Trans Groups Co-Opting Historical Racism Faced by Black, and Other Non-White, Americans to Promote their Trans Agenda

Trans Groups Co-Opting Historical Racism Faced by Black, and Other Non-White, Americans to Promote their Trans Agenda

Updates Below, March 2022

This is gross. In the past few months in particular, I’ve seen trans persons or their supporters keep comparing push back against the out of control trans movement or trans persons wanting to stampede over the rights of other people (usually biological men masquerading as women who demand access to women’s only spaces) to their situation to that of American Blacks – or, in some cases, to  Japanese-American internment camps of decades ago.

(There are three separate links below in this post discussing this topic.)

This phenomenon by Trans persons or their supporters is making a mockery of actual racism faced by other people years ago.

In the past few years, I’ve seen far left liberals and progressives complain about and push “intersectional feminism” down the throats of everyone else (even by gay, biological men! – that’s another topic for another day), who scream and yell about how hideous “White Feminism” is, and they toss out terms such as “White Fragility” and “White Women’s Tears.”

Permit me to educate any readers out there:
White women, the ones who are not naively and mistakenly aligned with the Men’s Rights Movement known as “Trans Rights,” totally recognize and affirm that biological women who have dark or brown skin are 100% women.

If you’re a Black, Asian, Native American, or Latina lady, you’re being “erased” not by people who don’t agree with the neo-Marxist approach to racism (ie, “Critical Theory”), but by men with a sexual fetish called “Autogynephilia,” and part of their fetish involves demanding that everyone around them affirm them as being real women (even though they are biological males, and even if this met demand comes at the expense of the rights and safety of biological females of any and all skin colors and ethnicities).

To put this another way, if you’re a Black, Asian, Native, or Latina woman, you are being discriminated against and “erased” not by white people, conservatives,  white supremacy,  Republicans, Trump voters, or Critical Race Theory opponents, but by biological men of any and all skin colors who claim to be “transwomen,” at least the narcissistic, pushy ones who do not and will not empathize with the concerns of biological women.

Link One

(Link): It’s Simple: Black Women Are Women. Men Are Not.


by Jennifer Sieland

I am a Black woman.

Until one year ago, I didn’t realize just how hotly contested my identity was. For me, it was simply a material reality – experiences coded into my very existence, experiences  that inherently influenced how I both perceived and was perceived by others.

But, blissfully ignorant of the culture war taking place in which my identity would be used as leverage, I ran in circles which impressed  upon me that I had some unsaid duty to ally with a certain group of people – trans people. Trans-identified males specifically.

…Since becoming conscious of the immutable material reality of sex, and equally aware of the consequences of ignoring that reality, I’ve encountered a wild, frustrating assortment of justifications for blurring this all-important line and for dismissing the implications of making “woman” an umbrella term under which anyone can simply identify.

But none of those justifications are more egregious than those which attempt to assert that males can be women because Black women are women.

… Across social media, trans activists imply that “trans womanhood” is as valid as that of Black, brown, disabled, and even simply masculine or gender non-conforming women.

Often, these arguments are followed by some appeal to the historical oppression Black women faced in times of segregation. As though, because we were once segregated from white women, it is unthinkable that we should  still need sexed segregation from males. Of course, the argument never speaks to ‘males’ but rather to this magical sub-category under the umbrella definition of woman.

In this logic, Black women become a subcategory of White women, excluded only because they were seen as not real women, and – poof! – so-called trans women can become a subcategory of women, too! And they’re excluded only because they are seen as not real women.

… I take exception – not only for myself as a Back woman – but for any other woman now classed a subcategory of woman (i.e. “Black woman”, “disabled woman”, etc.) so that men may worm their way into a similar subcategory.

…Black, brown, and disabled women are not kinds or categories of women, lesser women, or subcategories of white women. As females, they are strictly women whether or not they ambulate, experience unique uterine/ovarian conditions or ailments, or boast more melanin than their white counterparts.

