Barry Evans, Atheist and pro-LGBT Wacko Who is Obsessed with Hating Christians and Leaves Comments Under Every Third Christian Post Tweet – List: Gay on Gay Crime

Barry Evans, Atheist and pro-LGBT Wacko Who is Obsessed with Hating Christians and Leaves Comments Under Every Third Christian Post Tweet – List: Gay on Gay Crime

After a further exchange with this Barry Evans person today on Twitter, I have edited this post below to add more copies of my tweets to this person

I’ve no idea who this guy is. I began noticing him leaving tweets under every few Christian Post tweets I don’t recall exactly how many months ago. You can count on Barry to leave a comment under a sexually-related Christian Post tweet like clock work. You can take it to the bank, baby!

Like the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, if Christian Post tweets any thing about some preacher speaking out against the trans-agenda or whatever subject like that, you WILL see Barry Evans leave a bitchy, snarky comment criticizing Christians for being Christians. It never fails.

I wonder if Evans also tweets under Christianity Today tweets, or no? Christianity Today may not be moderate to conservative enough to draw Evans’ ire, perhaps. Hmm.

Here’s how his (Link):  Twitter bio reads:

BSc from The Open University. TV, Sci-Fi & Formula One fan, Amateur Photographer, British Ex-Pat, Atheist, warped sense of humour, nerd boy.
— end —

Evans says he’s a “nerd boy.”

Well, his progressive politics have been killing wonderful, long established sci-fi franchises, see (Link): this post towards the bottom for more about that.

Pro-identity politics, and all that leftist “woke” garbage (CRT, Queer Theory, BLM, equity, black washing, gender swapping legacy male characters, etc), has been ruining and destroying what was once formerly fun and entertaining movies and shows, such as Dr. Who, Star Trek, MARVEL characters, and Star Wars.

If you’re an actual nerd, you’d abandon leftist politics immediately, recognize how hideous it is for 20 different reasons (one of which is that it’s killing good sci fi entertainment) and apologize for ever having supported it and stop harassing moderate to conservative Christians or anyone else online who doesn’t support that shit.

Evans doesn’t seem to have a sense of humor (the British spelling is awful, the extra “u” isn’t necessary!), warped or otherwise.

Evans seems to especially target any sexual related Christian Post tweets (the Christian Post Twitter account is (Link): here).

Evans has an irrational, drooling, weird hatred of, and fixation upon, Christians, I guess just because some of them don’t agree with far left perversion (e.g., trans activism, allowing biological men into women’s locker rooms, forcing Christian bakers to bake wedding cakes for homosexual weddings, etc). bakeTheCake - Copy
It’s like Trump Derangement Syndrome (which he probably also has too) but Christian Derangement Syndrome.

As anyone who’s ever been to my blog here knows, I regularly discuss topics pertaining to dating, singleness, marriage, and sexuality, and occasionally other topics, which is one reason I sometimes notice the same Tweets from Christian Post that this Evans person does.

On March 17th, The Christian Post made this tweet about a sting in Florida, in which hundreds of people (mostly men) were arrested, including some Disney employees. Evans, of course, couldn’t resist.

Evans left this comment below that Christian Post tweet (source link):

Barry Evans @bazblackadder
Replying to@ChristianPost
How many of your community were in there too? Dozens, I would imagine
— end quote —

Evans skims Christian Post tweets often enough that he should be aware that Christian Post regularly tweets about news stories where Christian pastors or Christian personalities – usually of the hetero and evangelical or Baptist variety – have been exposed or arrested for child porn, affairs, hiring prostitutes, and so on, yet he doesn’t seem to acknowledge that.

It’s quite possible he put me on “Mute” weeks ago, so he may not be seeing any of my comments. I don’t know.

I’ve tweeted at this Evans person before, once or twice a few weeks ago, that he has a very biased take on Christians, to the point that some of the comments he leaves below their articles aren’t accurate in their criticisms.

Evans regularly exaggerates or misrepresents what the articles say or report, to make the Christians in the report sound worse than what they actually were or are.

Today, I left him several comments in tweets, such as (source link):

The Christian Post does often tweet headlines about evangelical Christians who have been caught having affairs or molesting children. Too bad secular humanists, progressives, and LGBT advocates aren’t as even handed.
— end —

Which is true. I used to follow left wing rags (such as Raw Story and so on) much more closely than I do now.

