Jesse Kelly (Conservative Host) Really Seems to Take Issue that American Women Have the Right to Vote – He Repeatedly Brings It Up on Social Media

Jesse Kelly (Conservative Host) Really Seems to Take Issue that American Women Have the Right to Vote – He Repeatedly Brings It Up on Social Media

Jesse Kelly is a conservative talk show host. I don’t know that much about the guy.

I don’t think I follow him on Twitter, but some of the conservatives I follow on Twitter do follow Kelly, and they sometimes share his Tweets.

I sometimes agree with some of his Tweets, and sometimes, no.

Months ago, Kelly was complaining about how women vote. I wrote a post about that here:

(Link):  Blaming Women for Election Results You Don’t Like – Both the Left and Right Lambast Women For How They Vote

A few days ago, this Kelly guy once again implied he doesn’t believe American women should vote, because, as a bloc, they tend to vote Democrat.

I will embed and link to his tweets about this issue below.

Do you know who else resents American women having the right to vote? Democrats, progressives, and many liberals, that’s who – when Trump won in 2016, they went rabid with hatred, publishing many hate pieces taking pot shots at white women in particular, because many pundits were saying that all the votes by white women were what helped put Trump over the top.

I did a blog post about that here:

(Link):  The Creepy Crusade Against White Women By Liberals and Trump Haters

I’m a conservative woman. I’ve always been conservative, even back in my teen years.

I’ve never, ever been a Democrat.

Most of today’s Democrats are so far left they are indistinguishable from communists, so I’m by no means a Democrat supporter.

But this Kelly guy suggesting that because many women vote Democrat means no woman in the United States should be allowed to vote is disgusting, sexist garbage.

Kelly recently tweeted out some more comments along these lines, which I will link to and embed below.

So many conservative men, are unfortunately, pretty sexist – they are totally into “benevolent sexism,” where they think all women are dainty, irrational little flowers who need guidance and protection by men at all times. It’s extremely patronizing.

As a conservative woman, I do appreciate when conservative men do things like point out how ridiculous, dangerous, and unfair the leftist position of allowing and advocating for biological men who “identify” as women (I refer to “transwomen”) into women’s only spaces, such as bathrooms, is. That’s fine.

But a lot of conservative men – and some conservative women – do come off as very backwards in regards to their views about women. This is one of those times.

We’re in the year 2022, and we still have different groups (Democrats, some Republicans, liberals, conservatives) all implying or directly saying on social media that they don’t want any women, or certain women (such as white women) to have the right to vote. It’s disgusting.  This isn’t cute or funny.

Kelly tweet (that you see embedded below) link (Link): here.
(May 2022: At some point after I published this blog post, Kelly deleted his tweet in which he suggested women should not be permitted to vote, or he implied it’s unfortunate that women are legally allowed to vote, as many of them tend to vote Democrat, and he is not a Democrat, so he doesn’t like women voting Democrat.)

I’ve not examined Kelly’s Twitter – one wonders how many more tweets he has where he hints that he doesn’t think women should be allowed to vote in the United States?

Is Kelly also a supporter of Islamic-controlled nations, such as Afghanistan, Iran, and Saudi Arabi, where women have little control in politics or in anything else?

This is just unacceptable:
(edit, May 2022: Kelly has since deleted the tweet.
What I can do is offer a screen shot of what it looks like in “edit” view on my blog, though the image he attached will not show up – it was an info-graph showing that many American women tend to vote Democrat – at least in certain geographical areas of the U.S.):


Edit, May 2022:
The map Kelly included in his now-deleted Tweet looked something like this (Source: (Link): What If Only Men Voted? Only Women? Only Nonwhite Voters?)


[The tweet link above – he deleted that, which is why it no longer displays on the blog page; here’s a screen shot of it again, as it appears in my blog’s edit mode – here below is the text of the tweet]:

Apologies for missing out on the beginning of #WomensHistoryMonth here in America. Take a moment and appreciate them.
[He inserted, in his tweet, an infographic of the USA showing what it would look like if only women voted in the USA]
– Jesse Kelly (@JesseKellyDC) March 1, 2022


Link to one of his tweets here. (It’s the one embedded below).

He’s telling Republicans – (some of whom are WOMEN, in case he wasn’t aware) – to “run on this” issue.

I did a tweet quote (see below) where I asked him (but didn’t get a reply, but then, I wasn’t really expecting one), if he believes it’s okay for WOMEN VOTERS to vote for candidates who will vote in politicians who will work against far left agendas, or if he only wants male conservatives, male Republicans, to try to defeat the left.

Women comprise about half, or maybe a little over half, the American population currently, if I recall correctly, so it seems pretty foolish for guys like him (or the Christian gender complementarians) to insist it’s not smart, wise, or proper for women to participate in politics or church. Not all of those women are going to vote or support the far left.

Historically, Black people as a group, and Hispanic / Latino people have tended to vote Democrat (though that may be changing).

(Link): Latinas are pushing a political revolution in south Texas — to the right

(Link): As Hispanics Switch Their Voting Preference to the GOP, White Nationalist Hispanics Become a Threat to Democracy

(Link): The ‘Party of Old White Men’ Is Becoming a Thing of the Past

by Jeff Charles
March 24, 2022

….It appears that at least some leaders within the GOP have finally woken up and realized that if the party does not widen its tent, it won’t take long for it to become irrelevant.

