Say Hello to Trans Jesus by Warren Davis

Say Hello to Trans Jesus by Michael Warren Davis

I grant that Jesus and God the Father sometimes referred to themselves using feminine imagery in the Old or New Testaments, but it does not stand to reason that this makes Jesus, God, or the Holy Spirit “queer” or “transgender.”

I also grant that yes, Jesus defied the sexual and marital expectations of his culture and day by remaining single and celibate – goodness knows that conservative Christians today need to keep that in mind, rather than shaming single adults for being single (or childless) and acting as though being single and childless are defective, second rate states as compared to being married with children.

And seriously, all the progressives and liberals out there who complain that conservative Christians distort things about God, Jesus, or Christianity – pot, meet kettle. You leftists are just as bad about this, if not worse, while all the time denying it and only casting stones at conservatives.

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Mixing politics and religion results, above all, in boredom

February 20, 2022

…It’s been said that the Christian right is more “right” than Christian. And there’s probably some truth to that. But, seriously, have you seen the Christian left?

Back in 2020, we had the saga of White Jesus. An ex-pastor named Shaun King urged Black Lives Matter activists to destroy images that made Jesus look European rather than Palestinian.

…Anyway, White Jesus is out.

But now, thanks to a Baptist minister named Simon Woodman, we have a replacement: Trans Jesus [link is to You Tube video].

Last month, a clip of Revd Woodman speaking on a “queer theology” panel made the rounds on Catholic Twitter. After saying that “God is queer,” he claims that Jesus “transgenders himself” in the Bible.

Revd Woodman points to passages where Jesus describes Himself as a mother hen who “gathers her brood under her wings” (Matthew 23:37). He also claims that Jesus took on a “woman’s role” when he washed the Disciples’ feet (John 13). Christ “becomes the woman at that point,” says Revd Woodman.

Then comes the knockout:

He’s unmarried, he’s childless, he defies gender and sexual norms of his day, he’s known for associating with those whose own sexual history or gender identity may be ambiguous. So I think in Jesus we have a revelation of God as encompassing far more than what historically and recently at least Christians have tended to construct God as being. And I think there’s a bit of an antidote to heteronormative idolatry in the story of Jesus.

First of all, kudos to Revd Woodman for calling Jesus “a revelation of God.” By the time most Christians get into queer theology, they’ve already dropped the Trinity. No doubt Revd Woodman is considered something of a dangerous reactionary in his own circles.

…Most of His followers, including Revd Woodman, believe that He was God incarnate. Yet even nontheists like Thomas Jefferson and Leo Tolstoy were enthralled by the life and teachings of Jesus. Billions have lived by it. Millions have died for it.

Now, imagine if all you could find in those pages was a parable for transvestic fetishism. What a boring little place your head must be.

…This is what’s so sad about the Christian left — and the Christian right, for that matter. Think of all that Christianity has meant to people down through the ages. ….

…There are folks on both sides of the aisle who seem to think all of that was just a prelude to the 2020 election. …

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