The left wing sites are happy to publish any headline that makes Republicans, Christians, conservatives, Trump, or Trump voters look bad, but they don’t seem to publish material that makes their “own side” look bad.

I have to find those stories (like stories about Democrats, such as Cuomo) raping or sexually harassing women on other news outlets that are conservative or more mainstream (like, say, maybe ABC or NBC news), because the very hard left ones, such as Raw Story, won’t touch those.

Here’s some of the content I tweeted at Evans this evening
(I tweeted him several links to posts on my blogs, where I excerpted news stories about homosexuals who raped or murdered other homosexuals, such as in the following):

(Link): Homosexual Satanist Kills Gay/Male Cop He Met Via Grindr Dating App, Eats Part of Body, Acid Burns the Remainder

(Link):  HIV Positive Homosexual Guy Allegedly Cut Tips Off Condoms to Infect His Grindr Dates

(Link): Accused (Gay Male) Cannibal Charged with Eating (Male Gay) Grindr Date’s Genitals Due in Court

(Link): Gay Rapist news story (man who raped other men): Serial Rapist (a man) Used Job As Photographer to Drug and Attack Male Models

(tweet link to the following):
Another gay man on gay man murder:
(gay) Man Wearing Bra and Panties Kills Grindr Date (gay man) With Machete in the Bronx: NYPD
Are your favorite liberal, leftist news twitter accounts regularly publishing news headlines like that one?

(tweet link to the following):
You may want to spend more time policing those in your “own” group (LGBT):
Gay Dude Sexually Assaults Another Dude: Male Ex-Church Worker in Tennessee Claims in Lawsuit He was Raped by Male Seminarian

(tweet link to following):
Gay couple left free to abuse boys – because social workers feared being branded homophobic–social-workers-feared-branded-homophobic.html…
Do you only have anger towards professing Christians who engage in this behavior? None for LGBT who do so?

#LGBTQ #Gay #HumanTrafficking #ChurchToo #EmptyThePews

Evans left a comment under a (Link): Tweet from Christian Post about the biological man calling himself Lia who has entered women’s swimming events, so I left him a comment or two:

Barry Evans really has a weird fixation on Christians vis a vis sexually related headlines, to the point he has lost objectivity and is quite unfair in his criticisms of Christians as a group, which is kind of weird, since progressives like himself (great big doofuses they are) LOVE groups!

Far left liberals LOVE to put everyone into a group. Christians in some parts of the world are killed for being Christians by Muslims or Hindus, but Evans probably doesn’t CARE about that, because they’re Christians!
They may even be Christians who think the Bible teaches that marriage is supposed to be between one man and one woman, egads!

I would be interested in knowing if Evans is this upset by Non-Christians who sexually abuse or sexually harass other people, or if he only gets animated if the news reports the perp is a Christian?

If so, Evans is a partisan hack, just like Jerri Massi and 99.9% of pro-woke, Democrat, liberal, progressive, LGBTQ advocates I see online constantly (includes Chrissy Stroop, Stephanie Drury among those, and 99% of the people tweeting with the “Empty the Pews” and “Exvangelical” hash tags on Twitter).

Maybe Evans should sign up for conservative Twitter accounts that publish news headlines, so every time The Blaze, Townhall, or Breitbart publish headlines about the latest gay man, transgender, Democrat, atheist, or liberal or progressive who’s been fired or arrested for child porn, raping someone, or for sexual harassment, he can leave comments condemning those persons or groups?

Does Barry Evans acknowledge that some serial killers, rapists, and pedophiles are gay, transgender, progressive, liberal, and Democrat? Or no (he lives in a world of denial and delusion)?

You’re a weirdo, Evans! WEIRDO! And you’re a hypocrite and a partisan hack
(unless you do actually “call out” and “police” those with the same socio-political views as your own, which I doubt that you do).


This Evans person left me a handful of links, where he cited examples of Christians speaking out against homosexual persons or homosexuality.

A few of the examples Evans cited aren’t representative of the majority of mainstream Christians, and in one case, he was upset that at some point, Franklin Graham (if I understand the news headline correctly) removed his, (Graham’s), funds from a bank that supported homosexual persons or homosexual causes.

Homosexuality has been more widely accepted in the last several years. Prior to that, American homosexuals in the United States – especially in the 1980s – began politicizing homosexuality more and more, to the point, they began claiming they just wanted to be tolerated.