Link Two

(Link): Teammate reveals trans UPenn swimmer Lia Thomas claims she’s ‘the Jackie Robinson of trans sports’

University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas was accused of calling herself the transgender version of trailblazing baseball legend Jackie Robinson and creating a ‘toxic environment’ for the school’s women’s swim team, one of her teammates claim.

Speaking anonymously to the Washington Examiner, the teammate said Thomas, 22, was behaving entitled after she transitioned to a woman and left the men’s swim team, where she competed in for three years.

Thomas continues to draw controversy, which only grew after she shattered women’s swim records at UPenn.

‘She laughs about it and mocks the situation,’ the teammate told the Examiner.

‘Instead of caring or showing that she cares about what she’s doing or what she’s doing to her teammates, she’s not sympathetic or empathetic at all.

‘She compares herself to Jackie Robinson,’ the teammate added, referencing the fact that Robinson broke the race barrier to become the first black man to play Major League Baseball.

‘She said she is like the Jackie Robinson of trans sports.’

The teammate went on to claim that Thomas has never reached out to her new teammates and only alienates them.

‘All she does is make comments to people like, ‘At least I’m still No. 1 in the country,’ and those kinds of cocky things,’ the teammate said.

Link Three

(Link):  Trans Writer Compares Sports Bills to WW2 Internment Camps

On February 19, Forbes quietly published an article by a transgender writer comparing denying males the ability to participate on women’s sports teams to the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War Two.

Titled “Why Trans People Fear a Repeat of This Atrocity from 80 Years Ago,” the article purports to draw a direct comparison between the sporting bills currently rolling through various US states targeting play equity to the internment camps built for Japanese-Americans in 1942, incarcerating them on their own home soil because of their race.

Written by Dawn Ennis, a trans-identified male who has reportedly switched gender three times, the article tries to argue that the sports bills, as well as the high rates of mental illness amongst transgender youth, recall the horrors of the racist camps.

Ennis writes, “…the inability to use the bathroom that matches one’s authentic identity, the ban on competing as your true self and not being able to give everything you have to win … These are not that dissimilar to the oppression of 80 years ago when American citizens were rounded-up and moved far from home because of who they were.”

He also attempts to assert that the “hateful headlines” directed at UPenn swimmer Lia Thomas are also an example of trans oppression apparently akin to that of the Japanese-Americans during WW2.

Despite invoking the atrocity, Ennis does not seem to establish any relation between the experiences of Japanese-Americans in the 1940s to anything presently happening to transgender people in the United States today.

…In total, 120,000 Americans who were at least 1/16th Japanese were relocated form their homes into designated areas. Some were made to live in livestock barns and in places not fit for human habitation. In total, over 1,800 people died in the camps, largely as a result of tuberculosis, substandard sanitation, and starvation.

The US Government formally apologized to Japanese-American survivors of the camps for their trauma in 1988.

The details on these atrocities are lost as Ennis wraps the piece with a lengthy pitch inundating readers with statistics on trans youth and eating disorders, both of which he does not appear to be able to connect to the internment camps. He ends the article with the well-known George Santayana quote: “We are condemned to repeat history if we do not learn from it.”

Ennis, a biological male, first declared his transgender identity in 2013 while working as a producer at ABC. He divorced his wife of 17 years, began wearing “little black dresses” and wig to his office, and demanded co-workers refer to him by feminine pronouns. Months later in August, he would say that a “two day bout” of amnesia caused him to realise he was not transgender, and was comfortable being a male.

