (with your single friend’s approval) fix him or her up on dates with other singles you know.  It’s not rocket science, and yet, married Christians and churches won’t do it.

They apparently think God is just going to wave a Magic Wand and “plop” a single adult on to the front door step of the other single adult who wants to be married… when they met their spouse back in high school, or a friend set them up back when they were in their 20s.

But they expect their 30+ year old single friend to just sit around and kinda “hope” it comes to pass for them.

I’m telling you, single Christian adults (especially women), you are going to have to consider dumping the “equally yoked” rule and expend more effort on finding a spouse.

The church isn’t going to do it, and I don’t think if there is a God, that this God is interested in pairing most of you up.

The “equally yoked” interpretation of the Bible, and its application in spouse selection criteria, is playing a role in why so many single Christian women stay single far longer than they had expected. IMO, they should consider interfaith marriage, or marrying atheists.


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