Things moved on from “just wanting to be tolerated” to they began pushing for the legalization of homosexual marriage (in the USA – I believe this Evans guy I have been talking to on Twitter is in Europe?), and legalization of homosexual marriage became a reality (in the USA) around 2008.

Once that took foot hold, in the last few years, more and more people began claiming that they are “transgender,” and now, as I’ve documented on my blog (see links below for examples) the trans persons have moved on to harassing biological women (both who are hetero and lesbian), and they’ve also started harassing homosexual (cis) men.

In perhaps one of his dumbest tweets, Barry complained about a famous evangelical Christian, Franklin Graham, asking for a boycott of a bank that allowed checking accounts for homosexuals, or the Christian removed his funds from a bank that supported LGB customers, or causes or some such (link to that Barry Evans tweet here – his link in that Tweet was to a story on Forbes about Graham pulling funds from Wells Fargo).

Graham is in his rights to remove his business from a company over something which he disagrees with.

I asked Evans if he’s fine and dandy with progressives engaging in this behavior, because they often do – in the last several years, far left liberals and progressives (in the United States) have been harassing anyone and everyone, including companies, for not “bending the knee” and caving in to and supporting far left causes and beliefs.

In one tweet, Evans complained that Franklin Graham was saying that schools shouldn’t teach things to children that are “an affront to God” (tweet link here) – I assume that Graham may be referring to the disgusting far left tendency to try to sexualize children and to indoctrinate children starting at age five or so to start hearing about sex.
Okay, I just watched the clip that Evans link to, where Graham was discussing homosexuality being taught in U.S. public schools, and here are the tweets I left in response to Evans:

The tweet I am replying to by Barry Evans
(location of Evans tweet
location of “Right Wing Watch” tweet with Graham video clip):

(Link): Tweet Link 

from sololoner2 to Barry Evans (@bazblackadder):
I just finished listening to the clip you linked [that has the video by “Right Wing Watch where Graham is being interviewed by audio].
Graham didn’t say in the clip that homosexuals should be erased from history curricula.
He was pointing out biological reality that it takes a male & female to “carry on population.”
Two gay men, two gay women cannot make a baby.
[Which is factually true, if we’re talking about biological reproduction between a human male (provides the necessary sperm) and female (provides the necessary ovum/ova)]

My follow up to Evans right under that tweet above says this:

(Link): link to tweet

by sololoner2 to Barry Evans
But as is typical, you distort clips/articles.
You do this often w Christian Post articles -you will leave your rant-y paraphrase of it in a tweet, but when I click it and read it, the actual article is NOT saying what you claim it is.
Same with the Graham video. You’re dishonest

And (Tweet Link):
by sololoner2 to Barry Evans
I listened to that clip, where Franklin Graham can be heard in the audio – as I said, you totally misrepresented what he said in your summary in your tweet.
You either have really bad comprehension skills or you willfully distort what Christians say, due to your bias & hatred.

-And that is VERY true.
Almost every single time Evans leaves a rant- filled tweet below whatever “Christian Post” article or editorial he’s screeching about, he frequently mis-characterizes it, because his hatred of all Christians (and I guess conservatives) runs so deep, that he cannot be bothered to give an accurate summary of the conservative or Christian position he’s ranting about.

Evans did the same thing with the Franklin Graham audio in the video he linked me to – he misrepresented what Graham said in the audio.

It is a fact that American leftists try to cram sexuality down the throats of children from a very young age; one can find many examples of this on the (Link): Libs of Tik Tok twitter account.

I went under several different recent tweets by Evans to leave him these comments or links (tweet link below):

Under Evans’ “Graham boycotts bank” tweet, I left these links / comments:

(Link): Tweet Link Source

from sololoner2 to Barry Evans (@bazblackadder):
I sent you several links about gays / trans ~raping/killing~ women, other men, or children, & you’re sending me a link about a guy asking for a ~bank boycott~ of gays? Odd.
“Decide For Yourself: Transgender Crimes” – 2016 video 26 minutes long:
Decide For Yourself: Transgender Crimes – link to video on You Tube.

(Link): Tweet Link 

from sololoner2 to Barry Evans (@bazblackadder):
Hey, you do know that in some Islamic nations, that the Muslims throw gay men to their deaths from roof tops?
But I guess you can’t spew rage about THAT, since you’re a progressive, and Muslims are considered a “more oppressed” group than gays.
(Link): Inside look at ISIS’ brutal persecution of gays

(Link): Tweet Link

from sololoner2 to Barry Evans (@bazblackadder):
By the way, did Graham’s boycott work there? If it did, did no other banks allow gays to bank with them?
I’m sure plenty of other banks let gays bank with them, so why are you whining about this?