Update – More Links

(Link): Five Reasons Why Lia Thomas Is Not The New Jackie Robinson


by M. Brown
March 26, 2022

In an op-ed piece for NBC News, Cheryl Cooky, professor of American studies and women’s, gender and sexuality studies at Purdue University, likened Will (“Lia”) Thomas to Jackie Robinson.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, Prof. Cooky’s editorial is a slap in the face to female athletes and an insult to the legacy of Jackie Robinson, who courageously broke the color line in professional sports. Yet, according to Cooky, and with reference to Thomas’s blowout victory in a national swimming competition last week, “For anyone who cares about the advancement of sports, and women’s sports in particular, her win should be celebrated.”

To the contrary, and in the words of Haley Tanne, a female, college athlete (herself a runner), “My teammates and I are watching our records, our scholarships and our competitive opportunities slip away…wondering if anyone in authority is going to have the courage to step up and save women’s sports.”

This is a travesty, and it must be stopped.

As expressed by Abigail Shrier, “First, they steal opportunities from women.

“Then, they tell us we ‘should be celebrating’ this as a victory for women.

“A Masterclass in Gaslighting.”

Here, then, are 5 reasons why Lia Thomas is not the new Jackie Robinson.

3) There was no moral issue with Robinson’s presence in the locker room with other players. There is a moral issue with Thomas’s presence.

It is true that some bigoted baseball players would have resented the presence of a black man in their locker rooms. But that is nothing more than baseless hatred and prejudice.

In stark contrast, as reported in the New York Post, “A member of the University of Pennsylvania women’s swim team said some team members are uncomfortable changing in the locker room with transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, according to a teammate.

“Thomas, 22, who spent the previous three years swimming with the men’s team before she began transitioning to a woman, has created an uneasy environment in the locker room, as she still retains her biologically male genitalia — which are sometimes exposed — and is attracted to women, one teammate (Link): told the Daily Mail in an interview.”

How is this fair to these young women, let alone morally defensible? And how can this possibly be compared to the groundbreaking actions of Jackie Robinson?

5) Just as (Link): gay is not the new black (for one set of reasons), so also transgender is not the new black (for another set of reasons).

Jackie Robinson’s blackness was not a matter of self-perception alone, nor was it something he could change or choose. He needed no surgery to be black, nor did he need to ingest special drugs to make himself (or keep himself) black.

It is quite the opposite when it comes to a male claiming to be a female. As an outspoken transgender guest stated on my radio show, no amount of plastic surgery can turn a man into a woman (or vice versa).

Thomas lived his whole life as a male until recently. Thomas still has male genitalia. Thomas’s body developed for 20 years as a male. And he only has 2 claims has to being female. The first one is he thinks he’s a woman and the second is he is taking hormones to lessen his maleness. That’s it. Not only so, but at any moment of the day, he could choose to live as a male again.

How can this possibly be compared to the situation of a person of color? It cannot.

So let’s stop this moral insanity before it destroys more lives.

Let’s stop calling Thomas “she” and “her.”

Let’s help him get to the root of his gender confusion (if he’s willing).

Let’s stand up for women’s sports and for female athletes.

And let’s not demean the courage and legacy of Jackie Robinson.

March 22, and June 2022 Updates.

(Link – NBC News, off site): Lia Thomas’ NCAA championship performance gives women sports a crucial opportunity


By Cheryl Cooky, Purdue University professor of American studies and women’s, gender and sexuality studies

March 2022

Anyone who cares about the advancement of sports, and women’s sports in particular, should celebrate her [they mean “his”] win

…There remains though a cultural investment in celebrating sports’ “firsts,” whether that be [Jackie] Robinson as the first Black MLB player, the first openly gay active player in the NBA, the first nonbinary U.S. athlete to participate in the Winter Olympics or the first woman to score in a Power Five college football game. Many of the athletes who become the “first” encounter resistance, backlash and opposition, especially from those who have historically benefited from the status quo in sports.

Part of what makes the “first” stories so compelling is the resilience, determination and love for the sport exhibited by these athletes and their motivation to break down barriers, despite the naysayers. Thomas, as the first transgender athlete to win a Division I NCAA championship, deserves to be placed among the other firsts. She should be embraced in the history of progress that sports represent and recognized as the trailblazer that she is.


