Georgia Man Gets Life for Molesting, Raping Three Generations of Same Family

Georgia Man Gets Life for Molesting, Raping Three Generations of Same Family

While I am not anti-Nuclear Family, nor am I anti-parenthood, or anti-marriage, I don’t buy into the rhetoric by other conservatives that the Nuclear Family or marriage or parenthood will or can save a culture or that any one of those things is necessary to make a person ethical, responsible, compassionate or godly.

I’m a middle aged adult who never married and who never had children, but – I also have never raped any one, nor do I have the intent on doing so. A person doesn’t have to be married or be a parent to live a moral life and not rape people.

Did this guy discussed below being a grandfather make him godly, loving, or compassionate? No.

Did being a grandfather stop him from molesting or raping his own family members for years and years? No.

If you’re a Christian who cares about American culture or people, you probably should be encouraging individuals to pattern themselves after Jesus of Nazareth, and be less fixated on a person’s marital status
(or on gender roles;  the Christian gender complementarians are un-biblically fixated upon biological sex and how men and women “ought” to live life; I will grant that the left is just as bad on this matter, in that some of them do things like deny the reality of sex to assert untrue, absurd notions, such as “women have penises!” or “men menstruate”).

(Link): Grandfather Sexually Assaulted 3 Generations in Family, Learns Fate as Judge Hands Down Life Sentence

(Link):  Cobb man, 66, gets life in prison after molesting 3 generations of same family

A 66-year-old Mableton man was sentenced to life in prison for molesting three generations of the same family, the Cobb County district attorney said Tuesday.

Bennie Frank Johnson was convicted of rape, aggravated child molestation and two counts of child molestation late last month, DA Flynn Broady said. On Monday, Johnson was sentenced to two life terms, plus five years.

…In May 2018, Johnson was arrested after being accused of multiple sexual assaults on an 8-year-old, according to investigators. The victim’s mother told investigators she had also been abused by Johnson when she was a child.

During the trial, another witness testified she had also been raped by Johnson as a child, Broady said.

(Link): Georgia Man Gets Life for Molesting, Raping Three Generations of Same Family

March 9, 2022
By Joshua Rhett Miller

A Georgia grandfather will spend life in prison for raping and molesting three generations of the same family, prosecutors said.

Bennie Frank Johnson, 66, was sentenced Monday to two life terms plus five years after he was found guilty of rape, aggravated child molestation and child molestation in late February, Cobb County District Attorney Flynn Broady said.

Johnson, of Mableton, was arrested in May 2018 after being accused of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old girl starting in 2017. The victim’s mother later told investigators she also had been abused by Johnson when she was a child, Broady said.

Another witness then testified at Johnson’s trial that he raped her as a child when he was married to her mother. Johnson was later convicted of all counts he faced.

“This is the beginning of breaking generational curses for my family,” the victim’s mother said in her impact statement read during Johnson’s sentencing.

With Monday’s sentence, Johnson will “never be able to abuse another child again,” Assistant District Attorney Alex Clark said in a statement.


(Link):  A Grandfather and Married Men Among 600+ Adult Men Arrested for Pedophilia in UK Major Child Porn Crackdown – parenthood is not a guarantee a person will be more ethical

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