(Link): Tweet Link

from sololoner2 to Barry Evans (@bazblackadder):
That’s fine if he wants to call for a boycott. People on the left call for “cancels” all the time, where they scream fits of rage at companies to fire this person and that if the person doesn’t agree w/ far left views.
I bet you’re fine with that, hypocrite!

(Link): Tweet Link

from sololoner2 to Barry Evans (@bazblackadder):
BTW, this was a stupid, irrelevant comparison. It is apples & oranges.
I was addressing the obvious physical advantages that biological men have over most natal women in sporting events – not banking.
Most natal men are faster/ stronger than most natal women in sporting events.

(Link): Tweet Link

from sololoner2 to Barry Evans (@bazblackadder):
But, Barry doesn’t care if the “trans agenda,” where biological men who “identify” as women are allowed to enter women’s sports and take spots from women on sporting teams and take awards that the women could’ve won. No, Barry just wants to “stick it to” the Franklin Grahams

(Link): Tweet Link

from sololoner2 to Barry Evans (@bazblackadder):
This is particularly ironic – you complaining about Graham wanting to “erase” gays from history books (that’s not what he’s calling for), when the far left is erasing cis women lesbians and cis women heterosexuals. You don’t care about natal woman, only about the far left LGBT.

Under Barry Evan’s first, or initial, tweet under the Christian Post tweet (I refer to (Link): this Evans tweet), are some more comments I left him:

(Link): Tweet Link

from sololoner2 to Barry Evans (@bazblackadder):
Your fellow alphabet people, (LGBTQ), who you claim to be ~so~ oppressed by U.S. Christians – some of them are engaging in murdering others:
: “Why Do So Many Serial Killers Cross-Dress?”
(video = 12.23 minutes long, also mentions transgenders)

(Link): Tweet Link

from sololoner2 to Barry Evans (@bazblackadder):
Evans doesn’t care about left wing garbage like this, which is caused by progressive views about sexuality, not Christianity or by conservatives: – “Why do police and the NHS insist that some male-bodied rapists are ‘women’?”

Good ol’ Barry doesn’t seem the least bit concerned that his brethern in the “LGBTQ” alphabet soup alliance – specifically the “transwomen” (with a few “transmen” in the mix) have been harassing biological (“cis”) men and women for the last few years, including ones who are homosexual
– Barry doesn’t care about that! He only wants to criticize the evangelical Franklin Grahams of the world.

(Link): Tweet Link

from sololoner2 to Barry Evans (@bazblackadder):
More and more cis homosexual men are mentioning how THEY are now being harassed and targeted by trans or trans allies. Previously, it was Lesbian cis women who were being harassed by trans/trans allies. You don’t seem to care about them.

(Link): Tweet Link

from sololoner2 to Barry Evans (@bazblackadder):
Trans Activists and Leftists Are Now Also Harassing “Cis” (Biological) Men Who Are Homosexual, in Addition to Harassing Biological Hetero or Lesbian Women
– I guess Barry is fine with this, so long as it’s not Franklin Graham doing the criticizing! LOL!

(Link): Tweet Link

from sololoner2 to Barry Evans (@bazblackadder):
Homosexual Cis (Biological) Man Says He Was Taught to Hate Himself by Leftist, Intersectionalist, Social Justice Warriors, Not Just the Christian Cult He Was Raised In 
– #LGBTQ #Transgender #Trans

(Link): Tweet Link

from sololoner2 to Barry Evans (@bazblackadder):
I bet Barry is FINE with this~
(He’d rather get upset with Franklin Graham wanting to boycott banks!):
“Trans 26-Year-Old Sentenced to Just Two years in Juvie for Sexually Assaulting 10-Year-Old Girl Because of Progressive California DA” – by P. Shiver

(Link): Tweet Link

from sololoner2 to Barry Evans (@bazblackadder):
This is on “your side,” Barry, where is the concern?
It’s not the Christians you loathe who are promoting “Drag Queen story hours” to kids:
Wisconsin State Judge Who Supported “Drag Queen Story Hour” for School Children Arrested on Child Porn Charges

Under another tweet in that same thread:

