Southern Baptist Executive Committee Agrees to a Resolution with Jennifer Lyell

Southern Baptist Executive Committee Agrees to a Resolution with Jennifer Lyell By Bob Smietana (via Roys Report)

So long as SBC members continue to conflate being pro-sexual-abuse victim and anti-complementarianism with being “woke,” far left, and secular feminist, they will never eradicate, or make much of a dent into, their problems with sex abuse cover ups.

An individual can be in support of sexual abuse victims, reject complementarianism, and yet, also be opposed to progressive positions, politics, and secular feminism. (I for one, remain a conservative, though I rejected complementarianism years ago. I am not liberal, leftist, or “woke.”)

(Link): SBC leaders apologize for mishandling Jennifer Lyell’s sex abuse case

(Link): Southern Baptist Executive Committee Agrees to a Resolution with Jennifer Lyell by Bob Smietana (via Roys Report)

February 22, 2022

Southern Baptist leaders announced Tuesday that they had reached a resolution with a sexual abuse survivor whose story was mishandled when she came forward in 2019.

Jennifer Lyell, a former publishing executive for Lifeway Christian Resources, told Baptist Press in 2019 that she had experienced abuse for years at the hands of a former Southern Baptist seminary professor. She made her story public out of concerns her abuser was still in ministry outside the Southern Baptist Convention.

Instead, the abuse was characterized in a news story as a “morally inappropriate relationship.” As a result of the backlash from that news story — for which Baptist Press, the official SBC news service, later (Link): apologized —Lyell (Link): lost her reputation, her job and her health.

Pastor Rolland Slade, chairman of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee, announced the resolution and an apology to Lyell during an afternoon meeting….

… Lyell said in 2021 that she wished she had never gone public about her abuse. Instead of receiving support and compassion, she found herself trying to convince critics she was not responsible for the abuse she had experienced.

… The Executive Committee’s treatment of Lyell had long been a concern for abuse advocates.


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