Similar to 2020, the party is set to have yet another “Year of Republican Women” in which it elects a record number of female candidates to Congress. This is one of several promising signs that the GOP is moving in a more diverse direction.

Fox News reported:

Thirty-two Republican women won election to Congress in 2020, surpassing the record of 30 Republican women set in 2006. Maggie’s List, a political action committee dedicated to increasing the number of conservative women elected to federal public office, has endorsed more than 50 female GOP candidates so far.

“Eleven of the 15 seats that Republicans flipped from blue to red in 2020 were taken by women,” Tina Ramirez, Virginia chair of Maggie’s List and a candidate for state senate, told Fox News Digital.

…Hispanic women, in particular, have been coming to the forefront with many poised to win key seats in states like Texas and New Mexico.

…The GOP has seen some promising signs among minority voters as well.
— end excerpts —

How distasteful it would be for this Kelly person, or for anyone, to put up tweets with infographics suggesting that Black people or Latinos should not be allowed to vote, because they tend to vote Democrat.

I may not like the Democratic Party, but I’m not going to sit around suggesting that entire groups of people, whether Black, Women, or Latino, should not be allowed to vote because as a bloc, they tend to vote this or that way.

Back in the early days of the United States, only white men could vote – and I think initially, it was only the land owners? I do not want to go back to those days, no thanks.

If you disagree with my view on that, you’re taking the flip side of leftists, who support identity politics.

The leftists don’t want white men (or white women, I suppose) having any say-so in the nation, while the conservatives, such as Kelly, seemingly on the opposite side, want ONLY white men to have any say-so. Both sides are incorrect on this.

(edit, May 22, 2022: Kelly has since deleted the following tweet from his account for whatever reason. I will produce a screen shot of it below as it appears in my blog’s “edit mode”)


The now deleted tweet reads (screen cap of tweet as it appears in my blog’s edit mode above):

[Tweet by Jesse Kelly @JesseKelllyDC – March 9, 2022]

The official White House position is they think your kindergartener should hear about sex from his teachers.

Republicans, run on this.
[Image in tweet – which I cannot recover]

I hope this Kelly guy stops tweeting out his disdain for women having the right to vote – it’s appalling – more importantly, I hope he changes his views about this.

We’re the United States, not a third world, Islamic crap-hole where they (the Muslims) won’t allow women to have rights, to vote, to drive cars, and where they stone women to death for being raped by men.

I do want to say again that I have seen other comments by this Kelly person on his Twitter account that I agree with here and there, but on this topic? No, I don’t agree at all.

March 23, 2022 edit.

Just saw this, and I tweeted it in reply to this Jesse Kelly person… conservative / Republican women get patronized and vilified by progressives, liberals, and Democrats constantly; this is par the course.

Anyone, left or right, who shames women for how they vote (regardless of how they vote) is being  condescending, and repulsive, and I’d say, sexist, too.

(Link):  Women fire back after John Pavlovitz says he ‘can’t fathom the mind of a woman who still votes Republican’ and ‘can only feel sorry for whatever story they tell themselves’


by Alex Nitzberg

John Pavlovitz, a popular Unitarian pastor, has accused Republican women of misogyny and said that he cannot understand women who vote for Republicans.

“Of all the misogynists in the Republican Party, the Republican women are the most infuriating,” tweeted Pavlovitz, the author of “If God is Love, Don’t Be a Jerk,” and other works.

“I can’t fathom the mind of a woman who still votes Republican. I can only feel sorry for whatever story they tell themselves,” he wrote in another tweet.

When conservative women fired back, Pavlovitz dug in, refusing to back down from his position.

“This is exactly what I expect from leftists: misogyny. It’s gross & kinda hilarious since leftists can’t DEFINE woman. Leftists destroy unborn women in the womb. Teach little girls they can be boys. Leftists are erasing women, the ultimate form of sexism, patriarchy, & misogyny,” Liz Wheeler tweeted.

May 22, 2022 edit

(Link): Analysis: Republicans Shrink Gender Gap, Gain Among Female Voters


by Eric Mack
May 22, 2022

Republicans are gaining with female voters as the political gender gap is shrinking, with polls showing the GOP will do better with women than the last midterm election of 2018.

According to CNN analysis of six recent national polls, there is a gender gap of 20 points between men and women in their party of choice: Men favor Republicans by an average of 13 points, while women favor Democrats by an average of 7 points.

That gender gap was 29 points in 2018 and 34 points in 2019, according to CNN.

… Also, women are souring on President Joe Biden, according to the analysis.

Biden’s approval among women in the latest Gallup Poll has dropped from 62% at the start of his presidency to 46% now. That 16-point drop is greater than the 11-point drop among men approving of Biden’s presidency.

June 2022 Edit.

Yes, it’s true that the left often have conniption fits when they realize that some women are conservative and vote Republican, but…

I find the following via conservative site NewsBusters rather ironic, considering that some Republican / conservative men, as well as some Christian patriarchalists and Christian gender complementarians have expressed displeasure that any American woman has the right to vote:

(Link): MSNBC Miffed at Those Darn White Women Who Dare to Vote Republican!

June 2022 – Related:

(Link): MSNBC Race Hustler Joy Reid Insults GOP Woman of Color Who Made Historic Win

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(Link): Liberal and Democrat Incivility, Harassment, Or Violence Against Conservatives or Republicans, 2006 – 2018 (examples, with links to news sites)


— — —

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