Inside Disgraced, Disheveled Ex-Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz’s Downgraded House

Inside Disgraced, Disheveled Ex-Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz’s Downgraded House

(Link): Inside Disgraced, Disheveled Ex-Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz’s Downgraded House

March 9, 2022
By Hannah Frishberg

Ex-Hillsong megachurch pastor Carl Lentz is looking worse for the wear — as is his home.

Photos emerged this week of both Justin Bieber’s former spiritual advisor and his new house, both appearing to have fallen quite far from grace since the father of three was fired from the church for infidelity in late 2020.

The photos also come just weeks before Discovery Plus is set to release “Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed,” a three-part docuseries on the controversial congregation.

The formerly chiseled Christian leader was pictured with long, unkempt curly hair and without his trademark glasses while at an airport ahead of check-in for a Friday morning flight, according to photos first published by The Sun.

His wife of nearly two decades, Laura Lentz, also 43, was pictured dropping off Lentz at the airport and taking her son to school.

The celebrity-beloved religious couple’s new $700,00 three-bedroom home south of Tampa, Fla., they bought in July 2021, is also visible. While the open plan property features a wood-burning fireplace, patio, veranda, heated pool, fire pit and main bedroom complete with walk-in closets, ensuite bath with dual sink, glass-enclosed shower and tub, it is still quite a downgrade from the pastors’ previous addresses.

Unlike her husband, she appeared much as she did before the scandal turned the pair’s live’s upside down.

Mere days before news of Lentz’s affair broke he managed to sell off his family’s $1.5 million Montclair, New Jersey four-bedroom. The stand-alone house featured four bathrooms, a fireplace and a two-car garage. And even after his infidelity rocked his — and Hillsong’s — worlds, he managed to continue living in the lap of luxury thanks to Tyler Perry: The actor put almost $100,000 toward the Lentz family’s rent in a decadent Los Angeles mansion, Page Six reported.

On her Instagram, Laura has posted numerous photos and videos of herself doing work on the home, and is now branding herself as an interior designer.

Prior to Carl’s adultery ending the pair’s careers as top-ranking pastors at Hillsong, they enjoyed a star-studded life as New York’s religious elite and the Christian guides to A-listers.

Then, in Nov. 2020, Lentz’s lover Ranin Karim came forward with her story of their affair. As a result, both Carl and Laura were fired from the church, but the turmoil didn’t stop there.

Congregants began coming out of the woodwork to report varying accusations against the Australia-based prosperity gospel group, claiming it was rife with “inapprorpriate” sex, “operated like a nightclub” bestowing VIP treatment to the rich and famous, misused tithe money, demanded “slave labor” and was more “cult” than church.


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