World’s Largest Christian Broadcaster TBN Pivots to News

World’s Largest Christian Broadcaster TBN Pivots to News

There’s already been a news outlet with a Christian outlook for years, CBN. I believe it was started by Pat Robertson.

After this news hit Twitter, I saw liberals and progressives screech that this new TBN news show will be a “right wing propaganda” type outlet, a complaint I find really rich, considering social media regularly censors any stated opinion that runs counter to left-wing talking points, and most other outlets – New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN and MSNBC all tilt heavily left and regularly silence conservatives, please.

(Link): TBN Launches New Show with Former Fox News Reporter Doug McKelway

(Link): World’s Largest Christian Broadcaster TBN Pivots to News

by Sara Fischer, author of Axios Media Trends

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), which calls itself the world’s largest Christian television broadcaster, is launching a news show called “Centerpoint” with Fox News alums.

Why it matters: TBN is looking to build a “Christian lifestyle brand” rather than just “preaching and teaching,” TBN VP of Marketing Nate Daniels told Axios.

Details: “Centerpoint” will air at 7:30 p.m. ET on weekdays and will be replayed at 10:30 p.m. ET so that West Coast audiences get it at 7:30 p.m. their time. In the fall, TBN plans to add another half hour to the show.

It will be anchored by former Fox News Washington correspondent Doug McKelway and produced by Michael Clemente, former Newsmax CEO and Fox News EVP of News.

The show “will cover news of the day and other top stories,” said Clemente, who joined the network full-time this year.

The programming isn’t meant to be politically biased, but will lean into Christian values. The show plans to feature newsmakers as guests with the possibility of recurring panelists down the line, McKelway said.
Clemente plans to hire more reporters in the future, but will also leverage existing partnerships with TBN’s overseas bureaus. Clemente hopes to launch more news programs.

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