Donald Trump Critical Christianity Today Magazine Editor, Mark Galli, Accused of Sexual Harassment by Multiple Women, CT Magazine Allegedly Did Nothing About It

Donald Trump Critical Christianity Today Magazine Editor, Mark Galli, Accused of Sexual Harassment by Multiple Women, CT Magazine Allegedly Did Nothing About It 

Ah, yes. I’ve mentioned here and there on this blog that many progressives and liberals love to spend a lot of time criticizing evangelicals, Republicans, and Trump voters for not agreeing with or supporting left wing causes, they all hate Trump, so they demonize anyone (especially evangelicals) who voted for Trump, and they like to point at any Christian or conservative who’s been accused of sexual assault.

Here we have a case of an editor of a Christian publication who apparently not only heavily criticized Trump, Trump’s supporters, and criticized feminism (not that I agree with feminism on any and every point myself), but he was allegedly sexually harassing several women co-workers at Christianity Today magazine. Hypocritical!

It is so hypocritical how people on the left sexually harass people while claiming ALL evangelicals or ALL Republicans or ALL conservatives are sexual harassers or sexist (some are, yes, but not all).

The left – progressives, liberals, Democrats – has its OWN failures and problems, including with sexism.

While people on the right side of the political spectrum (of which I am one!) have their problem with drooling, knuckle-dragging sexists and the occasional pervert, SO TOO do the Trump-hating, evangelical-hating liberals, progressives, and Democrats.

Even the VERY SAME conservative- haters and Trump- haters who write impassioned editorials for Christian magazines criticizing behaviors of Trump, Trump voters, and conservatives, are themselves guilty of engaging in sexual assault, and/or some of the very same problems they criticize in others.

It’s more frustrating coming from progressives, Democrats, and liberals, though, since they are always mewling about how “anti sexism” they are. No, they’re not.

The very same guys – the conservative haters or Trump haters – writing these editorials are supposedly sexually harassing multiple women!

So spare me, you “Exvangelicals,” progressives, and conservative haters and Trump haters for your hypocritical sanctimony and outrage against anyone who disagrees with YOUR political stances.

This goes to say – yet again! – that while not every non-Christian man on the planet may be a prize, there’s nothing intrinsic in Christianity that makes a man (or not every man!) a ‘better catch’ for a single Christian woman.

You single Christian ladies that are still hanging on to the “equally yoked” rule in regards to dating and marriage are, in my estimation, wasting your time.

You have a supposed Christian man (working as an editor) at a Christian magazine who was allegedly sexually harassing numerous Christian woman, for pete’s sake!

This guy’s supposed faith in Christ means nothing – his profession of faith in Christ did not make him a better person – but some of you single Christian women who believe in the “equally yoked” rule may have been likely to date this sexist clown if he was single, dating, and matched with you on a dating app – while not realizing that he’s a pervert. Please think that over.

(Link): Two top ex-execs at Christianity Today sexually harassed staffers, magazine says


Former advertising director and editor who authored anti-Trump editorial named

March 15, 2022
by Mark A. Kellner – The Washington Times – Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Two top executives of evangelical magazine Christianity Today committed “unchecked” sexual harassment of colleagues over the course of a dozen years, the publication said Tuesday.

Mark Galli, who was editor-in-chief of the magazine for seven years before his retirement in January 2020, was accused of multiple incidents of ”demeaning, inappropriate and offensive behavior,” in an online article by CT News Editor Daniel Silliman posted Tuesday.

In December 2019, Mr. Galli — a veteran of several editorial positions in his three decades at the Christian publisher — penned a widely noticed editorial condemning then-President Trump as unworthy of office.

…The editor cited a “stacked deck of gross immorality and ethical incompetence” on the part of Mr. Trump that would “crash down on the reputation of evangelical religion and on the world’s understanding of the gospel.”

…Olatokunbo Olawoye, former advertising director at the publication, was accused of imposing himself on female employees.

The CT article alleged Olawoye — who in 2017 pleaded guilty to traveling to meet a minor for sex and served three years in prison — “did not respect personal boundaries” when it came to female employees at the firm.

Olawoye, the article alleged, “frequently invited himself into women’s offices, shut the door, and engaged them in long, personal conversations.” Another manager at the Carol Stream, Illinois, publisher reported Olawoye’s “inordinate” engagement with a female college student interning at the firm, alleging the advertising director asked the young woman “inappropriate questions,” including whether she would want to have dinner at his house.

The alleged incidents of harassment by Olawoye ended with his arrest in the sex-with-minors sting in 2017. At the time, Mr. Galli reportedly told editorial employees to “suspend” judgment about Olawoye until a conviction was recorded.

Eight women alleged that Mr. Galli “touched them inappropriately,” but the magazine reported no action was taken until three successive reports of inappropriate touching by Mr. Galli during three days in August 2019.

 (Link): Former Christianity Today editor Mark Galli accused of sexual harassment


Two new reports say the famed evangelical magazine failed to hold senior leaders accountable for sexual harassment and made women employees feel unappreciated and unsafe.

March 15, 2022
By Bob Smietana

(RNS) — The former editor of a prominent evangelical magazine who made national headlines for criticizing Donald Trump’s failed character has been accused of sexual harassment during his tenure as editor.

A (Link): new report from Christianity Today magazine, published Tuesday (March 15), claims the Carol Stream, Illinois-based ministry failed to hold former editor-in-chief Mark Galli and former CT advertising director Olatokunbo Olawoye accountable for sexual harassment for more than a decade.

That harassment included “demeaning, inappropriate, and offensive behavior,” according to the report from CT’s news editor Daniel Silliman, which was edited by senior news editor Kate Shellnutt and published without review from the ministry’s executive leadership.

Silliman reported finding a dozen firsthand accounts of harassment.

“Women at CT were touched at work in ways that made them uncomfortable,” according to the CT news story. “They heard men with authority over their careers make comments about the sexual desirability of their bodies. And in at least two cases, they heard department heads hint at openness to an affair.”

… However, the article said, 2019 was not the first time Galli had been reported to HR for inappropriate behavior toward female colleagues — it was just the first time a record was kept. According to the report, more than half a dozen employees reported harassment from Galli or Olawoye between the mid-2000s and 2019. But none of those reports resulted in a formal write-up, warning or reprimand.

Reporting a case of harassment could also lead to backlash, according to the Christianity Today report.

Dan Darling, an evangelical author and director of the Land Center for Cultural Engagement at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, said the magazine’s account showed how badly Christian institutions have handled issues of sexual harassment.

…In a phone interview with Religion News Service, Galli said he was deeply troubled by the allegations in the story, which he denied. Several of the incidents in the story were taken out of context, he said, or were simply false.

…In 2019, not long before he retired, Galli called for then-President Trump to be removed from office, saying Trump’s character flaws made him unfit for his office. The editorial caused a national uproar among evangelical Christians. Galli then left CT — which was founded by the famed evangelist Billy Graham — in early 2020 and has since converted to Catholicism.

…That report [by Guidepost Solutions], made public Tuesday, found allegations of harassment against two employees at Christianity Today, neither of whom were named in the report. The report also found that CT’s culture and work environment can feel “inhospitable to women at times.”

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