Wife Calls Marriage ‘Insane,’ Hates Her Husband: ‘Snoring Heap of Meat’

Wife Calls Marriage ‘Insane,’ Hates Her Husband: ‘Snoring Heap of Meat’

It’s interesting to see how some people, secular and Christian, make marriage sound too easy, while others make it sound too difficult. I’ve seen both extreme depictions of marriage.

(Link): Wife Calls Marriage ‘Insane,’ Hates Her Husband: ‘Snoring Heap of Meat’

by Andrew Court

She probably should have said: “I don’t.”

A prominent US journalist has shocked fans by revealing she “hates” her husband — but insists she has no plans to divorce him.

Heather Havrilesky, 51, makes the bombshell confession in her new book “Foreverland: On the Divine Tedium of Marriage” (Ecco) — likening her spouse of 16 years to “a pointy Lego brick underfoot,” “a smelly heap of laundry” and a “snoring heap of meat.”

The writer — who has previously penned the “Ask Polly” advice column for New York magazine — tied the knot with her husband, Bill, back in 2006, after he sent her an email praising her work.

The couple now share two daughters, aged 15 and 12, but Havrilesky says their union is constant work, and she wanted to write a realistic memoir about the hardships of marriage.

“The reason I wrote the book in the first place is in our culture we love to tell stories about falling in love,” she told the Times. “There are a lot less stories and books and movies about actually making a relationship work over the long haul.”

“I just kept picking up books about marriage and then throwing them across the room,” she further declared. “They just felt so false.”

Havrilesky further told the publication that she hopes her book is a refreshing antidote to the “carefully curated glimpses of people’s lives, which you see so often on Instagram and Twitter, where everything is serene and lovely and calm and loving.”

However, the star journalist is prepared for the backlash.

In one chapter of her new book, Havrilesky writes that she harbored a crush on another man whilst she was married — a confession that is sure to make many readers uncomfortable.

But the writer insists she told her husband about her feelings as they were unfolding, and he didn’t mind her writing publicly about it.

…While her new book is a warts-and-all look at the “drudgery and monotony” of marriage, Havrilesky insists her intention is to show that it is an institution worth defending.


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