(Link): Tweet Link (sorry, I can’t find the link for this tweet at the moment):

from sololoner2 to Barry Evans (@bazblackadder):
Yeah, Barry doesn’t care that natal women are being raped in supposedly “single sex” facilities in hospitals and women’s prisons by “transwomen.” He’d rather fume over Christians calling for boycotts of business. His priorities are very out of wack.
“Hospital staff told police their patient was not raped as alleged attacker was transgender, despite CCTV showing assault in ward”

Under a Tweet where Evans (link) is complaining about Tony Perkins supporting the death penalty in Uganda of homosexuals:

(Link): Tweet Link

from sololoner2 to Barry Evans (@bazblackadder):
And not all Christians agree with that. There are trans women using trans as a pretense to enter womens spaces to sexually assault cis women, but I guess you’re okay with that. I also sent you links to news articles about gay men raping other gay men, or murdering each other.

(Link): Tweet Link

from sololoner2 to Barry Evans (@bazblackadder):
Are you equally upset over gender queer/trans persons who murder, rape women and kids and other men?
“Decide For Yourself: Transgender Crimes”
– 2016 video 26 minutes long:

(Link): Tweet Link

from sololoner2 to Barry Evans (@bazblackadder):
You keep pointing the finger at guys like Graham, but don’t care to take note of those on “your side,” such as:
‘Gay couple accused of molesting two of their 9 adopted children’

Under a Tweet (link to that) where Evans was complaining that Graham, or some other Christian talking head, was supposedly praising homosexuality being made illegal in Russia:

(Link): Tweet Link

from sololoner2 to Barry Evans (@bazblackadder):
Can’t take liberals or far leftists who complain about Christian views on LGBT seriously when they also scoff at the very real safety concerns and other concerns of cis women, like, for instance:

(Link): Tweet Link

from sololoner2 to Barry Evans (@bazblackadder):
Were you aware that there are ~conservative~ homosexual persons & celibate ~Christian gays~ who don’t support sexualizing children, etc? Example:
“It’s Time For Gays And Lesbians To Stand Up And Reject The Perverts Abusing Our Cause” by J. Slocum

(Link): Tweet Link

from sololoner2 to Barry Evans (@bazblackadder):
BTW, he’s [Franklin Graham] spot on in that assessment: the far left absolutely wants to sexualize and groom children, they want to lower age of consent laws & normalize bestiality. Here you go, Barry!:
Dutch Sociologist Promoted Pedophilia, Bestiality
— end edited updates of further twitter exchanges with weirdo Barry Evans—

If it wasn’t for the conservative lesbian and conservative homosexual persons I follow on social media, or who I see on television news from time to time, such as Dave Rubin, Tammy Bruce, and Guy Benson, I swear at this point, after seeing how NUTTY, intolerant, and hypocritical progressive LGBTQ persons are, I’d be apt to write them all off.


(Link): The Religion of Woke (video) – Liberals / Leftists Have Exchanged Christian Fundamentalism or Evangelicalism for Leftist Politics

(Link): Atheist Video About Being a Virgin of Sexually Abstinent – My Critique of the Atheist’s Critique

(Link): Serial Rapist Used Job As Photographer to Drug and Attack Male Models

(Link): Homosexual Couple Charged with Using Their Adopted Children to Make Child Porn

(Link): LGBTQ Community Triggered by Accurate Label on Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer Show Identifying Him as Homosexual

(Link): Transwoman Serial Killer, 83, Indicted on Murder Charges in Dismembered Body Case 

(Link): Former Football Player Acquitted in Beating Death of Tinder Date Who Lied About His Biological Sex 

(Link): Mother of Gender Fluid Biological Male Who Used Trans Friendly Bathroom School Policies to Rape Biological Girl Blames Rape Victim for being Raped

(Link):  Black Clergy Call on Corporations to Distance Themselves From Black Lives Matter

(Link): Liberal and Democrat Incivility, Harassment, Or Violence Against Conservatives or Republicans, 2006 – 2018 (examples, with links to news sites)

(Link): White Democrat Political Donor Gets Prison Time for Sexual Fetish Deaths of Homosexual Black Men

(Link):  Sexual Abusers Vote Democrat and Some Child Abuse Victims Grow Up To Vote Republican: Jeri Massi = Huge Hypocrite

(Link): Former Democrat Mayor Dennis Doyle Arrested for Possession of Child Porn During Term in Office