(Link): Coalition of Trans Organizations Calls For Straight White Americans to Pay Cash Reparations to Trans People

(Link): Northwestern University Celebrates Black History Month – With a ‘BDSM FUNdamentals’

(Link): Progressives Are Fine With POC (People of Color) Having POC-Only Spaces, but Not Fine With Natal Woman Having Natal Women Only Spaces. Double Standard!

(Link): What Makes A Woman? by Elinor Burkett

(Link): Men Keep Committing Heinous Crimes, Then Identifying As Women After Being Arrested. The Media Is Playing Along – by L. Duggan

(Link): Homosexual Couple Charged with Using Their Adopted Children to Make Child Porn

(Link): Lia Thomas Is ‘Happy’ To Force Everyone Else To Deal With Transgender Narcissism by Kylee Zempel

(Link): Many Liberals Support Cultural Appropriation When It Suits Them: The Liberal Support of Sexist ‘Woman Face’

(Link): BLM And Allies Raised $11 BILLION in 2020 And No One Knows Where The Money Went, But They’ve Given More To TRANS LGBT Groups Than BLM Chapters

(Link): Democrats Pushing Transgenderism In Schools Are Fully Responsible For Bathroom Sexual Assaults

(Link): Outcry Over Plan to Educate ‘Bigoted’ Rape Survivors (biological women) About Trans Rights

(Link): Trans Author’s Book ‘Kills Off’ JK Rowling: Backlash Over Harry Potter Writer’s Fictional Death in Fantasy Novel Fire 

(Link): It’s Time For Gays And Lesbians To Stand Up And Reject The Perverts Abusing Our Cause by Joshua Slocum

(Link):  Sexual Abusers Vote Democrat and Some Child Abuse Victims Grow Up To Vote Republican: Jeri Massi = Huge Hypocrite

(Link): How the Left Uses ‘Love’ to Silence Debate (Re: Transgender Propaganda)

(Link): Perverted Company Sells Infant Shaped Butt Plugs So Biological Males Who Like to Say They’re Women Can Pretend to Give Birth – Also: Men Faking Periods, Sucking on Helium to Inflate Their Stomachs

(Link): Sexual Assaults or Harassment Carried Out by CIS Men Taking Advantage of Trans-friendly Bathroom Policies – Collection of News Stories

(Link): BLM- and Trans- Supporting Oxfam Advises White Women Rape Victims That Reporting their Rapes Is Racist & A Form of White Privilege

(Link):  California Dishing Out Condoms To Female Inmates After Democrat Newsom Forces Them To Live With Men By Gabe Kaminsky

(Link): Trans Activists and Leftists Are Now Also Harassing “Cis” (Biological) Men Who Are Homosexual, in Addition to Harassing Biological Hetero or Lesbian Women

(Link):  These Chains That Have No Name: Interview with Trans Widows Voices – Pro- Trans- Groups Use DARVO and other Narcissistic Manipulative Tactics on Trans Widows

(Link):  Toddler Rapist Now Award-Winning Trans Rights Activist

(Link): Lesbian Biological Women Are Being Pressured into Having Sex With Biological Men Who Claim to be Transwomen – Trans Rights Movement is Toxic to Women; TRAs Perpetuate Rape Culture

(Link):  Mother of Gender Fluid Biological Male Who Used Trans Friendly Bathroom School Policies to Rape Biological Girl Blames Rape Victim for being Raped

(Link):  Student Sues Woke British University For Failing to Protect Her From Trans Activists Bullying Campaign

(Link):  Trans 26-Year-Old Sentenced to Just Two years in Juvie for Sexually Assaulting 10-Year-Old Girl Because of Progressive California DA – by P. Shiver

(Link):  Author J. K. Rowling Slams Police For Referring to, or Categorizing, Male Criminals as Women

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