Billboards by Leftists Imploring that Everyone Should Stop Having Kids Start Popping Up

Billboards by Leftists Imploring that Everyone Should Stop Having Kids Start Popping Up

I normally blog here about the conservative, right wing, Christian obsession with the Nuclear Family, natalism, marriage, and parenthood, and how this extreme focus has turned into idolatry and ends up hurting childless or single (never married, divorced, and widowed) people.

So, while on the one hand, I am not a supporter of secular or Christian conservatives guilt tripping, pressuring, or shaming people into marrying or having kids and trash talking singleness (or the state of being childless), I’m not a supporter of leftist groups who shame and guilt trip people across the board about having children.

If you’re an adult, I don’t think it’s anyone’s place to shame or lecture you to have children or to not have them. If you want to have a child, by all means, have one – IMO, the most ideal situation is to marry a person first and have a baby with that person you’re married to.

So shame on these progressives with their stupid billboards trying to tell people to NOT have children.

As I’ve said before on other, older blog posts, on some topics, liberals and progressives are NO BETTER than the conservatives and evangelicals they criticize – they’re just as bad, if not worse, and they are merely the flip side of the same coin.

(Link): This Is A Real Billboard In Oregon Imploring People To “Stop Having Kids”

by Harris Rigby

March 26, 2022

So, the radical Left in their support for abortion has been stringently anti-life for decades now. But this new branch of the movement is perhaps the most shocking and radical yet.

Billboards have been popping up around Oregon with a disastrously anti-humanity message:


Yep. This is the Brave New World next level of the left: Stop having kids.

If you go to the website listed on the billboard you’ll see exactly what you expect. Radical pro-abortion, feminist, climate activist leftists telling the world why it’s important that EVERYONE should stop having kids.

 The official term is “anti-natalist” and they want you to know that the great evil in the world is having children.

[The have an Instagram and a Facebook account]

…So, in the Left’s worldview, the world is so screwed up they cannot in good conscience bring more people into it.
— end excerpts —

Both the political secular and religious right and the left need to stop telling people what to do pro-creation wise, whether or not to have children. Just get off people’s backs about it. Let them make this choice for themselves.

I will say, though, that I more often see pressure from Christians and secular conservatives in the “pro-natalism” side of things way more often than I do the leftists shaming people out of having children.

A lot of Christians, unfortunately, behave as though women are non-persons, and have zero value, unless they get pregnant and have babies. Christians do place a stigma on being single and childless.


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