Dutch Sociologist Promoted Pedophilia, Bestiality by Genevieve Gluck

Dutch Sociologist Promoted Pedophilia, Bestiality by Genevieve Gluck

It seems as though a lot of people – usually college professors – have been coming out of the woodwork lately to normalize sexual perversions and sexual sins such as pedophilia and bestiality.

When you little to no boundaries on sexual behavior, you end up with sicko garbage like what follows….

(Link): Dutch Sociologist Promoted Pedophilia, Bestiality


A widely-cited academic and former professor at the University of Amsterdam has written extensively in support of pedophilia, even once interviewing with a pro-pedophile rights organization during which he called children “sexy.”

Gert Hekma, a Dutch sociologist and former professor in the fields of gender studies and sexuality, has a long history of framing paraphilias such as pedophilia and bestiality as “sexual variations” rather than as forms of abuse.

Hekma has authored over 300 academic articles, largely in the fields of sexology and sociology. Among his publications are “Sexual Expression Best Guarantee Against Exploitation: Children and Sexuality,” “Queering de Sade,” and “Is Gay Sex OK for Boys?

In 2014, Hekma co-created a petition addressed to the Supreme Court of the Netherlands, pleading for the government to refrain from banning pro-pedophilia association (Link): Vereniging MARTIJN.

Founded in 1982 and dissolved by the Supreme Court in 2014, MARTIJN claimed to fight for “the social and societal acceptance of child-adult relationships”. The organization also created child sexual exploitation materials in the form of a subscription-based publication titled Ok Magazine that ran for three decades.

…In the same interview, which was also published in OK Magazine, Hekma agreed with the interviewer that sometimes children needed to be “forced” or “pressured” into sex.

Hekma explains his views advocating for social acceptance of abusive sexual practices in a chapter he authored in the Bloomsbury publication, A Cultural History of Sexuality in the Modern Age, titled “Sexual Variations”…

…Hekma goes on to observe how the political movement to normalize pedophilia found common cause among those with other paraphilias, but was ultimately halted from altering age of consent laws by feminist mobilizing.

…In 2001, Hekma co-founded the George Mosse Fund of the University of Amsterdam, an organization that specialized in organizing and hosting lectures on queer theory from 2002 – 2019.

One of the organization’s final lectures in 2019, “Queering the Sex Worker Movement”, called for the continued full decriminalization and normalization of sex trafficking.

The U.S. State Department has declared that the Netherlands is a known source, destination and transit country for children subjected to trafficking for sexual purposes.
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You can read the rest of that troubling page (Link): on Substack


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