Michigan Candidate Robert Regan Says He Tells Daughters to ‘Lie Back and Enjoy’ if Rape is Inevitable by J. O’Neill

Michigan Candidate Robert Regan Says He Tells Daughters to ‘Lie Back and Enjoy’ if Rape is Inevitable

While I am NOT a woke, anti-American SJW progressive, and I believe that American women are a lot more fortunate than women in many other nations around the world, we do still see vestiges of sexism and misogyny by Americans in the United States, and it can and does hurt girls and women. This (news story linked to below) is another example of that.

Also, as a conservative who is a former Republican, I have to say, if Republicans are serious about NOT “waging a war on women,” as they are frequently accused of by the Democrats, they need to call out sexist douche bags like this guy – which this article says they did, which is good.

Al Mohler and guys like him – guys who are obsessed with promoting The Nuclear Family (and marriage and parenthood) – often argue that marriage or parenthood is necessary to make a person loving, mature, ethical and responsible, which is CLEARLY not the case in light of all the news stories of men who murder their own children, molest children, or abuse their wives, but in this case, we have a father saying his own daughters should “enjoy” rape if they are ever in that situation. How perverse. It makes me wonder if he’s sexually abusing his own daughters to hold such an insensitive, repulsive view.

I feel so sorry for his daughters.

I’m a conservative woman, and I’m sad and frustrated to see too many conservative men who do not take sexism or sexual assault of girls and women seriously.  (Not that liberals, progressives or Democrats are any better; please see links below under “Related Posts” for examples.)

(Link): Michigan GOP House candidate defends ‘rape’ comment: ‘A distraction’

(Link):  Michigan House candidate Robert “RJ” Regan denounced for comments about rape

Top Michigan Republicans on Tuesday denounced a state House candidate over his remarks about rape, the latest in a number of controversial comments from the man who narrowly won a special GOP primary a week ago. Robert “RJ” Regan made the statements Sunday in a livestream hosted by a conservative group that was posted on Rumble.

He advocated for decertifying the 2020 presidential election, telling another participant who said it is too late to do anything that her attitude is like what he tells his three daughters: “Well if rape is inevitable, you should just lie back and enjoy it.”

…State Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser said in a statement that Regan’s “history of foolish, egregious and offensive comments, including his most recent one, are simply beyond the pale. We are better than this as a party and I absolutely expect better than this of our candidates.” Weiser had congratulated Regan last week.

Similar condemnations were made by the Kent County GOP chairman, House Speaker Jason Wentworth and Sen. Mark Huizenga, whose elevation to the chamber last fall opened up the Republican-heavy seat that Regan is favored to fill in a May election. Democrats and the conservative Michigan Freedom Fund had begun rebuking Regan a day before.

“As a Christian, a public servant and a father of two daughters, I find Robert Regan’s comments about sexual assault to be revolting and immoral, and I strongly denounce them,” Huizenga said in a statement. “His statements about Russia’s unprovoked attack of a sovereign country are contrary to our own nation’s values, and his antisemitic posts claiming Jewish people control the banks and were behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks are shameful and disgusting.”

Democratic Rep. Laurie Pohutsky also condemned Regan’s comments about rape.

“Having been in a situation where rape was inevitable, I can promise this man that there is nothing enjoyable about it,” Pohutsky posted on Twitter. “This man is disgusting and I’m hoping HD 74 doesn’t send him to Lansing. I don’t normally say this about people I could end up working with, but he’s horrid.”

(Link):  Michigan Candidate Says He Tells Daughters to ‘Lie Back and Enjoy’ if Rape if Inevitable

by Jessie O’Neill

A Michigan Republican said he tells his daughters to “lie back and enjoy it” if rape is inevitable in remarks that drew harsh backlash from party leaders Tuesday.

Robert “RJ” Regan, who is running for a state House seat, made the comments on a Sunday Facebook livestream hosted by a conservative group.

Regan used the crude analogy while telling another participant that it was not too late to decertify the 2020 presidential election, saying he facetiously tells his daughters: “Well, if rape is inevitable, you should just lie back and enjoy it.”

The Kent County candidate — who won a four-way special election to snag the Republican nomination for the seat last week — also recently said Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was a “fake war just like the fake pandemic.”

His comments came a year after he shared a series of anti-Semitic social media posts, according to the Times of Israel.

State Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser, who congratulated Regan last week, said his “history of foolish, egregious and offensive comments, including his most recent one, are simply beyond the pale.

“We are better than this as a party and I absolutely expect better than this of our candidates.”

…Two years before making the rape comment, one of the politician’s daughters took the unusual step of urging community members not to vote for him.

“if you’re in Michigan and 18+ pls for the love of god do not vote for my dad for state rep. tell everyone,” Stephanie Regan tweeted in 2020.

…Regan conceded that his rape analogy was less than “smooth” in an interview with Bridge Michigan Monday.

“Sometimes, my words aren’t as smooth and polished as the politicians are because I’m not a politician. I’m working on it,” Regan reportedly said.


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