30 Horrible Dates Whose Entitlement Is Through The Roof 

30 Horrible Dates Whose Entitlement Is Through The Roof 

I am not about to copy all 30 items, so please use the link provided to visit their page if you’d like to see all 30.

As to one of the examples on the page, where the European guy tells his lady date she might be attractive if she only lost some weight – one of my friends went through this.

This friend of mine was trying dating sites in the late 1990s or early 2000s, and one of the guys she met at a dinner date, via this dating site she was using, actually told her if she wanted to date him, she’d have to lose weight.

This seems to be a somewhat common attitude by men who meet women on dates – tell them if they’d only change “X” about themselves (usually, it’s lose weight), they’d be attractive and worthy of a relationship.

This is a huge red flag. Most women who hear this will not date such a guy further.

I myself am a visually oriented woman who am not attracted to fatties, so my preference is to date in-shape guys

Therefore, I don’t have a problem per se with people who aren’t comfortable dating chubbies or fatsos, but if that’s you, you shouldn’t accept a date with an overweight person on a site only to spring this preference on them when you meet them in-person on a date, and tell them, “You know, I’d totally enter into a relationship with you if ONLY you’d lose weight,” for god’s sake!

If you can tell from the person’s dating app photo that they’re overweight in their dating site / app photos, then don’t approach them on the site for a date in real life, moron!

(Link): 30 Horrible Dates Whose Entitlement Is Through The Roof 

by Ieva Gailiūtė and Austėja Akavickaitė

Dating is complicated. After all, being selective has never been easier with the myriad of dating apps and websites that let you filter people based on their descriptions.

But let’s say you decide to go for it.

You message back and forth, awkwardly wait to be asked out, think of different conversation starters… only to discover that the person you’re interested in is way too picky to begin with.

So today, we’re diving into the not-so-pleasant incidents where people ran into dates who were ridiculously entitled. From insisting you own waterfront property to demanding a free Korean BBQ dinner, some people have unrealistically high standards.

We have combed through the internet and collected some of the best stories of people who think they inherently deserve more than anyone else…

#2 Guy Went On One Date With A Girl, Waited 3 Months Of No Contact Before Deciding To Pick Out Every Insecurity She Probably Has About Herself. Claims She Hurt His Ego, Then Proceeds To (Kind Of) Ask For A Second Date

Hello [name redacted]. I know we went on a date quite a while ago now but I’d like to explain why I haven’t messaged you.

I feel like you could have made the date much better, here’s a few reasons why. I apologize if I offend you

    • If you lost some weight you would look incredible. Maybe about a stone or so
    • You are very pale. I know you aren’t a fan of the sun but a bit of a fake tan won’t hurt
    • You have quite big boobs so you should show off cleavage more
    • I think you need to wear clothes that suit your figure and maybe update your style slightly. Just so I’m not embarrassed to be seen with you
    • You need to dye your hair a normal colour and add extensions. Longer hair is much more attractive 😍

    • You need to look more natural, stop wearing makeup. Just make yourself look decent but don’t overkill it
    • Your lips have gone down so you should think of getting more filler. I know you said you regretted it but filler would make you sexier
    • You need to much more confidence, confidence is sexy!
    • The fact you take things slow makes you look like a prude. I didn’t get a kiss which messed with my ego. Be more sensitive to others feelings
    • When we had food 🙄 I know you got a salad but having full fat coke is more calories you really don’t need
    • You need to keep your past to a minimum. I don’t care about it and what you went through
    • Get a sense of humor, you didn’t laugh at a single one of my jokes
    • You just seemed a bit stuck up. Sort your personality out
    • You made me feel shit when you offered to pay. Its like you thought I didn’t have enough money after telling you how much is in my account
    • You didn’t compliment me once.

If you take these on board I might consider another date. I will give you a month and get back in touch to see if this made a difference. Good day to you [name redacted]
— end sample —

“Dating is the discovery period of getting to know someone. It’s an opportunity for you to decide if you want to continue seeing this person or if not,” Elizabeth Overstreet, love strategist and relationship expert, told Bored Panda.

She explained that if you discern that someone is entitled, you have options. “You can decide to proceed in this relationship or to move on. It’s better to know sooner rather than later and it will help you increase your self-awareness as you continue the dating process and figure out who is the right partner for you.”

When asked how to interact with people who think they inherently deserve more than anyone else, Overstreet mentioned that they might be feeling some inadequacy with themselves. “It’s important that you provide boundaries with them. Treat them the same as others. You may even feel some compassion for them too.”

#3 I Got This Gem In My Inbox Last Night. I’m Not Even Mad, I Finally Have Something Worth Posting. I Should Have Told Him I Was On My 4th Cookie When I Sent My Response

[Bio by man on dating site]:
My complete demands:
You must be a white heterosexual female in shape my age single straight with no kids christian etc otherwise dont talk to me seriously, unless youre just looking for advice.

Names are also extremely sensitive and important to me of course as they should be. Im a single straight male (monogamous, catholic).

Im looking for a nice white girl my age to start a loving romance.

I would like to start a family unfortunately my life is not going well right now.

Im poor with debt no home. I dont smoke, no tattoos, I’m not an addict slut/tramp, i do drink i expect the same.

My body is average/athletic: 181cm – 30″w artistic/poetic adventurous.

I would love to change pace with someone, start new.

Live happy. Love is the easiest in the world its completely free, living is not. Love is honesty commitment dedication devotion sincerity care and much more.

[This same man texted a woman on a dating site, he said]:
Hey, you look a bit overweight would that be a correct statement? Im not trying to change anyones lifestyle. Some pictures can be deceptive.

[The woman he was contacting on the dating site said in reply]
Hey, your profile make you sound a little bit of an asshole, would that be a correct statement? I’m not trying to change anyone’s lifestyle, but you sound like a complete twat.

[The man replied]:
Your obviously somehow offended by an honest and far too immature go fly a kite im the nicest person in the world go fuck a dog

[Reply from the woman to the man]

Yes. Definitely the kindest person in the world. I see it now.
— end —

You can read more examples of entitled, rude asshats on dating sites (Link): here


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