The Psychology of Men Who Own Sex Dolls

The Psychology of Men Who Own Sex Dolls

I want to make so many jokes now, but I’ll be good and just copy pasta in the excerpts from the article.

(Link): The Psychology of Men Who Own Sex Dolls


By Ross Pomeroy
February 24, 2022

…Given sex dolls’ ascent, psychologists at Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom, sought to learn more about the people who use them.

“We present the first analysis of the personality, sexual interest, and risk-related characteristics of sex doll owners,” they wrote in a new paper published to the Journal of Sex Research.

[The researchers interviewed some sex doll owners]

…What did these queries reveal?

“Sex doll owners were significantly more likely to see women as sex objects, to report greater sexual entitlement, and to see women as unknowable than non-owners,” the researchers reported. They also reported lower sexual self-esteem, although they were no more or less prone to sexual aggression, fantasizing about coercive sex, or to having issues with emotion and attachment.

The findings are politically relevant, as some have proposed banning lifelike sex dolls, particularly those that resemble children, because they argue that the dolls promote pedophilia and increase sexual crimes.

To the contrary, the researchers say that their results indicate that the use of sex dolls may lower users’ risk of sexually offending. Dolls could serve as an innocuous outlet for managing sexual and relationship insecurities.

“In general, our data suggest that men who own sex dolls are not notably different to non-owner comparators in many important ways,” the researchers added.

The study’s findings must be taken with a grain of salt as they are based on self-reported data. Though the researchers took great steps to ensure subjects’ anonymity, they cannot guarantee that participants were being honest when responding to some very personal survey questions on a controversial subject.


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