‘I’m Allergic to Sex’: College Student Reveals ‘Rare,’ ‘Excruciating’ Condition

‘I’m Allergic to Sex’: College Student Reveals ‘Rare,’ ‘Excruciating’ Condition

This is yet another thing that Christian Gender Complementarians fail to grapple with: they are all the time maintaining flawed or false gender stereotypes, where they assume all men want sex all the time, women do not supposedly want sex, AND, they have this false, unbiblical, highly sexist “obligation sex” message, where they tell married women that their husbands are “owed” sex (which is the same attitude one can sometimes find in some segments of secular culture).

I do have a few other posts on my blog from years past of women who are unable to have sexual intercourse at any time, or long term, or very infrequently, due to having some kind of physical disease or physical deformity (I have linked to those previous posts under the “Related Posts” section at the bottom of this post).

And what would the average complementarian (usually male, but I can see the “sell outs to their own female sex” female complementarians also doing this) advise such women to do – have sex any way, in spite of crippling pain? Probably.

Gender Complementarianism is not only codependency for women, it’s also maintained by male narcissists.

If a guy is married to a woman with one of these types of medical conditions that renders sexual intercourse medically impossible, or next to impossible, Christians (and specifically gender complementarians) need to stress that chastity and self control is for married people too, NOT just for young, single adults, because the husbands in these marriages will have to practice some self-restraint and not expect to have sexual intercourse (or the other sex acts, depending on what the health issue is) with these women.

When I was growing up, Christians – in their sermons, magazine articles and books – used to falsely promise and claim to the young, single reader that if one just refrained from having sex, that God would eventually bless or reward that individual with a great Christian spouse, and that married sex would be frequent and AMAZING. Well, those promises don’t always come true. Christians need to stop making false promises.

But secular types, and some anti-Purity Culture progressive Christians, also need to stop pressuring people who don’t want to have casual sex (or any sex at all), and they need to stop depicting sex as always being consequence-free, both physically and emotionally.

(Link): ‘I’m Allergic to Sex’: College Student Reveals ‘Rare,’ ‘Excruciating’ Condition

Feb 16, 2022
by Ben Cost

It’s only pain, no pleasure.

A Colorado college student embodied the expression “love hurts” after revealing that she suffers from a rare semen allergy that causes her to experience “excruciating” pain whenever she engaged in sexual activity.

“Essentially, I’m allergic to sex,” Longmont’s Chloe Lowery, 18, told Kennedy News of her unfortunate affliction, which began when she first started sex-perimenting.

The English major and aspiring professor specifically suffers from human seminal plasma hypersensitivity, in which contact with the proteins in sperm causes her to experience extreme reactions, including redness and a “burning” sensation.

Oral sex is particularly hazardous if seminal fluids touch her face, the scholar can even suffer temporary paralysis.

Lowery explained that she first noticed something was awry during her “third or so sexual experience.”

“I hadn’t had contact with it [semen] before then and it got on my skin and I kind of turned red and I didn’t think much of it as I turn red sometimes,” described the college gal. “But then during another encounter, it was in my mouth and I looked like I had bell’s palsy in half my face for about three hours because I went into facial paralysis temporarily.”

She continued, “It was on the right side of my face, it was droopy and I just couldn’t express emotion at least with my mouth. It kind of felt like when you get a numbing shot at the dentist in your gums.”

Thankfully Lowery regained facial function, although she says she has since avoided oral sex to prevent another mishap.

The flummoxed literature buff initially suspected she had a sperm allergy, which sounded outlandish, until she did some online research and discovered that was, in fact, a real condition.

Lowery later reported to the doctor, who confirmed her diagnosis. She also reportedly tested negative for STDs, which further pointed to HSPH as the cause of her symptoms.

Surprisingly, this seemingly “counterproductive” condition is not exceedingly rare — affecting one in 40,000 people — but Lowery said her symptoms are likely more pronounced than in most patients.

“I have had a reaction vaginally and it’s the same kind of deal but instead of numbing, it’s more like a burning and I get really inflamed in that area,” lamented the pained lady, who analogized the feeling to “a million acupuncture needles.”

…Meanwhile, research has found that HSPH can even induce anaphylaxis, a potentially life-threatening condition also caused by bee stings, peanuts and other allergens.

Fortunately, the sperm-averse gal has been able to mitigate the symptoms by trying to urinate for “good sexual practice” and applying ice to the problem area if needed, Kennedy reported. Condoms also help prevent more serious reactions.

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