(Link):  Author J. K. Rowling Slams Police For Referring to, or Categorizing, Male Criminals as Women

(Link): Sexual Assaults or Harassment Carried Out by CIS Men Taking Advantage of Trans-friendly Bathroom Policies – Collection of News Stories

(Link): Violent Trans Activist Who Kicked Lesbian out of Pride Org. Quietly Detransitions

(Link):  Trans 26-Year-Old Sentenced to Just Two years in Juvie for Sexually Assaulting 10-Year-Old Girl Because of Progressive California DA – by P. Shiver

(Link): Sexual Assaults or Harassment Carried Out by CIS Men Taking Advantage of Trans-friendly Bathroom Policies – Collection of News Stories

(Link): BLM- and Trans- Supporting Oxfam Advises White Women Rape Victims That Reporting their Rapes Is Racist & A Form of White Privilege

(Link):  California Dishing Out Condoms To Female Inmates After Democrat Newsom Forces Them To Live With Men By Gabe Kaminsky

(Link): Trans Activists and Leftists Are Now Also Harassing “Cis” (Biological) Men Who Are Homosexual, in Addition to Harassing Biological Hetero or Lesbian Women

(Link): Democrats Pushing Transgenderism In Schools Are Fully Responsible For Bathroom Sexual Assaults

(Link): Outcry Over Plan to Educate ‘Bigoted’ Rape Survivors (biological women) About Trans Rights

(Link): Gay Campground Gets Accused of Hateful Transphobia for Banning Female Genitals

(Link): What Makes A Woman? by Elinor Burkett

(Link): Homosexual Cis (Biological) Man Says He Was Taught to Hate Himself by Leftist, Intersectionalist, Social Justice Warriors, Not Just the Christian Cult He Was Raised In

(Link): Perverted Company Sells Infant Shaped Butt Plugs So Biological Males Who Like to Say They’re Women Can Pretend to Give Birth – Also: Men Faking Periods, Sucking on Helium to Inflate Their Stomachs

(Link): It’s Time For Gays And Lesbians To Stand Up And Reject The Perverts Abusing Our Cause by Joshua Slocum

(Link): Black Man Shoots, Kills Two Homosexual Men and One Transwoman Because Of Their Sexuality

(Link): Trans-Identified Child Rapist Suing South Dakota Over Denial of Feminine Accessories

(Link):  The Newly Declared ‘Super Straight’ Sexual Orientation is Being Hypocritically Decried as ‘Transphobic’ by Leftists, the Transcommunity, and Neo Liberals

(Link): Majority of Heterosexuals Say They Won’t Date Trans Folk and That’s Discrimination Somehow – by Brett T.

(Link): What is the Opposite of Conservative Christian Purity Culture? Why, It’s Leftists Insisting that Children Should be Exposed to ‘Kink’ Culture

(Link): ‘He Has A Penis!’: Outraged Woman Claims Spa Allowed ‘Naked’ Man in Female Area ‘In Front of Young Girls’  — Because He Identified as a Woman

(Link): Some Muslims Don’t Know or Care about American Liberal Intersectionalism

(Link): Many Liberals Support Cultural Appropriation When It Suits Them: The Liberal Support of Sexist ‘Woman Face’

(Link): How the Left Uses ‘Love’ to Silence Debate (Re: Transgender Propaganda)

(Link): Wisconsin State Judge Who Supported “Drag Queen Story Hour” for School Children Arrested on Child Porn Charges

(Link):  Thumb-Sucking, Male Pedophile, 60, Who Identifies as a Five-Year-Old Girl Comes to Court Dressed as Elf (There’s A Good Chance That If You Support Trans Rights, This Is Part of What You’re Supporting)

(Link):  Liberals Bully Porn Actress Online For Refusing to Film Sex Scenes With Homosexual Actors

(Link): Benjamin Perry, Bi-Sexual Minister, Suggests that Jesus Is Bi-Sexual and Jesus Having Homo Sexual Relations with His Disciples Would Be Okay

(Link): Married, Republican Pro-Life Politician Allegedly Asked His Pregnant Mistress to Get an Abortion

(Link): Arizona Republican Busted for Paying $10 To Underaged Boys ‘At Least 10 Times’ For Sex

(Link): Family Values Republican Politician Hastert in Trouble for Sexual Assault of Kids / On Liberals and Not Having Sexual Standards

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